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Robi Conda on Facebook is a sock puppet, NOT ME!

There was a thread recently where Micha said all comments written under my old avatar name - Robiconda- are on the net. So I googled ‘Robiconda’ and the only thing that came up connected to YLC was an innocuous heading that Sandi put up 3 years ago that mentioned ‘Robiconda’ in the heading. However, google said that ‘Robi Conda’ is on Facebook. I want everyone to know that is not me.

The Robi Conda on Facebook is a sock puppet. I have never been on Facebook and have no inclination to join. I feel angry that someone has stolen my avatar name to say god knows what on there under my old avatar name. I know the person is connected to YLC because it would be most unlikely that anyone would have dreamt up the name for themselves. 

I have had enough of the devious game playing that goes on via this site. It’s goodbye from me. Some of you are great people and I will be sorry to say goodbye to you but the trolls dominate YLC and the act of joining Facebook under my old name is devious to the max and I want nothing more to do with this site. I think the mods have let the good people on here down by letting the trolls bully and dominate the site.

Please, if anyone belongs to Facebook and you see anything from ‘Robi Conda’ keep in mind that the troll who has adopted my name IS NOT ME. And if anyone tries to befriend you under that name, steer clear!





Thank you Tisany 2019. 

Yes, Gerry's old Today was a lot of fun.  I suspect every member contributed.

Fortunately, "that" group weren't here then  The thread would have deteriorated so badly ... Can you imagine?

I think we now have the measure of them.  As Cats advises, scroll past and ignore them, sociopaths all.

Tisany 2019,  I am so very, very glad that you are no leaving.  It wouldn't be the same place without you. :-)

That’s a nice thing to say, thanks Twila. Actually it was this screen shot from Micha on another thread in ‘Government and Centrelink’ about “Owning Property and Centrelink” that got me googling Robiconda in the first place when he said it was all over the net.


avatarMicha3 weeks ago



But, you chose that name yourself. Nobody gave you that name. What is your problem?

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Not only did I discover the FB entry but when I later put those words into google page 45 of Gerry’s thread came up in the middle of our story. So of course I had to re-read the whole story which begins around page 24 in early January 2014 well before Micha joined. I think the story also ended before Micha joined so I am at a loss as to why he subjected that particular post to a screen shot in 2015. I could find no other screen shot of the post which is now carrying my new name eg:


Tisany 2019

4 yrs ago


We who have bits (big bits) are a little more world wise than those unfortunates who have little or no bits. 

Strange why he would do that? He must have done it in 2015 going by the fact it says 1 year ago because I think the story ended about Mid 2014 and I think that post went up prior to or around March 2014.

Anyway, whatever his purpose, he did me a favour because I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading the thread :).



TISANY  2019,   yes,  i remember the ;GERRY days,  ;  lots of fun,  and SETH,     we could have fun and enjoy friendly banter,   without the worry of being swooped on and abused,    good days indeed,     hopefully it wont be long and we can do that again,    glad you are staying,     see what you have done?    bought vivity and twila back,      yeah,        

Pathetic toad, Micha did not make a screen shot of your garbage “bits” , who in their right mind would want to do that???

YLC entries appear automatically on google. All the crap you say, is there,  keep looking. Most readers know by now what a pathetic creepy woman you are. Go on report me!!!


Yeah, and here's another one. Ask YLC why there is a screen short of this or anything else. Maybe you are a laugh a second????

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You’re a suck little boy Micha 

go play with your gender fluid dolls 

Quote foxy “ this "once decent site"!!  “ 


Hahahhahah, Of course, such playful little ferrets!!!!


and, my friends and I were not even members of YLC at tht time.




 4 yrs ago

you are losing the plot "Twilsy" - you really need to get a life!  You truly are a "klutz"  (you used to be really "nice" - what happened ???)    :-)


shame she never improved :((((((((


You are an extremely sick individual, trawling through reams of records to try and cause dissent... how long did this take you?

With any group, any normal group of people, they don't always agree. This passes. I like Foxy very much. Your attempt has failed.

