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ScoMo is still wrong!

After the LNP trying but failing previously to exempt female sanitary products from the GST, ScoMo moves mountains and finally gets it done.

Applause?  Er, no!  

This afternoon on ABC's The Drum he was still wrong (arguments were put against it!) and was bagged for it.  The final sting being, 'Anyhow, even if the initiative was needed, ScoMo must not get any credit'.

Ye Gods and some wonder why those very able men and women with records of accomplishment in their lives would never consider running for political office in modern times.

How I miss the Aunty of James Dibble and others years ago.

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Everyone has an opinion and rightly so, but in my opinion,there are benefits to attending preschool that even the most hands on, well-intentioned parent can’t provide. Our grandchildren attend eight hours a week and that’s not because their parents farm them out so they can do other things. It’s for these reasons:

Preschool helps a child to feel secure in the feeling that when Mom or Dad leaves them they will come back to get them. This helps with separation issues when they go to full time school. Preschool teaches children to get along with children of different ethnicities and social and cultural backgrounds. It’s a chance for them to learn they can be friends with all types of people.Then there are lessons they learn about responsibility and self sufficiency. They are expected to hang up their coats and backpacks, keep their desks clean, pick up their toys, and often have little classroom jobs which our grandchildren love and have great joy in telling us about what they do at preschool. Some parents do instil some good habits at home, but it’s certainly a bonus when children do these things helpfully in a group situation. Children learn to share at preschool, they have an opportunity to practice the manners they may have learnt (or not) at home.

We had no hand in our grandchildren going to preschool (I wish they’d change the name to Playschool), but when we see the difference between them and children who have not been to a Preschool, I’m so glad their parents took this initiative. The children are more active, creative, and their imaginations run wild . No single household can provide the same stimulation a child receives in a properly run Preschool with well qualified caring staff. Kids live in a multicultural and multi faceted world, and there are many things they can’t do at home if an only child, or having one other sibling. I would pit a child who’s attended a good preschool any day against one who has not, and the “preschool child” will always come out on top. 

Banjo I am sure it all depends on the parents Kids have -- some these days are not parents in any shape or form at all -- so many pop out kids and then they are left to someone else to bring up or left to themselves to drag up

Best post Banjo on this otherwise mundane thread. Kudos my friend!

Banjo I concur with what you say there.   The children of the market gardeners are Croatian came to this country not knowing a word of English.  I could go on but I think I am boring people silly.



"I would pit a child who’s attended a good preschool any day against one who has not"

Idiotic remark

Pit them against what and whose standards?

There's always a trade off. 

Lots of pushy and ambitious parents put their kids through stupid programs mainly for the benefit of their own ego's

Think your parents should have "pushed" with all their might where you're concerned.

Are you men for real? All this argument over female tampons?

Nice to see so many concerned males though is a positive thing :)

I just can't believe that people are so hung up on this as the saving is only a couple a dollars a year. Surely people have far more important things to occupy their minds. If it is such an issue why not use sanity products that are washable and reusable and then only pay for them once instead of contributing more contaminated wastes to our already growing mountian of waste. 

Alternatively get an implant under Medicare and you wont need these sanity products. 


MAybe so Old Geezer and it would be a good idea if Mothers bought washable nappies too -- would save the planet as well -- we never had these throwaway nappies that take forever to break down -- but mention it to these modern parents and the look at you in horror and disbelief 

PlanB - Couldn't agree more.  If you work out how many throwaway nappies are used in a day, multiplied by 365 days a year, the total would be staggering, and that's for one child!!!!

Old Geezer, you may have a point. The supermarkets have thrown out the idea of single use plastic bags. How about the women of Australia show their support for saving the planet and do the same by using much stronger reusable tampons? It may save a coal power station? 

Sadly there are not many people on this planet that care a darn about the waste and horrors that go to landfill -- I am so vigilant-- but so many do not give a hoot -- I honestly can not see this war on waste happening -- until the manufacturers STOP using this stuff.

Also, it seems that many councils differ in what they accept -- and also the pigs of people that use your clean and looked after bins with all of God knows what that totally undoes everything your do to try and help

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison is considering recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in a historic change of policy that would align Australia with Donald Trump’s controversial shift but jar with much of the Western world and risk angering Arab and Muslim nations.

Mr Morrison will announce on Tuesday that he will also initiate a review of Australia’s support for the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal, and have Australia vote against Palestine’s leadership of a large United Nations voting bloc of developing nations – also both key Trump policies and top priorities of Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Jerusalem announcement is likely to reverberate around the world as Australia would become only the second major country after the US to shift its position on the contentious issue that goes to the heart of the decades-long Israel-Palestine conflict that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives.”

By David Wroe, The Age

Looks like Scott Morrison is making policy on the run to please the large Jewish population in Wentworth. Dangerous stuff - I think we should remain bipartisan.

Yes Robi Scomo will do or say anything to win this election-- he is a typical Salesman -- and thats what he was b4 -- he would maybe do well as a used car salesman and he has the same amount of  integrity which is NIL  He flip-flops to suit the occasion and still has that supercilious smirk --

He also has NO heart which seems to be the way of these religious hypocritical nut cases, of which he is also one

Agree with all you have said PlanB but I refuse to call him Scomo. I prefer MoMo (motor mouth).

Yes there are a few names  I call him but I can't print them here -- : ))

If he gets in we may as well have another Nazi party as he is a real dictator  you only have to see his body language and his attitude to know that

lol - whatever happened to "Scumo" and "Morriscum"?  Too rude for here?  I think those names suit him admirably!

 I had never heard of them 'til here - all and sundry uses them now - there are some rather "choice" websites on him also ... listed by all the "Scomo haters" .......

Is he on Twitter like Trump??  Imagine the 'haters" there .... lol 


Scummo, Morriscum, MoMo, anything will do. But not ScoMo, designed to appeal only to bogans.

Such rude insulting comments against our Prime Minister

Shame on you Foxy and Robi

I would never use such terms against Slimey Shorton brains if he was PM


People never voted him in!  He got the job by default - remember that .......

BTW - heard that Philip Ruddock will be a guest on Q. & A. next Monday....... thought he'd long "passed"?   Pity.

Ruddock looks half dead, but then, he always did. Olbaid, you called Julia Gillard “Juliar” for years....time for us to have our fun now :)

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