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Should airports weigh passengers?

With the prevalence of obesity reaching epic proportions, it is time that airports start weighing passengers instead of bags? Should passengers who are obese or well overweight be made to pay extra for excess weight, just as we do for excess baggage weight?

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I agree with a full combined weight package per seat concept, especially as I am of normal build.

If I buy a seat, normal size albeit small seat now a days, then I expect to be able to fit in to that seat and not be squashed by excess flesh from either side!

And if AIrlines allow for 100kg when they sell a seat I would like to have THAT exdtra difference of weight as baggage allowance, for ME!! and not to compensate for big people!!

Big people can not expect to fit into small clothes and they have to buy whatever suits their size. And the same should be said for Airline seats, and where they supply suitable seats, at a dearer compensating price, so EVERYONE is comfortable.

At present BIG people are getting an almost free ride and not paying their way.

Oversize PPL need reminding; Pilots get 'min By min' Weight UP-Date, as PPL come on board. Other-  wise, NO proper Calcs wld B avail, to compute "safe" take Off criteria.. Prob Many have, NO idea ??!!

That is a very good point KEVINJ

Yes if you carry excess baggage you should pay more.

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Overweight passengers and children have been banned by Thai Airways from flying business class.

"In accordance with the US Federal Aviation Administration, the seats have been installed with new airbag systems and safety belts, which cannot accommodate passengers with a girth wider than 56 inches (142.24 centimetres)."

I would hope that people are told this  at the time of booking  (and travel agents are "aware" of this ruling by Thai Airways).   Could possibly prove embarrassing for all concerned at the time asking passengers their girth size.

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Obesity can be covered by the definition of disability in the Disability Discrimination Act.

The law defines a ‘loss of functioning of a person's body or part of the body’ as a disability. Therefore, a person whose weight impairs his or her functioning would be covered.

It is against the law to discriminate against a person because of their disability. There are some limited exceptions and exemptions.


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Hence it would seem to me that the Airlines should install some larger seats to cater for the obese.

I am with you Suze -- there are many people that are very   'överweight" but through no fault of their own,  they might have a medical problem --and can not help it.

Very sad to make them suffer if this is the case.

I think it would be a far better idea to have larger seats for those that may need them.



Personally if that happened I feel a doctors certificate would be required. 

I have several health issues and watch what I eat, so many have the same health issues and use it like a prop as they feel they have been delt a wicked blow in life.

Then there are those that are truly in trouble with their sizes.       

I think this is a can of worms that need to be thought through.

My younger son is 6'4" and has an issue with leg room when flying, it is really uncomfortable for him, but he doesn't get special dispensation for his need for extra room.  

Flying from Sydney to LA is really uncomfortable for him in Economy.

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