We are not like you.  Followers of Micha, all sychophants. Desperately needing Micha's approval.  You would never disagree with anything he said. You are spineless.  Micha has chosen you well.



It has not escaped anyone how much you  four despise seniors ... your disparaging use of the word "old".  You must have thought we would be a an easy mark.  Well now you know!




You may very well succumb to the rantings and ravings of these sick individuals, but that is your prerogative. Micha et al,  joined this forum in good faith, we had some fun and are very glad you allowed us the privilege, so thanks.

Even if you ban us because of the crap written on this thread, we bear you no ill will. But think of what you are left with - a pack of old conniving, lying, sickos who stick together because they haven’t the guts to face the truth. Members from years ago who ran amok on your forum, a veritable wolf pack and God help anyone who was not in that pack.

Yep, they got run off, and although you may not agree, I believe that’s a good thing. Now they want to regroup and start the BS all over again. It’s your forum but if it were mine, I would not have these crackpots as representing a senior’s forum.

Realise you are busy and possibly understaffed at the moment, but it might be a good idea to have a look at these posts.

See you later, maybe.





You four, colluding together, arrived here with the premediated intention of causing hurt and misery.  Well you succeded.  What normal people do this? None.

As has been clearly shown, you have lied as to whom you are.  No one who is involved with life as you four have pretended to be, would have the time nor inclination to come on this site, especially doing what you do.  You four, as Cats ably described, are deadbeats/nobodies.

You four fit the criteria, indeed could be case studies of Milton's Spineless Sadism.

You are true psychopaths.





What a pathetic joke you are: Reagan aka. Dammit - Micha - Banjo and Ray aka. "Remittance Man" .....

You know you have crossed the line - you know you have gone too far .....and what do you do?   ...............

Write a "sickly" load of BS trying to "validate" your bullying/spitefulness towards the decent people on this site .... to Admin.?  Seriously??

Quote:  "pack of old conniving lying sicko's "....  whoaaaaa ....thought for a moment you were  referring to yourself/yourselves??   

Looks like you may have had ya' last "hurrah"!!!  That why you wrote that?  Yeah ......sooner you lot go the better and a nicer happier site in 2019 it will be!!

Reagan, Ray, Banjo, Micha, Damit, Remittance Man, or whatever name you go by next, I think its time you had a rest from these threads and do something more constructive with your life. This is predominately an oldies site.  

Reagan/Dammit above "Yep, they got run off, and although you may not agree, I believe that’s a good thing."

Thanks for admitting you and your gangs vicious attacks were deliberate and with the motive of "running people off" but not only old members but new nice innocent ones too. You have damaged the reputation of YLC in a concerted effort.

I hope Admin realises that and also  what an unpleasant group you,Ray,Sophie,Micha,Banjo and Kiah and Bijou are to name all the titles you use when going in for a gang attack on one of your victims either old or new members have stopped posting because of you. What was your intention apart from feeding your egoes?

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Quote Adrianus : This is predominately an oldies site.  

We are seniors and have every right to be on this site (at the discretion of the owners). We also have every right to defend ourselves against the onslaught of harassment from these hideous women. I have been in touch with the following and have sent copies of Twila’s defaming posts.

Explanation of what Defamation is

Cyber bullies often post items which are damaging to the victim and their reputation, whether by making false statements about them or posting photographs or other material.

In severe cases, this behaviour could fall into the realm of defamation.

Defamation is when one person publishes or distributes false material about another person, either knowing that it is false or being reckless as to whether it is false or not.

To fall under the scope of defamation, the material has to be such that a reasonable person would think less of the victim after seeing it.


Keep it going TWILA. You are doing us a big favour.


LOL - you don't need Twila - or anyone else come to that - to do you a big favour!  You are "feathering your own nest" - so to speak ......

I would suggest your post (above) comes under the realms of "threatening" and should be reported as such?

WTF do you think you are?  The name  PINOCCHIO  comes to mind!  

...however - a person of such great ignorance -  low intelligence and low self esteem probably would have no idea who Pinocchio is............

