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Should airports weigh passengers?

With the prevalence of obesity reaching epic proportions, it is time that airports start weighing passengers instead of bags? Should passengers who are obese or well overweight be made to pay extra for excess weight, just as we do for excess baggage weight?

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:) Weighing ... particularly the overdressed.

Boyband singer collapsed with heat exhaustion on easyJet flight after wearing TWELVE layers of clothes to avoid excess luggage fee. Little did he know he'd passed out from heat exhaustion - having dressed himself in six t-shirts, four jumpers, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of jogging bottoms, a pair of jackets and two hats.


Yes of course they should pay extra if they are over a certain weight. I went to a all you can eat chinese buffet and I got there too late. The restaurant was full of people who didnt need feeding. It is those people who should pay extra too.

I'm large, but not particularly overweight. This smacks of discrimination against the naturally large (as opposed to the morbidly obese). But there are also metabolic reasons why some people are obese, and they should be pitied.

Pitying people is demeaning to them and there is really no need for it.

Obesity researchers now talk about a theory called the "set point," a sort of thermostat in the brain that makes people resistant to either weight gain or loss. If you try to override the set point by drastically cutting your calorie intake, your brain responds by lowering metabolism and slowing activity. Yes there are other reasons why some people become morbidly obese: Hypothyroidism and Cushing’s syndrome. Both of these are treated quite successfully.

There is no need to “pity” anyone, just point them in the right direction to seek help.

I think there it is discrimination for a skinny person to pay the same fare as a fat person. I would like to see more equality introduced into the cost of airline ticketing. There will be plenty of noise from the fatties about thisbut the reality is most overwieght people are carrying excess baggage because of our very generous welfare system. 

I guess airlines have to know what weight they are carryiing

Perhaps charging obese people extra to travel might be a wake up call and encourage them to take charge of their health. Anything that helps is worth a try.

I think this would be extremely difficult to introduce.

What tact would be needed!!!

 ... a small obese person may weigh the same as a tall mascular man.

Perhaps passenger and their luggage could be weighed together and if it goes over ...


Perhaps obese person can travel with their luggage in the luggage compartment 

would be nice to have only beautiful people in the cabin 


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would be nice to have only beautiful people in the cabin 

Agree Raphy, so back to the luggage compartment with ya

Rapheal perhaps they should also start banning alcohol as well, it causes more problems than obesity!

Let's not argue about this?! We can compromise. We have all the overwight people in the baggage compartment as Rapheal suggested and that would create room for a huge cocktail bar for the skinny dudes. There!!

i dont fly,   and i am not obese,    but maybe bango is right in that it may make people more aware,    but i doubt it,      and it smacks of discrimination to say anyone should pay extra,        what about trams and buses,  ?    you have to sit next to someone who is obese,   and they have half your seat,    as well as there own,    should they pay extra for there seat,  ?   and FRANK,     from what i hear of our welfare system,    you would hardly get fat from it,        also,   some people are naturally fat,   same as some are thin,          i have a friend,  who to look at her,  you would say she is big,     she is NOT obese,    but a big girl,     she is as she is through a thyroid condition,        she eats like a sparrow,            not everyone who is big is a gourmadiser,        admitidly,    there are some BIG people out there,   but the industry has a bit to answer for there,      go around the supermarket,    EVERYTHING you see that is for healthy eating,      or for slimming,  is twice the price of anything else,         look in the freezer section,    the weight watchers food,   is double  that of any other,      maybe the industry needs to help more,  if they are serious about peoples weight,   

If you can't spell, don't use people's names. My mate is Banjo not Bango

I agree Cats --  not everyone that is big eats heaps -- and not everyone that is slim diets -- the bus is a bit different as they don't have to be careful of a weight issue like planes --

Also, most of the weight watchers stuff I have heard has all that false sugar like Aspartame etc in it which is very UNHEALTHY-- such as diet Coke etc etc --  worst thing you can have

BANJO,    my apologies,    have you never made a typo?          PLAN B,    yes,  have heard it is full of sugar,   or sugar substitutes,     i love mousaka,    and cant be bothered cooking it for myself,    as hubby doesnt like it,    i saw some in the WEIGHT WATCHERS section one day,    and bought it,    never again,    it was one of the worst meals i have eaten,            i see your point ,re the planes and buses,     but still very annoying if you have to share half a seat with someones backside,lol,   

catsahoy you should try shopping at Coles they have just reduced weight watchers meals to under $4.00!

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yes RALPH,    it was thought provoking,    and i enjoyed the book,     for what it was,  [thats if you could enjoy such a story,    ]        but you bought the subject up,   when talking about jokes,     please,   dont YOU get pedantic,     enough angst on this site already,   

Wonder if they charge  extra for pets?

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Yes son in coming home by air for Christmas and bringing his dog for an extra $100 return.

People are getting larger because they are eating foods as normal but not working as hard. Machines and robots are doing the jobs we used to do. Doors open for us and escalators move us up and down floors. Supermarkets pre-prepare foods , chop them up and wash them. Give you a trolly to get it to your car which you drive home instead of walking carrying your goods. You don't even change gears in you car .....all done for you.

The solution in better education to everyone and bring back NORM ...remember him the couch potato.

As a red blooded male I have always admired ladies with some meat on their bones instead of skinny mini's. Something to get a grip on LOL.

Frank the wefare system is not too generous and is getting fairer with the introduction of the card system. Mostly these people are lowly educated and eat the wrong foods like takeaway cooked Etc.

Ban the card also for coke / chips /icecream / white bread / sugar / lollies /burgers and any other high value foods.

How much do you weigh ?


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Airlines do have a few oversize seats.  When these fill very large people are seated in the normal seats and anybody who has been in that position can attest to how unfair that is. 

My wife drew the short straw a few years ago on a flight from the US to Europe.  She was put next to a huge man who sweated all the way, was as hot as a blast furnace and who drifted well over the armrest and worse when he dozed off.  Totally unsatisfActory and unfair.  Leon has it right.

Yep they should weigh passengers, some might break the scales though. Overweight people are costing me plenty, I'm having to travel business class everywhere now. How would you like to sit next to this one?

Image result for obese woman sitting on air craft seat



How would you like to be the person who tells this woman she needs to be weighed and assessed for extra "baggage" weight???

Can you image the shreiks of outrage that will be heard in many terminals now???


I'd happily downgrade to cattle class rather than put up with someone like Ray or effiminate Vinci aka Micha in business

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Lady in plane, if you give up the weapons of mass destruction, you will not be charged for “excess baggage” and stop that shrieking.


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 I don’t believe I’ve met anyone who is morbidly obese and happy. It must be very difficult for them to have people either stare or completely ignore them. I feel for the smaller person too having to sit next to a very large person, it happened to me once and it was not pleasant. Trouble is airline seats are a standard size, but people are getting larger. It was suggested once that airlines have a few special seats which can be converted into one for obese people (they would have to pay extra of course) and if those seats aren’t sold on a flight they can be converted back to single seats.

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