I’ve had Sciatica for over a week now so I got on the internet and it said to keep moving, so I have been, going on my usual walk around the neighbourhood every day, grocery shopping etc. but the pain still persists, especially at night. It starts in the back and spreads down to the ankle and walking is very painful. Have decided not to go to the doctor (because there is nothing they can do) so intend to wait it out and hopefully it will mend itself soon. 

Anyone had it before? 



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Update on this blasted thing called Sciatica

Can’t sit down all day, have to move, it sounds crazy but when I start walking and get to the end of my street, it hurts so much it’s tempting to go back home again.  But if I grit my teeth and keep going, the pain seems to ease and then stop. Still taking pain killers to get to sleep, seems to be worse when I lie flat in bed.  Won’t be going to physio, been there, done that, they kept insisting I come back and suggested two sessions a week were needed, but after a few sessions, the penny dropped, it was pointless because my hip joints were worn out and needed replacing and no amount of physio would help.  I suspect they knew it too.

I'm hoping it will go away eventually.


Really feel for you Toot. Hope it eases up soon.

Sounds terrible Toot, certain things aggravate inflammation, like caffeine. I just read about it recently. Hope you feel better soon.


Toot I am going on my second leg now, had the last one [right] done 17th March, the injection went well, but the hip needs replacing!   But my auto immune problems have become worse, I ended up in hospital if you remember and they couldn't work out what  was causing the high blood pressure, even the hospital!  The medication for high blood pressure didn't work!  

Saw two cardiologists, one was pretty poor, didn't agree with them they only put a monitor on my arm for 28 hours!  So I asked for a second opinion.  That took over a month of tests;  he has come back to say I don't have high blood pressure to do with the heart!   But he doesn't know what I have!

[glad my husband came with me to hear this]

Went to the Naturopath and he said stop eating wheat!

[I couldn't go to the surgeon to have my hip replaced when blood pressure that was around 200!]

Yes now I cannot eat wheat and my blood pressure has gone back to normal!

I've had doctors scratching their heads for 4 months now,  not to mention my husband and myself wonderinig where this is going to lead to.

Now my other leg [knee] is playing up!  Oh the joys of getting ancient, not old ancient!  So now off to the other specialist, don't think it will ever stop.

I've had 3 vertibrae collapsed and arthritis!

But I still give the garden a good weed!

I have found when the nerve is playing up, it is good for me, to sit only for very short periods of time, then walk for as long as I am able, then lay on my back for as long as I am able;  then I lay on my sides, turning and putting the bent knee into a fetal position, then stay all over again. 

I have done this many times over the years, for me it works well, but we are all different.

Good luck I hope you can work out what works best for you Toot.


Gee Celia, I would have thought eating wheat and grains would be GOOD for B/P

Some people react to wheat nowadays because of the hybrid breeding of it and chemicals used to grow it. Organic wheat may not do the same, or it or could be the gluten itself.


Thanks everyone for your kind wishes, I hate getting old, it's tougher than I expected.


But toot2000 if you don't get old you die young -- I think that would b worse???

It is not the getting old, it is the loss of freedom that worries me, being able to do what I want, although politicians are doing a good job of taking that away lately lol.

What ages us quicker is the use of so many chemicals in our world. One thing I found out recently is how toxic those plug in scented things are, more toxic than smoking!! Get rid of all artificial scented products they all effect your health and nervous system.

Interesting Incognito, so many people have passed away recently in early 40s and 60s, it is such a shame. But it is the quality of life that is what we all want.



Been reading up on it for years and now listening to podcasts, personally I have always tried to keep things as natural as possible. I think all those mass dying of fish,birds and other animals is from chemicals IMO. It makes sense they are making us sick too. So many neurotoxins in chemcials that are used in many things, you only have to start googling the ingredients of things you use in the house.



Trouble is doing the Googling as an amateur one doesn't know which to believe as there is so much out there Incognito.

My poor old body is wracked with auto immunity issues that the doctors are confused themselves.

I hope to see another specialist in a few weeks time on the various Thyroid problems, there are so many of them too.

I remember years ago listening to the ABC, the specialist talking was an Endocrimologist, he went onto say how cross he from listing to patients that had been to GPs and were given anti depression medication when they needed Thyroid treatments. This is why I am voicing my problems rather than keeping quiet!

