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Scaling Everest at 85

Eighty-five-year-old Nepalese Min Bahadur Sherchan wants to regain his title as the oldest person to scale Mount Everest.

"I want to be the oldest person to scale Everest again, to be an inspiration for humankind, a boost for the elderly people and an encouragement for youths," Mr Sherchan said at his home in Kathmandu.

He first scaled Everest in May 2008, when he was 76, but his record was broken by then 80-year-old Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura in 2013.



On an ego trip at 85

amd Nepalese are suppose to be in touch with their inner yum 

His chances of making it at his age would be slim I would imagine.  

However I wish him all the best. And good luck with his climb. If he still feels up to it then why not.

Climbing the Everest is really challenging even for youngsters. But I really appreciate his willingness and determination to climb the Everest even at this age. That is something we should all get inspiration from.  

I wish him all the best but I really hate competitiveness who gives a hoot just do things to ENJOY


This is his second attempt..I wish him the best of everything...

Even if he doesn't make least he will slumber peacefully on the mountain he loves...

Probably will make it Thea. He's an ex Gurkha, a tough bunch.

Keeping tabs on this guy Banjo because a mate of mine wants to introduce me to some climbing, so if Min Bahadur can do it, I keep telling myself, I can LOL

RIP Min Bahadur Sherchan

Nepali climber Min Bahadur Sherchan dies at 85 while trying to reclaim Everest age record.

Min Bahadur Sherchan died at the base camp on Saturday evening, but the cause of death was not immediately clear, said Dinesh Bhattarai, chief of Nepal's Tourism Department.

Mountaineering official Gyanendra Shrestha, who was at the base camp, said the cause was likely cardiac arrest but he could not give details because of a poor telephone connection.


That news makes me a little sad but also happy he died attempting something he loved..I hope I am that lucky..

R.I.P. fellow traveller..

Nepalese mountain climber Min Bahadur Sherchan, does his morning Yoga at his residence in Kathmandu.

I honestly did not think he would make it....he died at base camp apparently of a heart attack.

I think it is a good idea....85 was far too old in my opinion to attempt this climb.

"IF CLIMBING the world’s highest mountain is on your bucket list, you’d better get training now.

Following the death of the 85-year-old climber who died attempting to regain his title as the oldest person to scale Mount Everest, Nepali officials are now arguing there needs to be an age limit for such a daunting physical challenge.

The death of Min Bahadur Sherchan has revived concerns about allowing elderly people to attempt scale mountain peaks where the conditions are harsh and oxygen level low.

Under Nepali law, climbers have to be at least 16 years old to climb Everest, but there’s no upper limit.

“It is very necessary to immediately bring that age limit law. If there had been a limit, the loss of life could have been prevented,” Ang Tshering, head of the Nepal Mountaineering Association said."

The association is now planning to push the government to limit the age of climbers to at least 76, he said.

Mr Sherchan died on Saturday evening at the Everest base camp. Another Nepali man, Shailendra Kumar Upadhyaya, died in 2011 at age 82 while attempting to scale Everest.

Dinesh Bhattarai, who heads the Tourism Department, said that the government is seriously discussing limiting the age for elderly climbers.

Mr Sherchan’s body was flown by helicopter to Kathmandu on Sunday. The cause of death was still unclear and the autopsy result will be available in a few days.


He had first scaled Everest in May 2008 when he was 76 — at the time becoming the oldest climber to reach the top. But his record was broken in 2013 by 80-year-old Japanese Yuichiro Miura.

At a funeral ceremony held at the Thakali Service Society premises in Kathmandu, hundreds of family members, friends and supporters offered flowers and colourful scarfs while Buddhist monks chanted a hymn and burnt sandalwood incense. A government minister and fellow climbers were also among those who paid their respects."

I really admire those who do the climb of Mt. Everest. I was just checking information on the climb and it seems they have to have a permit which costs around $10,000.00  then the Everest climb starts around $35,000.00 and varies based on the number in the expedition.  Looks like a very expensive climb.


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