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Robi Conda on Facebook is a sock puppet, NOT ME!

There was a thread recently where Micha said all comments written under my old avatar name - Robiconda- are on the net. So I googled ‘Robiconda’ and the only thing that came up connected to YLC was an innocuous heading that Sandi put up 3 years ago that mentioned ‘Robiconda’ in the heading. However, google said that ‘Robi Conda’ is on Facebook. I want everyone to know that is not me.

The Robi Conda on Facebook is a sock puppet. I have never been on Facebook and have no inclination to join. I feel angry that someone has stolen my avatar name to say god knows what on there under my old avatar name. I know the person is connected to YLC because it would be most unlikely that anyone would have dreamt up the name for themselves. 

I have had enough of the devious game playing that goes on via this site. It’s goodbye from me. Some of you are great people and I will be sorry to say goodbye to you but the trolls dominate YLC and the act of joining Facebook under my old name is devious to the max and I want nothing more to do with this site. I think the mods have let the good people on here down by letting the trolls bully and dominate the site.

Please, if anyone belongs to Facebook and you see anything from ‘Robi Conda’ keep in mind that the troll who has adopted my name IS NOT ME. And if anyone tries to befriend you under that name, steer clear!






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Even if so, YLC admin. should pursue a conviction. 

Considering the type of comments and the  amount they have written,   I believe it would be extremely easy to convict this group of cyberbullying. 

Also ... the length of time they have done so and the relentless nature of it would attract as serious penalty.

It is in YLC's best interests to do so.

In fact, that YLC has permitted this for going on so long  ...

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It’s ok guys, the hydra is convicted and safely behind bars, LOL

they may abandon the thread,  but everythinhg they have said is still there for the mod to goo back on,  it isnt only this thread,   they are everywhere,   you can scroll back on any subject and you will find there abuse,  it is relentlous,   on every topic,    



The may have left, but they obviously haven't been banned yet.  Their avatars are still up.

As you say the abuse has been relentless and goes back some three years. 

How long does the moderator need to check this?  Also, the mods have received complaints before.

On YLC's site "Disclaimer and Privacy Policy" there is listed "Terms and Conditions" and "Complaints Policy and Procedure".  Very interesting reading.

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they may abandon the thread,  but everythinhg they have said is still there for the mod to goo back on,  it isnt only this thread,   they are everywhere,   you can scroll back on any subject and you will find there abuse,  it is relentlous,   on every topic,    

they may abandon the thread,  but everythinhg they have said is still there for the mod to goo back on,  it isnt only this thread,   they are everywhere,   you can scroll back on any subject and you will find there abuse,  it is relentlous,   on every topic,    

Can anyone explain to me why the Private Message box has been deactivated from our sites? it is handy if we want to let a member know about something we don't want all to know about.

Friendly tip, send them an email.  Mates exchange personal email addresses. No need for PM

"Tips from the Troll" .............. awesome!

That's why I needed the P.M. so I can find out their private email addresses.


... well well - the Trolls are back on a YLC Topic (Ben) "Sawfish"  ....... no guessing as to why?     ROFLMAO

Well at least they have stopped their attacking crap so that’s a plus. Maybe they were warned?   Perhaps if we continue to stand together and report on mass if they bully or harass anyone again they will not get away with their previous behaviour? We don’t have to respond to them, can just put up “reported” standing firm together on it.

This thread has run it’s course and I got my message out about the FB page. I’m pleased it hasn’t been removed. I probably won’t comment further here now.  Thanks again everyone for your support. Ha ha, maybe we achieved some “old bag” power? :)))

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HAHAHAHAHA ,  Reagan  where’s your fashion sense.? A well dressed haggis has to have a hat to complete the ensemble


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ONE can only hope they have been warned.   and keep their distance from other posters,    the fact that MICHA told them to ;abondon;   the topic,  i think says it all,   i dont care if they are still here,    as long as they leave decent people alone,     they can ramble as much as they like between themselves,   same as we do,    but as long as they dont interfere,    ok by me,     

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Q: I say I say I say, what do you call a collection of hags?


