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seniors card advice

Can a couple wife over 50 under 60 working full time and husband 62  not working but receiving part super benefit apply and receive benefits/concessions with seniors card


The husband can in South Australia,I think you have to be 60 and not working more  than a few hours a week anywhere in Australia

I think it's the same story in WA, but the person working can't be a recipient of the advantages that it gives, for example:  if the family car is registered in the workers name there will be no discount on the registration, wheras if it is registered in the card holders name it can be.  if that makes sense.

I think that you will find that in NSW, anybody over 60, working 20 or less hours P/W is eligible, regardless of wealth or income of himself or wife.  I have had a seniors card for many years now & have found the only realistic benefit to be the public transport.  You have to hold a pension card to receive the RTA benefits for registration or free licence.  As an example, I have found that I can hire a car through general access cheaper than I can hire with the 30% discount.  I have written to the Minister re this without even receiving the courtesy of a reply.

The first part of your reply Innes is the same as WA, must be over 60 and not working full time. WA has one of the most generous Seniors card in the country so I am led to believe, we get free Public Transport, (at off peak times) discounts in all Govt utilities, rates, registrations, licences etc.  I have a Govt Seniors Health Care Card which I don't even use, the only good it is, is for prescription medicines and I'm not even on any, so what good is it for me whereas I use my Seniors Card all the time.


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