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Russia claims vaccine victory

russia covid vaccine

Russia has registered the world’s first vaccine against the COVID-19 coronavirus, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last night, saying the vaccine has proven effective in forming immunity against the deadly disease.

“As far as I know, a vaccine against the coronavirus infection has been registered this morning (in Russia) for the first time in the world," said Mr Putin.

“I thank everyone who worked on the vaccine – it’s a very important moment for the whole world.”

The vaccine was developed by the Gamelei Research Centre in Moscow. The Russian president said that one of his daughters has already been immunised with the new vaccine.

“I know that it works rather effectively, forms a stable immunity, and, I repeat, it passed all the necessary inspections,” he added.

Should the vaccine live up to the hype, the world will be scrambling for shots. In Russia, medical workers and teachers will receive the vaccine first. Mr Putin said it could be January before the vaccine enters general circulation.

Mr Putin certainly seems to trust this vaccine, would you?


Lets hope it works

The shots have only been studied in dozens of people. World Health Organization says it is in touch with the Russian scientists and “looks forward to reviewing” Russia’s study data.

“Fast-tracked approval will not make Russia the leader in the race, it will just expose consumers of the vaccine to unnecessary danger,” said Russia’s Association of Clinical Trials Organizations, in urging government officials to postpone approving the vaccine without completed advanced trials.

Mass vaccination may begin as early as October…NO there is no way I would consider this vaccine and hope it never hits our shores.

Russian officials said the vaccine had been named Sputnik-V, in honour of the world's first satellite. Sputnik is the Russian word for satellite.

Could be too because of the speed with which they invented it.

I love the fact that despite Mr Putin's absolute faith in this vaccine (after all he approved and registered it) he 'tested' it on his daughter! TWICE! But not himself!!

Nor has he released any or all evidence other than his say so.

Any wonder why the world is sceptical?

Agree "why the world is sceptical" KSS.

One of life's ironies when this announcement comes on the 20th anniversary of the Kursk submarine explosion.

On 12 August 2000 the Russian Navy nuclear submarine Kursk exploded and sank in the Barents Sea during a military exercise, killing her entire 118-man crew.

The Russian Navy did not realise that the sub had sunk and did not halt the exercise or initiate a search for it for more than six hours. Because the emergency rescue buoy had been intentionally disabled, it took more than 16 hours for them to locate the sunken ship.

On the afternoon of the explosion, before the Kremlin had been informed of the submarine's sinking, the U.S. National Security Adviser and Defense Secretary were told that Kursk had sunk. Once officially informed, the British government, along with France, Germany, Israel, Italy, and Norway offered help, and the United States offered the use of one of its two deep submergence rescue vehicles, but the Russian government initially refused all foreign assistance.

Hard to believe much from "official" Russian sources IMO.

However, hope it works. 


Before we poopoo the Russians,

I think it is imprtant to remember that the Russians have some of brightest of scientist.


Yes, Russia has very smart scientists and engineers, but a very poor safety record. If the Russian vaccine meets the stringent Australian standards I will have the shot, but not before.

Just watched the Press Club with the guest CSIRO scientist who basically said no in a round about way. The testing and checking cannot be done quickly. Ours has been sent to the UK and the US for funding of the testing regime which takes more time than Russia has given theirs. Other countries would need to apply their own tests to the Russian version before it would be trusted. 

As I have said before this rush to produce a vaccine worries me. While the Russian vaccine may indeed be safe and effective there is only one way to be sure and that is taking the time to thoroughly test it. I will wait a while to see what happens.

Question: Why haven't all those countries affected by covid-19, and with scientists and laboratory facilities, co-operated and made one dedicated effort to develop a vaccine? Answer: Money.

As Russia is now first cab off the rank, it gets the customers and the money. And given the state of its economy, this will come in very useful. Even if the vaccine does not work as well as it could, nobody cares about also-rans. And by the time the rest catch up with Russia, if they don't drop out, the Russians could be improving their vaccine. Trust the Reds to outsmart the capitalists.

The other matter that needs to be taken into consideration is what I recently read recently that the western countries had their research stations hacked

.... so it is quite possible that the Russians and others could have up to date information on some nearly fully tested vaccines

In the race for a viable coronavirus vaccine, China is one of the clear frontrunners.

It was the first country to experience an outbreak of COVID-19, and the country where it was first detected, giving Chinese researchers a head start on developing a vaccine to fight the disease which has now killed more than 750,000 people around the world.

One vaccine under development by the pharmaceutical firm CanSino and the People's Liberation Army has already been cleared for use by the nation's military personnel.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said his country's vaccines would be a "global public good" and would be made available to all nations.