Plus!  Years ago when I was in my 30s I used to be envolved with health issues as you are now, the firm I worked for [American]; put out on a disc an interesting talk of a doctor.  He used to be a Vet!  His father was a Doctor of medicines for humans.  Anyway to cut a long story shorter, he decided to go back to human medicine as he discovered the powers that be spent more money on the medication for Animals than Humans!    He also looked into the the Everglades and the issues of animals that lived there, mainly the Gators, they were not producing like they should!   The reptiles were in short supply, so they started to examine them, it turned out that the male penis of the Gator was too short to mate.   When they delved further into the issue they came up with the feeding of the Gators!    Their main diet was chicken, so they started to look into what the American Chickens were being fed with. [too much anitbiotics were  fed to these chook!]  So the Gators suffered, if the human race continues with all this medication we will be wiped off the planet.


How old are you Celia? 


I get it with google, but I read what I can and weigh things up, it can lead you off the wrong track so have to be aware of the sources and who you can trust, often that is a personal choice too.

I am not as much involved in health issues, I just take a personal interest since I had my health issue 10 years ago and keep trying to keep it at bay. I wonder if it is your thyroid, I read a fantastic book called "Thyroid Healing" by Anthony William, try to get it from your local library, it has a lot of insight how your thyroid works and things you can do yourself to heal. Everyone is different and unfortunatley doctors don't often take that into account, it is a lot of guess work to find out what causes your issues. I would also consider whether your liver is working good too, because that is what has to get rid of all the toxins.

Yes I believe about the Gators, they live in water so would be getting all the run off from chemicals from farming too.

Depression medication can often be very dangerous, use wisely or not at all, no real proof they work.

DISCLAIMER: My opinions only, seek medical advice where appropriate.

As  I have said many times 75 nearly 76 Sophie.


Then is a shame you consider yourself "old" ... there are people touching 90 or more who appear to have more life and do less complaining.

Complaining about one's ailments incessantly has been proven to be top of the list when it comes to ageing.



This is a discussion forum Sophie we are having a discussion about health and I would not take it as "complaining about one's ailments incessantly" that is a bit harsh.

Sharing of information can be quite helpful when you have any issues. I wish you were a bit kinder and more sympathetic/compassionate Sophie, is that too much to ask?


Incognito, this is a heriditary issue for many people as well as our family.

My younger son has Type one Diabetes but was treated as Type Two for some time, I told him to get a second opinion!  Bingo that came back with Type One. Same thing happened with my late father. Even my own Thyroid issues back  when I was 29 was not diagnosed untill I was 46, so I am wondering how much damage was done to my body in those years.

As a 29 year old the dermatologist miss diagnosed my complaint!  I went to another Dermatologist 12 months later and he disagreed with this, so he turned around and proved the other expert wrong! However I was not aware at the time it was an auto immune issue!  It was the white skin patches. [Vitiligo].


What a little busy body you are Incognito! This thread is specifically about "Sciatica" or can't you read!

Sharing information about alligators may be more at home in the Animal Antics thread.

Why don't you start a thread with the title "My ailments and complaints"... then you and Celia can have many long and happy whingeing discussions.






Just waiting for a bite Sharkie Sophie? So you can spew your vile comments once again, geez you don't give it a rest for long do you?

Sophie you are totally ignorant on how to be nice and how each person should be treated in accordance with own individuality, some people are old at 30 some are young at 98.     Some people are more lucky than others when they don't inherit diseases!

Husband is here at his computer reading this and he is appalled your comments.

No wonder he has always refused to belong to this group. As a professional we are both appalled!

However, I am lucky enough to have private emails voicing opinions on how interesting the Threads are that have been introduced to the site.

Now I am off to make lunch!


Incognito my husband is laughing his head off at what you have written!

He says you are justified.

Glad to put a smile on his face Celia, we need more :)


Tell hubby, Ignorant Incognito and I are glad he had a laugh...tell him not to choke on lunch though LOL

...and Celia stop whingeing about all your medical ailments and history on other people's takes away from the actual topic in which people might be interested..a lot of people are faced with sciatica...stick to the topic!


Quote from Celia  "   The reptiles were in short supply, so they started to examine them, it turned out that the male penis of the Gator was too short to mate. "

ROFL. and did they find out the gators had sciatica ? or is that a description of coggers? LOL


Celia re that post on Gators you speak about --above -- it was also true quite a few decades ago that a lot of young females  --I THINK,  in Mexico ??  were getting their periods very early --about 9 years old -- and they put it down to eating so much chicken --that have been fed many hormones and antibiotics --so maybe the same as what happened to the Alligators


Researcher recommends exercise over painkillers for treating sciatica


Researcher recommends exercise over painkillers for treating sciatica


While sciatica is one of the most common forms of back pain, people often assume they have it when they don't, says U of A physical therapy researcher Greg Kawchuk.

