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Scientists prepare levitation device

Physicists have discovered a way to levitate large objects with an acoustic tractor beam and think they will eventually be able to perfect the practice on humans.

Acoustic tractor beams work by using sonic power to capture particles and suspend them in mid-air, but up until now they have only been able to work on small objects.

Researchers from the University of Bristol became the first to overcome that size limitation, paving the way for levitating humans. They created a system of rapidly fluctuating acoustic vortices - basically, tiny sound tornados, with a "twister" of loud sound surrounding an inner, and completely silent, core.

Watch the tractor beam at work:

Would you like to try levitation? Do you think the scientists will be able to perfect the tractor beam to accommodate humans?


easier to use a hot air balloon.

Just cut up humans into small particles, no problem!

Can I choose who, and can I help.:)

Dam.. Beam me up Scotty!

I wonder what frequencies they are using and what effect they will haveon the mammalian hearing apparatus.

Float yourself to deaf?

abra ca dabra and Ali Baba, well tickle my arse with a feather. ( pardon my French )

To remember when we were kids, we were so in awe of the flying carpets.

This is great. Hope they succeed. Here's an interesting article if anyone's interested.

Magicians have been levitating people for years ;)

I've got a couple of mates who always spill their drinks, so I got myself a few of those levitation glasses. They're great, try them.

 Image result for gravity defying drinkware


It would be great to be able to sleep in levitation, there would be no sore pressure areas