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Rethink Border Closures

The border closures restricting travel into Queensland has done its job. Should they remain?

Looking at the breakdown of COVID-19 cases, Queensland has 1,057 confirmed cases. NSW has almost three times as many at 3,092. Based on those numbers, Queensland has more success in handling infections, especially community transmission than the southern states. Instead of accolades for a job well done, the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is attracting harsh criticism from Peter Dutton and Gladys Berejiklian. Paulin Hanson demands the Queensland Premier open the borders by Thursday.

Senator Hanson said, “We actually need to start getting on and opening up and getting on with our lives and having to live with COVID-19.” In other words, if a new wave of infection occurs and your loved one dies, suck it up.

64 per cent of votes in a Facebook poll voted against easing restrictions sooner than recommended. In my opinion the Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young is doing a good job.

There are other unforeseen benefits to policing border crossings.

Throughout the early stages, police checks uncovered illegal drug traffic, stolen vehicles and the like from none-too-smart criminals who thought it business as usual.

Eventually the borders will reopen, but should they open to all and sundry to pass unchecked? Border checkpoints could serve an ongoing purpose. Illegal immigrants, bail absconders, paedophiles, or criminal gangs who routinely cross from state to state laundering money or carrying drugs and firearms would face a hindrance not met before.

A prominent demarcation zone with number-plate cameras could be both a deterrent and a way to combat illegal trade from the southern states.

Before dismantling barricades to the Queensland border, consideration should be given to keep a checkpoint system in place.

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GIVE OVER! Quit bashing QLD over the border closing.In case you missed it, NT, WA.SA and Tasmania all still have enacted border closures in place. The original purpose remains unchanged.To prevent uncontrolled spread of Cov-19 frm the hot spots of the infection - NSW and Victoria.There are still too many unanswered questions around this virus to play fast and loose.Sorry Tourism and Hospitality industries, EVERYONE is hurting - no exceptions. Just keep in the forefront of your mind, you need to be alive to earn or spend money.

Well, Pauline’s letter must be on its way since the ultimatum is up! Her “team” is set to challenge section 92 of the Constitution, which “guarantees residents of Australia can move freely between each of the states and territories.”

As far as I understand it..the Constitution does include some sections that prohibit a state discriminating against Australian citizens who are residents of other states…however… it has long been accepted by the Courts that there can be valid exceptions to these prohibitions, where it is necessary to protect the people of a state from other people who may cause them injury or death and the deadly Covid-19 pandemic is likely to fall under such an exception.

As Lucca says...the case will probably never get anywhere in the High Court and I quote fish head who writes  "you need to be alive to earn or spend money" (well said).



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