How can one defame a troll or trolls?  Law officers would only have to read this thread to get the full gist of who the bullying cyber trolls are. Were you defaming Twila when several of you stated untruthfully that she has been banned from 3 forums for inciting male hatred? Were you defaming me when you all stated at the opening of this thread that I am mentally ill? Was Reagan/Dammit defaming all of us when he called us “a pack of old conniving, lying sickos” and “crackpots”?

I’m so used to your aggression over the years Ray that it is quite a surprise to see you playing victim. But of course the real intent of your post is to threaten, which is what you tend to do when feeling cornered.


You are saying that YLC made the screen shots? Well I have no idea why they do that with our old posts but it makes more sense than Micha going around screen saving my old comments. Why though is Micha trawling me on google? And that search link you put up above in blue is way too sophisticated for the average Joe to come up with. I mean who would know how to put in all those letters and figures to do a search on another person and why would they do it? All too much for my unsavvy old brain! It feels creepy that he is trawling me on the net. 


To YLC Administrators,

Micha, Sophie, Dammit/Reagan and Remittance Man/Ray are the joint (4), primary trouble makers. Banjo is their supporting act. 

You need to add Kiah and Bijou, Kiahs attack on Robi was outrageous and slanderous.

Keep it up you old bags. You’ll soon tire yourselve out and fall flat on your ugly faces.  At least your arthritic fingers are getting a bit of exercise LOL



“old bags”??? What an ageist insult! Not a good look on a senior’s sight.....


you are a disgrace REAGAN,     old bags,  indeed,    keep it up,    you are digging your own grave,  AHOY]]] INDEED,     i hope you shout ahoy when you are kicked out,   as a senior yourself,    you are probably an old bag to,    and if your not a senior,   why are on the sight in the first place,   

I mean ‘site’.


......  rather be an "old bag" than have smelly "dogs breath" !

Isn't there some law in Australia against cyberbullying? if this comment (culminated by others he/she's posted) by Dammit doesn't constitute cyberbullying I don't know what does.

Yes there are laws Deanna.

I am aware of them Tisany, but wasn't sure if they covered the whole country or just certain States. Not having needed to research them before I wasn't sure of how broad or wideranging they were.

 dYOU have hit the nail on the head REAGAN,     NO,  it is not your forum,   it is very easy to see what you are trying to do,    toa dying up to the mod,  with your lame excuse for causing trouble,    in saying you came on this forum for fun,   what utter bull,     you came on here to disrupt and cause as much unpleasantness as possible,    and you succeeded,   to a point,   NOW,    you ask the mod to believe it was done in jest,    and thanking them for letting  you stay,   all they need do is go back over  the posts and they will see    you are,   one and all,   a devious ,  nasty, and cruel bunch of people,    you call us old fogies,    and you might be right,   but we did,  for years,  have a happy harmonious forum,   where we could have our say,    righly or wrongly,   and discuss our differences without the fear of being howled down and abused every time we made a statement,     i only hope the modreator can read between the lines,   of your pathetic posst,    and see it for what it really is,    a last ditch attempt at redemption,        you all,  collectively,  need to be banned from this forum,     and leave decent seniors in peace,   


This particular group are not seniors.

 An IT expert states that these type of trolls are invariably younger, disaffected males, malicious and of low intelligence.  Invariably unemployable.

The fact that they target seniors indicates that they feel we are vulnerable.  They are wrong. 

Seniors have knowledge, wisdom and experience that younger people cannot possibly have.

exactly TWILA,   so why are they here,   apart from trouble making,    



2 hrs ago

Seniors have knowledge, wisdom and experience that younger people cannot possibly have.


ROFLMAO – looks like the poltergeists got to you lot instead,  hence the  acute lack of wisdom/knowledge/experience LOL



WHY on earth would anyone want to go back onto topics that are years old?    no one is interested in what someone said 5 years ago,   we have , probably,  all,   at one time said something we shouldnt have,     but that was then,    THIS is now,     you must have very little to do with your time .  if you have trawl back for something to read,     go tend to your zoo animals,   or whatever it is you have today,    leave the site and  go back to your kindergarten,   

CATS they do this to find something they think they can misrepresent/lie about in order to cause mischief between people ... divide them.

