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Robi Conda on Facebook is a sock puppet, NOT ME!

There was a thread recently where Micha said all comments written under my old avatar name - Robiconda- are on the net. So I googled ‘Robiconda’ and the only thing that came up connected to YLC was an innocuous heading that Sandi put up 3 years ago that mentioned ‘Robiconda’ in the heading. However, google said that ‘Robi Conda’ is on Facebook. I want everyone to know that is not me.

The Robi Conda on Facebook is a sock puppet. I have never been on Facebook and have no inclination to join. I feel angry that someone has stolen my avatar name to say god knows what on there under my old avatar name. I know the person is connected to YLC because it would be most unlikely that anyone would have dreamt up the name for themselves. 

I have had enough of the devious game playing that goes on via this site. It’s goodbye from me. Some of you are great people and I will be sorry to say goodbye to you but the trolls dominate YLC and the act of joining Facebook under my old name is devious to the max and I want nothing more to do with this site. I think the mods have let the good people on here down by letting the trolls bully and dominate the site.

Please, if anyone belongs to Facebook and you see anything from ‘Robi Conda’ keep in mind that the troll who has adopted my name IS NOT ME. And if anyone tries to befriend you under that name, steer clear!



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Agreed, Tisany.  Agreed.

Let's join the MEN and Ladies elsewhere.

Aaahhh 'Turn the Page', remember ...

WHO said twila and tisny2019 had been warned,  ?   get your facts straight,  


EVERYONE knows they lie.

Their credibility on this site is zilch.

Just ignore them.


HI TWILA,    yes,  i know they are liars,   thats why i put the post up,    they say anything to get attention,     it is probably THEM that have been warned,   if they havent,   they should be,  

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pretty little puss,     i used to have one just like it,  

Washed those sheets yet????

SHEETS,   ?   


What an extroardinary question from Reagan?

It would undoubtedly have disgusting conotations, which is why even he hasn't responded to.

I apologise, Tisany 2019.

Please accept this.

It was very fortunate that Abraham (Micha) was away (?) when this thread was up.

We didn't have to put up with his .... 

Such little men, vicious little men ...

Best not to judge others according to the male characters in your life.


During my entire life, I have never experienced men, albeit very, very inadequate men, such as you, Abraham (Micha) Reagan and Banjo.

You stalk and cyber-bully women.One can only conclude it makes you feel brave ... but you are less than real men in EVERY sense of the word.

Real men don't do this. 

Perhaps, being as dense as you are, you haven't noticed that the men on this forum, real men, despise you.

All the women here have your measure, as do the men.

Ignore the cretin Ray. Her manic rambling will never cease.

Ah, Abraham (Micha) who started all this.

He arrived here and immediately  abused women with sexually explicit insults, which under Victorian law, was sexual harassment. This was drawn to the notice of YLC, and ceased, but Abraham (and his fawning cohorts), with the same disgusting impetus, tartgeted women (women only). 

They targeted each woman with their group, adding videos and pictures.  Cowardly doesn't begin to describe it.

When women retaliated, recognising what this group of males were (inadequate in every sense of the word), these "males" now scream and "cry" (oh, the sobbing) victimhood, and that the women were trolls.

...  No surprises there.  With every post this group confirmed what every man and woman knew on the YLC forum.  (And men certainly saw through them). 




Great thread


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just goes to show you can lie and cheat and make up stories and it gets you nowhere, LOLOL




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Have you thought of where you want to be found twila? My advice think about it. No one needs it more than you.



Shallow or damaged people seek meaning in superficial quotes 

You think that by posting quotes you hope to sound intellignent 

youre a joke 

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