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Robi Conda on Facebook is a sock puppet, NOT ME!

There was a thread recently where Micha said all comments written under my old avatar name - Robiconda- are on the net. So I googled ‘Robiconda’ and the only thing that came up connected to YLC was an innocuous heading that Sandi put up 3 years ago that mentioned ‘Robiconda’ in the heading. However, google said that ‘Robi Conda’ is on Facebook. I want everyone to know that is not me.

The Robi Conda on Facebook is a sock puppet. I have never been on Facebook and have no inclination to join. I feel angry that someone has stolen my avatar name to say god knows what on there under my old avatar name. I know the person is connected to YLC because it would be most unlikely that anyone would have dreamt up the name for themselves. 

I have had enough of the devious game playing that goes on via this site. It’s goodbye from me. Some of you are great people and I will be sorry to say goodbye to you but the trolls dominate YLC and the act of joining Facebook under my old name is devious to the max and I want nothing more to do with this site. I think the mods have let the good people on here down by letting the trolls bully and dominate the site.

Please, if anyone belongs to Facebook and you see anything from ‘Robi Conda’ keep in mind that the troll who has adopted my name IS NOT ME. And if anyone tries to befriend you under that name, steer clear!




Don't leave, Happy NY, don't leave.

Everyone supports and cares for you here. All members.

Sophie and her cohort are but four, if indeed distinct at all.

Everyone has their number ... they lie and abuse.  No one believes anything they say.

We do not care Twila...we have no interest whatsoever in who believes us or not. 

We are not out to convince anyone about anything.

Can never understand why people are so engrossed in the lives of others. 

It's a mystery. 

How to recognise The Others? They speak for each other.  They have no individual thought.

I remember Mussitate, we often had differing opinions, but we respected and liked each other.

You and your mates, constantly lying and abusing members, will never ever be respected.  You are dross.

You're really losing it, Sophie, desparately scratching whatever you can.

As stated before, you have the skin of a rhino or very, very dense.  Both I suspect.  You have managed to alienate all members on here (except for your buddies ... like attracts like) ..

Why persist here?  Go where your lying and abuse will be appreciated.  On that other site.


No..I am not losing it..I am actually enjoying seeing you squirm.

You are the one showing extreme signs of desperation.

Mussitate did not like insulted him at every opportunity because he was sympathetic towards the Palestinians.

Oops..and if I remember correctly so was Robi..

I am not 79 years.

None of us care what your age is, nor indeed anything about you.  You and your mates are dross. 

You know, Sophie, that anything that is posted on the web, stays on the web. Nothing is lost.

No shame in being 79 a matter of fact I thought you were much older judging from your behaviour.



6 yrs ago


As I'm 73 years old, I doubt if it is likely that I will have more children. 

But then not "knowing the facts of life" ...


You repeated my comment about your "lying and abuse" then suggest if I can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

You have now admitted that you LIE and ABUSE.

You are one pathological woman.  Beyond mentally ill/sick.

Your pathological need to hurt people is not only sadistic, but actually evil.

I feel actually sorry for the people in your ambit.

Does your husband every read what you write on here?  If he did, he would be shattered ... absolutely appalled.

My husband has no time for forums..although he does sometimes read my blog ..however he knows all my views on everything. We sit and chat.

I don't think judging from what you have intimated on the forum in the past you enjoyed that with your husband.

I believe you said you were quite restricted..even being prevented from learning to drive!

Happy NY,

You are correct.  I never was friends with Sophie or Micha et al.  It was apparent right from the beginning what they were doing.  Divide, conquer,  sow dissent ... then ... we all know the rest.

It is obvious that they want to take over YLC forum and destroy it.

A toxic, toxic mentallity.  Evil.

Why are you calling for help..I'm not..I can stand alone.

Why? Because when you speak the truth you don't have to have back ups!!


Not yet 79 years.

You are obsessed with knowing details of people, or think you do.

By any knowledge, you think you can use it against them in some way.

Sophie,  you are evil.  Not too strong a world.

You called Ray "Remittance Man"..he had no idea what it I exchanged emails with him and now he knows. Well..he certainly was no remittance man..their family were highly qualified professionals who spend time in Australia and Italy.

But Twila seems the "remittance" description would describe you, and I quote you:

"Before being repatriated to Australia, all Aussies had to sign a document that they would repay the ship fare to the Australian government.  These refugees were all women, some widows with children, and many found it difficult to raise the money;  I believe some women weren't able to pay until the mid-1960's.  The government sent out a yearly "bill" until this claim was satisfied."

Remember that? Of course you do..That is only half of it..I think the rest is too personal and I will not post that..but..the moral of the story is..before you insult..remember your own history..

Does Ray the academic (?) not have a dictionary?







Of course, your husband never reads this forum and your comments.

Being a decent man .... well ....

(Incidentally, a remittance man is an historical reference to the past.  When family paid/supported an undesirable member to leave the country.)

You are two-faced, Janus faced in the true meaning.  Pathological ... evil.

It is obvious you need an outlet for your sadism, and unfortunately this forum is it.

I am not engaging with you anymore.  I was stupid to do so. It was giving you more "oxygen". 

I would suggest to all YLC members to scroll past any comments of these four members.  Ignore them, don't read.  Their "oxygen" is our response.

Yes go grab your oxygen..I'll wait. Your only reason for coming on to the forum is to cause when you saw Robi's thought Hannukka had arrived..another chance for you to spew poison with your toxic tongue..

You ask why we frequent this forum.. I have said before but shall say it once more..

