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Rudd v Gillard v Rudd.

One of the funniest comments I've seen, re the possibibility of Rudd replacing Gillard.


Geoff of Central Coast Posted at 8:58 AM Today

What a world class embarrassment it would be should Rudd come back as leader. Headlines could read Australian leader dumped because he was useless replaced by our first female Prime Minister who is now being dumped because she was more useless than the useless one she replaced, now being replaced by the original useless one because all else in their party are seen as more useless than the first two usless ones. Must make the Labor Ministers feel bright and special. Australia, the lucky country?

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Ted, "So does it really matter where the person was born."

Taken out of context I would say no it doesn't and most people would agree with me. However it is obviously relevant where you and others allege that Australia has become more 'racist'.

Exactly who is being 'racist' in your opinion?  Because the diversity of Australian population has progressed in leaps and bounds and as already stated many Australians come from a family that is either presently or was recently non English speaking.

You obviously want to have it both ways.  You trash Australians as 'racist' and becoming more so while implying that it is your hated 'whites' who are responsible.  But when you are confronted with the simple, incontrovertible fact that those who advise and implement immigration polict are very representative of diversity by anyone's standards you then switch, insinuating that it is somehow not OK (even 'racist'?) to point that out.

Honestly, most people would see straight through you when you play the 'racism' card and rightly feel offended because you are spreading foul speculative gossip and accusations that lower Australia's standing in the world.  What do you get out of that, BTW, or are you just into stirring?  What countries can you list that have taken the massive numbers of migrants that Australia has AND has been prepared to implement the very strong policy of multiculturalism that applies in this country?

Accusing Australia of 'racism' is easy, but what about you compare our society with others and you might start with any of our Asian neighbours for a start.

My very simple statement was that to be a member of the Australian public service one has to be an Australian citizen.

Those who were born in a different country and were previously of a different nationality to become Australian citizens have to swear allegiance to Australia.  They are Australian citizens with the rights of all Australians whether born here or not.  That includes the right to work for the Australian public service.

Once again taking a very one simple statement out of context to push your, what appears to me, white supremist attitude.

Ted, you made a very foul generalisation about your countrymen -that you believed  Australians have become more racist over the last 15 or so years- and I challenged you to give evidence in support.  I also gave contrary evidence.

In return you abused me as a 'white supremacist'.

The mistake you make is assuming that everyone thinks like you.

Well Nautilus!  If you read my original post you will find that I made the statement that "in my opinion". 

I also made the statement that I did not have any emperical evidence, just an opinion I have formed from texts to newspapers where texters do not have their name published, comment in newspapers and talkback comments on radio. 

I repeat I did make the statement that it was in my opinion, based on the aforementioned and I had no emperical evidence.

I will repeat that you take one comment from a post.  Quote it out of context, distort the comment and use it to then propound your own views.

You used my statement "So does it really matter where a person was born".  If you go back and read the post you will find that I was talking about Australian citizens.  And went on to say that these people had sworn allegiance to Australia.

I have no problem with people born in other countries, who are now Australian citizens. working in the Australian public service whether it be the Immigration Department or any other department.  Some seem to have a problem with this situation. 

We have people from many ethnic backgrounds working in many occupations in Australia.  In fact Australia would not be the developed nation with one of the highest standards of living if there was not the immigration programme fostered by governments of both persuasions. 

Australia has had a diverse ethnic population since first white settlement.  During the 1800's many migrants came from Asia - consider the Chinese, Afghans, Pacific Islanders.  Middle to late 1900's many people came from middle eastern countries, and Asian and African countries.  It wasn't until relatively recently there was the outpouring of comment denegrating the arrival of NESB people.  So I ask - what is the difference in Australia's immigration policiies today with those that allowed migrants to Australia in the past?

What a load of manure.

What about answering those few simple questions?  After all, you did make those foul allegations against your fellow Australians.

And you can stick your white supremacist BS where the sun doesn't shine.

so sad that the insults continue and that untrue insinuations continue.

"And you can stick your white supremacist BS where the sun doesn't shine."

Has debate on this forum decended to this pathetic level - maybe, hopefully that post will be moderated.

Yet you didn't criticise the originator. 

Typical post for you fwed.  Still trying to be the moderator.

You would be one of the most persistent offenders for being argumentative and in hijacking and derailing threads.

If I were you fwed and I am glad that I am not ..........I would quit whilst I had a semblance of dignity left ..........and maybe Ted..........just maybe he will post sensible comments for a change

Is it possible I wonder ............

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