Some simple exercises...







Interesting info about alligators in the Everglades Celia...and so relevant to a health and well-being thread..

Only heard on ABC this morning and think I read it recently somewhere as well about modern babies being born without wisdom teeth..

Interesting how things are evolving but yes you do wonder how all all these artificial additives, hormones as in fattening and fastening growth in chickens, cattle etc. etc. are affecting our food and water intake...


Most definitely Shetso1,  plus the poison sprays that are used on all our foods while grown and also sprayed on the soils before things are grown --the amount of sprays that are used is unbelievable.


All the wheat -- used to make our bread is sprayed about 8 times with the likes of roundup -- and other horrendous poisons

Yes and the chem trails, we have been dumping chemicals since WW2, and this is when increases of cancer and other strange diseases started, it makes for a lot of weird neurological pains too like sciatica. 

The BIG problem is the radiation from all the bomb tests done here and all over the Pacific -- from 1945 -- why are there not questioning the number of brain cancers  and other cancers never the like seen before --even in tiny babies --

Look up Atomic tests and bombs -- and radiation never goes away -- and it sometimes does not show up for many years  -- depending on the type of radiation -- but it interferes with the genetics of people and so is passed on through their children.

Are we or the kids taught this at school -- not on your life -- like so many other important things that are left out of school learning

Yep PlanB and that too, too much assault on our bodies, and the babies are born with chemcial residues and then bombarded throughout life. I still think though we can all do a lot personally to prevent health issues despite it all, and sciatica is another symptom of these annoying ailments that come about as we get older because of the build up of toxins.

Alligators are fed occasional chicken by owners in the Everglades. It is NOT their sole diet, they mainly live on fish, small mammals (chickens are not mammals) birds reptiles and off each other.

The reason why alligators in the Everglades are dwindling in number and getting smaller and having trouble mating is NOT due to eating chicken – it is because of the many droughts in the area due to water diversion and climate change. The top threat for alligators in that region is having less water which means less food for them to eat, which results in less mating and the size of the penis has nothing to do with it.

Now we come to chicken growth hormones – for this to affect humans or alligators, the chickens would have to be injected several times a day, try doing that in a chicken farm of hundreds of chickens!!!!

If  protein growth hormones were given orally to chickens via the feed, they would be broken down in the digestive tract and rendered ineffective.

Hey how about those wisdom teeth then? Well wisdom teeth have been disappearing from humans for yonks, some people are not even born with them. It is NOT a new phenomenon. But that doesn’t bother the alarmists and the tweetie birds who buy into their news.

Studies are showing that the onset of puberty for both boys and girls is occurring earlier and earlier, a phenomenon defined as precocious puberty. Nothing to do with eating chicken!!!!!! This is happening all over the world even where some people never see a chicken, let alone eat one!

Any more fake news you need an explanation for?



Well thanks for sharing your thoughts Lucca - every contribution adds to the discussion ... But yet to be TOTALLY CONVINCED that ALL points raised by others were fake news...

Mind you Sophie will be crazy cranky that you've struck out on your own and risked commenting about Alligators on the 'Sciatica' thread rather than the 'Animal Antics' thread....




Fake news is a new term for people to hide behind, it is only fake until proven otherwise, and this can be difficult because of all the fake news about the fake news. Everything is a  conspirarcy until proven otherwise. They told us Asbestos was safe until it wasn't, Thalomide unitil it wasn't and smoking until it wasn't, everything that is bad for us is making a lot of money for big corps and they do not want you to know the truth so they pay for research to be done only to hide the truth, happens all the time. Why has round up not been taken off the market when it has been proven to cause cancer? Why are they still selling tobacco when we know it causes cancer? Why are they still selling many so called drink and food products that cause obesity? Because they make money! Even coffee is bad for you but the world is addicted, in any famine or hardship times coffee will still be available, did you know that workers who pick coffee get sick all the time because it is so toxic in it's raw state? Keep em addicted to keep em buying, that is the motto of big business, meanwhile people are sicker than they have ever been in the history of mankind. Look at all the medication people are on. And they never get cured.

Health to all.

This news about the Everglades is from a Medical section and from a doctor, going back probably when you were knee high to a grasshopper Lucca.   Early 70s it was reported.    A lot has happened since then.

Could you please post a link about that Medical Opinion Celia. Lucca is absolutely correct about the the eco-problems in the Everglades which were occurring even before the 1970s.

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