Micha's aunt the most beautiful Jewish lady of 95 finds it difficult to follow the formats of other forums.

She finds this one nicely laid out and so she reads some of the articles whenever she can. She is the reason I started a thread which she enjoys and she also likes RnR and Toot's threads.

Micha's site and my blog are not easy for her to until YLC decide to give us the boot..we shall be remaining..

Put that in your pipe and smoke it...


Yep Twila, the number one internet rule to live by ... don't feed the trolls.  Easier said than done I know, but it's really the only thing that works.  Our angry reactions are what keeps them around.


Banjo is correct have been around this forum for a long time. Why ever would a "newcomer"be game to support Robi in her lie and Twila whom you don't know if you are indeed a newcomer!

Oh and Leonie,,regarding your comment about this thread being able to sort the wheat from the chaff. You are so right..because it's ony the chaff that are supporting the lies and bad behaviour.

There's no wheat!

Had read the previous postings by Sophie. 

My g-d, how she has revealed herself. 

She "confirms" everything.

Not enough're spouting rubbish..

Go get some more!

Quote Twila: I would suggest to all YLC members to scroll past any comments of these four members.  Ignore them, don't read.

Sooooo funny! They are all having ringside seats and enjoying the show! You are very entertaining in your madness Twila..


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Goodnight all..I shall be enjoying a date with nature favourite date..

Take a deep breath and thank God for what you have. Go outside and smell the earth..touch it..examine the flowers in your garden..bake some cookies.. write a short story.

Stop hating those who have no bearing on your lives..if you don't like someone..ignore them..not hard to do..

As a rule..I ignore the chaff who presented on this thread anyway..they have nothing to interest because they are so small minded..however I shall defend my friends to the end..

Most not attach importance and possession to something that does not belong to you..for example this forum. It has been provided for fun..not for your petty hatreds.


Have a great country break Sophie!

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You know something Sophie, I don't particularly care what you think about me, to be honest, but you obviously think I am someone other than I claim to be.  To set the record straight, I'm not, Leonie is even my real name, not a fake user name. 

I actually quite liked you, and never really saw the other side of you that others mentioned - until now.  You were always polite to me, as was Micha.  But this thread has shown me what others have been talking about and that is really sad.

I'm out for now.

You ok Twila? It’s very hard to escape once embroiled in the hornets nest, I know, because to walk away and say nothing when being so abused and lied about leaves the lies uncontested for other people to believe. I’m glad you did release yourself in the end though, I felt for you having to deal with such rage. It’s sort of scary to witness and even worse to be the one being so attacked. Big hug to you, I hope you feel ok.




Thank you very much for your kind words. I do appreciate this.

What is particularly worrying, Sophie trawl through reams of YLC records to find something that she can use, "abuse" - misrepresent.

Five years ago - I don't think Sophie was even a member then, I posted on The MeetingPlace ... general discussion "Where's ya bin".  I had never told anyone about my past.  Because the site is anonymous and people there so kind, I indeed spoke of my early history ...  I have no problem with anyone reading it.

If you google "YourLifeChoices twila Austrian Jew" everything I wrote will come up.  Unbelievably, Sophie has tried to cherrypick and misrepresent - unsuccessfully so.

This does point to her obsessive nature and intention to destroy the credibility of YLC members. She will go to extraordinary lengths to do so. 

This should be a salutary lesson for all members here.

Yes, Sophie and her tribe do go to extraordinary lengths to destroy the credibility of others. This thread though is showing me that most people see through them. That knowledge might make it easier to ignore them in the future if I stick around...I won’t feel such a need to combat their lies. They have really exposed themselves on this thread.

Yes this thread has been very informative.  The attack on Twila particularly so.

I have discovered that the Facebook page is still there so back to square 1 :(




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dammit, Dammit, what is Putin up to now?

He's reinventing the wheel, LOL

jatz crackers made of steel?! Very smutty micha!

having just gone over the pages since i was here last night,   i cannot believe the utter  rubbish written by SOPHIE,    she says ;they have no interest in others lives,  ;   if that is so,  why is it then that on EVERY subject that is posted they come forth,  scuttling like the cockroaches they are,   to see what harm they can do to that posters comments,  ?     there is NEVER a good word,   said to anyone,   it is a continual put down of whoever  happens to be there,   the only niceness shown is to there own crowd,   who inveriably all come out and join in the fray,      they are all a disgrace to this,  and any other forum ,    i suspect they come on here because they have,  in all likelihood,   been banned from other forums,   certainly if they behaved on other forums as they do here,   im certain they would not be tolerated,   we should not have to put up with them either,      AS for saying,   the pms were closed down because  of people ;plotting;     how ridiculas,     if people wanted to ;PLOT anything,     i would think they would have more sense than do it on the pms,    every hear of EMAILS,   sophie?       folks,   the only thing to do is ignore,   i know it is hard when you are bombarded with this rubbish,    but if they are ignored,    they will be speaking to themselves,   let them go,   they are digging there own graves with there horrid comments,     i personaly take no notice of the garbage they throw at me,      just leave it there for the people in charge to see,   ROBI,     TWILA,     please take no notice,     we are better people than them    and can rise above there  nasty and vindictive    posts,    lets just NOT CARE,    

HI HOLA,    yes it was a shame the person you spoke of left,   but like MANY others,   is only waiting until the trolls stop their nasty work,   and they will return,     hopefully,  it will be sooner,  rather than later,     


Hi Cats - I saw this written the other day and it certainly fits this site.

"Some people suddenly change, one day you're important, the next day you are worthless !!"

It seems to happen a lot on here.

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