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Shock jock apologises for slur against Christians

Kiis FM’s Kyle Sandilands has apologised for his comments about the bible and Virgin Mary, which led to protests outside his studio and death threats.

Opening his breakfast radio show with Jackie ‘O’ Henderson on Monday morning, Sandilands said he hadn’t meant to cause offence.

The comments were made on 18 September and involved Sandilands accusing the Virgin Mary of being a “liar” who was “chock-a-blocked” behind a camel shed and calling the Bible “dumb as dogshit”.

Sandilands said his mobile number had been leaked since the incident and he had fielded hundreds of calls from fans of the show, but also from angry listeners demanding apologies and threatening his life.

“Truly from the bottom of my heart, never do I want to make someone so angry that they don’t want to listen to the show, neither do I want them to be so enraged that they are threatening to kill people over something I’ve said,” he said.

“I believe everyone has their right to their own opinion,” Sandilands said this morning.

“I never intended to purposely upset anyone. Obviously, I have upset people, and I am sorry for it. There’s nothing else I can do.

“Am I going to quit? No. Am I going to get fired? No. Am I sorry? Absolutely I’m sorry.”

Do you think Sandilands should be sacked for his comments?

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As an atheist I am not offended by anything these clowns say, other than if this comment had been made about another fairy story cult ie Muslims there would be hell to pay and in all likelihood he would be sanctioned if not sacked, you only have to look what happened to Israel Folou, think that’s how you spell his name, it’s clear there is discrimination against some religions!

Sandilands is a grub all right and his followers are grublets.

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He's been let off the hook Ray, the religious leaders have forgiven him. Last I heard he is planning to visit Hillsong!


I will not even begin to say how I feel about Kyle Sandilands and people like him who target others’ religious beliefs. One word comes to mind and that is, repugnant. That some thoughts about the Bible and the Virgin Mary.

The Bible is a collection of sixty six books written by about 40 authors, in three different languages, on three different continents, over approximately 1600 years. The Bible, like all the other Holy Books that exist is neither fact nor fiction. With so many people having an input, the best we can assume is, these books are unsubstantiated beliefs. Beliefs are important, belief is a part of our identity, we all have them: religious, political and so on. One can’t disprove another’s belief, that’s downright idiotic. So, the intelligent person will accept we are all different and go on their way.

Some religions believe Mary, mother of Jesus was a virgin. What many people may not be aware of, the language spoken at the time of Mary was Aramaic. The Hebrew word at that time was possibly not “virgin” but Almah which means a woman of child bearing age or maiden. Who really knows what happened at that time in Mary’s life? Who knows whether the word “virgin” was seized upon by over zealous early church leaders to garner support for a religion? It really doesn’t matter..what matters is that these beliefs are important to some people and since all events factual or fictional are subject to interpretation, who are we to judge anyone?

Not everything is meant to be understood , live and let live.


Thank you for a lovely post Sophie :)

Get over it. Its a belief not a fact. In ancient hebrew the word for virgin is the same word for young girl. So Mary was a 'young girl' when she was artificially inseminated by an 'angel'. If she even existed at all. Jesus is angreek word. Christos is a greek word. If anything we should be calling the man Jushua Messiah. If he even existed. And Yes, Carl S is a shock jock so if you do listen to his show, expect to be 'shocked'.

"Its a belief not a fact.'(geordie)

That's what Sophie said. Why comment if you haven't read a post?

Who is Jushua?

The title SHOCK JOCK is an indication of how these parasites should be percieved.  They rely on sensationalism and pandering to the views of their few faithful supporters to keep them in the the limelight.  Their true beliefs are probably kept very private as they would not keep them in the news and ensure that the money keeps rolling in.

As their views are mostly paid for by advertisers, they are not really relevant or wirth much thought.  At most these people are entertaining to a certain small section of the community who are at least not influenced too much by them, as they have had the same views for decades.

Most people don't listen to them directly, they just react to what they hear second hand.

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