A: A plate of haggis of course, LOLOLOL


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 Anyone for Dance the Haggis???

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hahahaha. I feel poetic tonight

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Great poem, now for the highland fling. Hang on to your skirts.


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keep on topic,  put it on the comedy thread,  

This IS the comedy thread.

Should be renamed the Conga Line.


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Genius Banjo, how a change of name makes a difference? But you know there are serious penalties for leaving droppings, wonder whether we should pursue a conviction or leave signs like this one

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and the pathetic little boys keep going on and on.

they've gone from irritating to simply being a joke 

Good luck little boy. Hope one day you find a way to make your small penis work for you 

 Hope so, hope so, Loathie, don’t want to end up like you, LOL

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well.   its easy to see what is happening here,    it never ends,  



CATS, So very very clear ...

Ray, Reagan and Banjo ...

Inadequate little men, hag ridden (or is it haggis ridden), terrified of women   ...  feel that they gain some "manhood" by anominously attacking us here.

So sad, so inadquate, so clear ... ....

Ignore them.   That's what happens to them in real life.

Yep, good advice from Twila Cats. I’m ignoring them - let them run on with their idiocy. They are showing themselves up and too dumb to recognise the fact.

TISANY,  ,  TWILA,    it just shows what little life they have that they cannot leave this page,  and ffind something constructive to write about,    between themselves,    all they are doing is digging there own graves,    what a bunch of misfits  they are,      BY the way REAGAN,    i love CAT IN THE HAT,    read them to my grandsons,         more i read on here,  of this bunch,  the more convinced i am that they are juveniles,   with to much time on their hands,    rotten layabouts,     maybe if they moved of there fat backsides and got a job,   they wouldnt have so much free time on there hands,  wouldnt work in an iron lung,     dredgs of society,    one and all,   


They are unemployable.  Look at them! 

Undoubtedly ignored and over-looked in real life.  Dead-beats.  Nobodies.

That description fits the bloke you shacked up with.

Do not judge anyone because of your bad choice.

I have no trouble agreeing with you Ray. All the fetid comments Twila has been throwing at the men on this thread, clearly indicates she was subjected to all of those behaviours in her own home environment. It must have been pure hell for her having to suppress her bitterness for so many years. Now she feels that she has anonymity sitting behind a computer screen, she can at last, unleash all her years of pent up frustrations and anger, which, should have been directed against the person who caused them, but perhaps, fear prevented her from doing so. This freedom to explode comes at a price she must know, and that is, no longer are men going to be sitting targets and, rightly so.

Although I am not a great fan of Bettina Arndt, she did write a book on the subject. Perhaps the women on this thread should get a copy. It appears the book is so popular, it is now temporarily out of stock.

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       The other side of the story



...... "it is now temporarily out of stock" ........  did you purchase them all for your whimpy "male" (?) Troll family?          ROFLMAO

BTW - all your  (and your cronies)  repugnant falsehoods aimed at certain people are liable and reportable are simply validating to everyone - who reads these Topics -  what an bitter disgusting person you are to constantly "verbally attack" members with outright lies !!

Enjoy your day!

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Nerves touched and upset, they ran to "mummsy," who rushed to help them.

And what a ridiculous response.

I rest my case.

Good response Twila.

When Kiah/Sophie/Banjo (who all sound identical) spew out their psychobabble they are showing off the darkest side of their nature, yet they don’t seem to realise it. 

Micha/Ray/Reagan also sound identical. Perhaps only 2 trolls here - a male and a female?

I am going to turn the page and suggest we all do ignore them, let them run wild and show themselves up for who/what they are. Will be interesting to see how long they can go on for before the moderator steps in.


The mod has "stepped in" both  you and Twila have been warned. It's a fine new year LOL

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The movement to support true equality between men and women and to put an end to false allegations.

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Asia Argento #Me too leader herself sexually assaulted 17 year old Jimmy Bennett, actor, whom she paid off to keep quiet. He broke his silence.

Reason for the above is to tell the haggis, if they continue to hurl insults and make obscene remarks - they will be returned - in the name of EQUALITY.

#Him too

Join me up Ray.



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