As we have seen, this has back-fired.  We are more supportive of and care about each other than ever before.

The time they give to doing this speaks volumes about their lives.  Utterly empty ... useless.

CATS there is no zoo, nor gym, nor dental practice, nor world travelling, no politican's wife.

Micha hasn't appeared for a while. I suspect he has been either gaoled or committed.

AGREE TWILA,   if,   [i say if]     they had any kind of life at all they would not be on here 23 hours out of 24,     they give themselves away,   as anyone with the intelligence to do what they perport to do,  would never act in this way,   they are probably dole bludging  layabouts,   with nothing better to do with there time,    ignorant,   comes to mind,  


CATS they are assuredly unemployed ... unemployable.

They are assuredly of the thug mentality, but too frightened to take anyone on in the real world.

They think seniors are a good target ... In the real world they may actually target seniors to steal from or bash.

Here we have seniors with varied backgrounds.  Undoubtedly seniors who have served in the armed forces.

These trolls would not be accepted in the services. Apart from the obvious - they would be too cowardly to join - they wouldn't pass the basic entry test.  They are psychological misfits.   

REAGAN,   in your little rant to the mod,   you ask, what would they be left with,  if you werent here,    they would be left with a site  of senior people who know how to get along without the need for abuse,    YES,   there are times we dont agree,    and we say so,    but it is NEVER with  the nastiness,   and almost pure venom that your gang  spew forth,      as seniors,  we can agree to disagree,  in a civilised way,    THAT is probably why the moderator keeps this site going,  



There are indeed laws in a number of Australian states against cyber bullying, which can attract up to 5 years jail.

It would be up YLC admin. whether they would be prepared to supply the necessary information, email addresses, of the perpetrators.

TWILA,    i will go on site and ask what the protocol is for defamation laws,    as this gang have surely broken them all,     i know on facebook there is recourse for anyone saying anything defamatory,     i will find out,    

Defamation, like slander, can only be pursued if the person defamed is identified/identifiable in actual life.

Cyberbullying  attracts up to a 5 year jail sentence.  It is up to YLC admin. whether to pursue this or not. They would have the details of the bullies.  As their site has been compromised badly by this group, it would be in their interests to pursue this.



They've finally caught up with Micha, but he's got a plan!!

Image result for man in jail animated gif

dammit, Dammit, I was going to say let's go find him, but knowing his power of disguise that could prove difficult

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in the meantime if you happen to go to the movies, steer clear of the popcorn!

HAHAHA   very funny guys. We’re having a great time with the grandkids. Won’t be back for a while but meanwhile, would appreciate you


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catch up later!!!


... keeping busy tonight huh?  Changing to alllll ya' Avatars/names? lololololololol ......wondered when you'd turn up!  As usual you didn't disappoint!  

You up early in the U.S. .... 6.28am there ....



Micha, jumping over the rodent to say


Image result for agree animated gif


Dammit - that was quick!!!    Back soooo soon .........?


Micha, since you are up so very early in the US (was between 1.30am and 6.30am there when you put up your post) and so studiously watching this thread, perhaps you will tell me why you have been trawling me on google? Isn’t that a form of stalking?



AGREED MICHA, glad you're having fun!


In the light of the foregoing comments about cyberbullying and penalties ...

It is very interesting that Micha has warned the group to abandon the thread.

However, it is too late ...


.... you possibly give Micha too much credit Twila - he's having a great time tonight with all his lil "multi-head friends"!  

How can he "warn the group"?  He IS the group!  

Front row seats for those who are up late tonight!    :-) :-)

Ole' "strummer boy" Banjo will pop in soon ..... he's MIA . ........ lolololol 



You are absolutely correct.  They are not who they say they are.

As for my description of them (these cyberbullies) this was provided by an IT expert.

Their typical profile.

Well whether 1 or more, I think they have finally jumped ship. 

Micha says jump, they say how high.  Reminds me of the Manson family.

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