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Ripping off the NDIS

absolutely disgusting people!!  throw them in jail and lose the key!

if they are not Aussie citizens deport them!!


"Two brothers, their sister and her partner accused of participating in an organised family crime syndicate to steal from 70 disabled Australians to allegedly fund a lavish lifestyle will apply for bail.

Alaedine Rifai, 40, also known as Alan Rifai, who is the director of kitchen joinery business Universal Group Australia, is charged along with his partner, Amal Hilmi, 35.

Her two brothers Mostafa Hilmi, 30, and Alhassane Hilmi, 27, who is the registered business name holder of Reliance Disability Services, are also charged.

All four were arrested after Australian Federal Poice seized luxury cars including a Porsche Cayenne, an Audi A3 and Mercedes E63 and other goods in a sting, which alleges they defrauded the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) of $1.1m.

Australian Federal Police allege three companies made fraudulent claims from more than 70 people on NDIS disability plans or the people managing their affairs.

Represented by three lawyers, the four accused requested to apply for bail on Friday but the release applications have been set down for June 4."


Hope they have dual citizenship and that they are deported

What absolute low lives --stealing off people that are fighting to live -- although I never like to wish bad things -- makes you think it would be a good thing if these creeps needed NDIS themselves --

Throw the book at these crims!

The same thing Police have been investigating over the last couple of years. Low lifes that started up children's day care centres. Even the parents were in on it. These people have ripped off millions off the government. I hope they all go to jail or exported to their own countries never to be let in again.. It makes you wonder what sort of criminals we have imported from overseas.? Have you noticed that all the names of drug dealers and people ripping off the system seem to be of middle eastern names, I know, Australians are almost as bad. 

these low life appear to be "really on the ball" when it comes to ripping off our welfare system and yes the ethnicity always stands out...this is what happens when people rip up their papers...we have no idea what their backgrounds were..especially if they arrived via people smugglers.   hope Dutton really clamps down on them if he is able to do so.

Firstly Grubbs like these 4, really make my blood boil, secondly the Government needs to come down real hard on Criminals who rip tax payers off,  send them to Jail, no chussy deals or early realise, sell everything, garnish every payment they get. After they've paid back every $ they owe, then deport them if possible and no free bee's or right to fight deportation.

note they have three lawyers...sure hope it is not legal aid they are getting!!

... tip of the iceberg - trust me!  Nothing but lenient sentences in this country! Appalling!

Brings to mind that young Belle Gibson woman (cancer fake) - got millions out of poor unsuspecting sick/diagnosed and dying cancer people - flipped off overseas on luxurious holidays - came back - went on Centrelink... and is now crying "poor"!!  

Why the "powers that be" didn't confiscate her passport .........?

Throw the book at the *bitch!  Disgusting!!!

Yes they should be punished to the hilt --- and pay for the rest of their life

I saw her on the telly a few days ago, dressed up to the hilt going into court. She said the fellow she lives with pays all her bills but when questioned by the Judge what this man does for a living she said she didn't know. I wonder who is paying all her legal bills or is she entitled to legal aid? Put her in the slammer and throw away the keys. 

 Justice Mortimer issued a warning to Gibson that failure to pay the penalty would make her liable for jail, property seizures or other punishment.

Gibson will return to court on June 6 after Consumer Affairs has forensically examined her accounts.

June 6 should be interesting.

Seems our justice system is becoming more of a joke every day.  Here in Victoria we have gangs of young people "of African appearance", breaking into houses, stealing/hijacking cars and causing mob violence, they are afraind of nothing, attack the police and ram police cars.  The girls are just as bad if not worse that the boys.  Once in court they are given bail and released to go out and do it again.  Because they were born here they cannot be deported.

At the other end of the scale, there is a little boy who has Cystic Fybrosis and his parents, who have lived and worked here for over 10 years have been told to go back from whence they came because their sons treatment would be a burden on the taxpayer!!!  This little boy was born here - doesn't that make him an Australian??? If I heard it correctly on Neil Mitchell this morning, his mother is the deputy head of a school and his dad is a volunteer SES or firefighter.  Where is the justice?


Yes!  Read and heard about this little boy recently! Like you I thought this is so terribly wrong!  Saw the family interviewed on ACA too - nice family!

The reasoning apparently is that the child will be a financial drain on our Health System because of his illness!  Pathetic reason!!

Rather this "law abiding/tax paying family" get assistance than these immigrants that are allowed into this country that don't speak a word of English - get all the bloody financial help they need - set them up in Ministry of Housing (or whatever it is called) give them all the furnishings they need etc. etc. -  and put them immediately on Centrelink benefits!!

We have Aussies homeless on our streets - waiting YEARS for housing - yet these people get first preference the minute they step foot here! Appalling!!!

no there is NO justice;  there is the law  and the law always wins!

.... not that "big" into Country and Western - BUT - wasn't there a Johnny Cash song called "I fought the law and the law won"? ........

...your words above ardnher reminded me   lol 

I see they put the business in the name of the youngest. Alhassane Hilmi of the people's republic of soviet Victoria.

"if the accused were found guilty of the alleged offences they could be imprisoned for between 12 months and up to ten years."   ...laughable.

bet my last dollar they will get off with a suspended sentence and will be made to pay back...good luck with that!!!!!

if they get over 12 months they can be deported (if they are not aussie citizens and have dual nationality)...the good old magistrate/judge will no doubt make sure that does not happen..we could not send people back to their country or origin, could we?????...we would have the do gooders jumping up and down!