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Should cigarette sales require a prescription?

As Australia moves towards a zero figure on tobacco sales, a new proposal by the Centre for Research Excellence on Achieving the Tobacco Endgame has suggested that reducing the number of tobacco retailers, as well as restricting the sales to outlets such as pharmacies, could help accelerate the decline in smoking prevalence.

Other suggestions proposed include ending sales to people born after a specific year as well as phasing out commerical cigarette sales completely with a prescription being required to purchase cigarettes.

What do you think? Can more be done to phase out the smoking of tobacco in Australia?

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I know no-one who smokes.  Certainly non of the younger ones.  A few of the older ones may have smoked in their youth (I do not know), but they don't do so now.

(I gave up smoking cold turkey in my thirties.)

The places people habit  tend to be 'non-smoking' anyway.

In fact, I haven't seen a person smoking... even in the street, for many years.

There is an excellent "Non-Smoking" Campaign and many "Quit" programs ... and these have witnessed a dramatic drop in smokers over the years.

I don't believe in banning cigarettes.

People should have the right to choose.



I agree Twyla if you force people to give up things they will resist more, only have to ask any smoker who gave up, they chose to do it and that could be after years of people asking them too.


You are absolutely correct, Incognito.

Also, if cigarettes are banned, the supply could well go underground and whatever they contain now, could be a lot worse, a lot more toxic.



... supply of illegal cigs "underground" has been going on for many years!  That's why they will never ever be able to get correct figures as to "who is smoking and who isn't"!  Only stats. the Govt,. can go by are what sales go through Tobacco outlets/Supermarkets etc.   Legal tender.

Anyone who smokes and is paying $38 - $50 per pack is nuts!  20 cigs for that much? The Govt. is making mega taxes per pack - that's why they will never ban them!

Majority of people are aware of the "Chop Chop Boys" and how they get the cigs into the country - a lot of it is also grown locally around Tamworth and other regional areas!

Illegal cigs. are 100 per carton for $34.00 ....big difference!  How do I know? haha ...just an "extended circle of acquaintances" not "friends" ....  and one of whose "hubby" drives the latest Porsche!

Lucrative business to be in!  :)

* People smoke outside of hospitals - shopping centres - office blocks in the CBD ....even restaurants!  



I remember friends getting hold of chop chop years ago from Asian supermarkets and shops.




Penalty = $55.000 or 2 years jail  Yep, buy chop chop and you get the chop chop LOL





This one can barely walk but it didn't stop him visiting his cop chop shop. They both got the chop.

A shopkeeper appears to sell illegally imported cigarettes to a man at a Melbourne milk bar.

Sydney Morning Herald


Yep, getting tough on the chop chop dealers 

Dodgy tobacco and shifty shisha dealers funnelling money to crime |  Adelaide Now

Adelaide Advertiser

The Australian Border Force (ABF) has detected and seized over 39 million illicit cigarettes in one week in Melbourne.

The Hon Jason Wood MP, Assistant Minister for Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs, said the 39 million cigarettes are worth over $40 million in evaded duty and their importations are being further investigated by the ABF-led Illicit Tobacco Taskforce (ITTF).

“The profits from the illegal sale of 39 million cigarettes has not made it into the pockets of organised crime,” Assistant Minister Wood said.

“Australians who buy illicit tobacco should be aware that the proceeds of these sales are supporting a market dominated by criminal syndicates that use the profits from illicit tobacco to fund other illegal activities.”

The detections arrived via sea cargo shipments and were x-rayed revealing inconsistencies with the import declarations. The shipment declared as synthetic grass which contained 20 million cigarettes was not concealed in any way, whilst a second tobacco shipment declared as glass bottles was concealed behind a cover load and contained 19 million cigarettes.

Assistant Minister Wood said these detections were another example of the ABF’s commitment to disrupting the supply of illicit tobacco.

“Since its establishment the ITTF has effected the seizure of over 67 tonnes of smuggled tobacco and approximately 230 million smuggled cigarettes, protecting more than $264 million in duty.” Assistant Minister Wood said.

“We know that established organised crime groups are diversifying their commodities to include illicit tobacco as it is perceived as a low risk/high reward activity. New organised crime groups are emerging that purely focus on illicit tobacco importation and distribution. To tackle this growing problem the ITTF is positioning itself to identify threats before they arrive at the border to disrupt the flow of illicit tobacco to Australia.”

The ITTF was established in response to recommendations made by the Black Economy Taskforce to develop an innovative whole-of-government strategy to combat tobacco smuggling. It embodies a coordinated whole-of-government approach that draws together the expertise, capabilities and powers of partners to safeguard the Australian Community from the significant threat posed by illicit tobacco and the criminals who profit from it.

The maximum penalty for tobacco smuggling is 10 years’ imprisonment and/or a fine of up to five times the amount of duty evaded.

People with information about the illicit importation of tobacco should contact Border Watch at By reporting suspicious activities, you help protect Australia's border.

Information can be provided anonymously....









I would worry about buying the illegal cigs as you wouldn't know what they had in them, maybe other drugs ???

Just ban the sale and use of cigarettes to anyone born after 2004.  No one can claim there rights are being violated if they never had them in  the first place.  There is no real reason for someone to take up smoking.


Have second thoughts did you Lucca about the disgusting comments you posted before you decided to "delete" them?? 

Or did you suddenly realise this was a Topic of Drew's and you could have your Trolling comments removed (yet again) .....not quite quick enough were you ..... ?  lol


Lockdown in Melb messing with yhour head again??? LOL Drew has not removed any comment of mine. Latest one on page 1.



Latest news from the world of CHOP CHOP -

Bird feathers   and chicken dung were found in illegal tobacco sold in south-west Victoria, prompting a former Australian Border Force officer to warn consumers they are "leaving their health in the hands of criminals".

Tests were undertaken by Sharp and Howells, a Melbourne-based chemical laboratory, on four samples of illegal tobacco sourced from Warrnambool, Colac, Hamilton and Portland.

This followed an investigation by The Standard into the south-west Victorian chop-chop market, which found residents could easily purchase 100 illegal cigarettes for just $40.

"The results confirm the danger to the public in consuming this illegal product of unknown origin. Bird feathers may suggest they are produced in a chicken coup which would fit with a large shed or warehouse required to store, cut and process tobacco.



I remember reading about recent outbreaks of Bird Flue in China!

Thats all our country needs now is Bird Flue from people smoking these illegal cigarettes.

In 2020, there have been six cases reported from China so far. A total of 34 cases of human infection with avian influenza A(H9N2) in China have been reported since December 2015. Between 18 and 24 September 2020, three new outbreaks of avian influenza were reported to OIE from the Western Pacific Region.Sep 25, 2020


I'm going to repeat what I wrote on page one in response to your comment five days ago about Sophie's remark denying you had done voluntary work.

Ignore Sophie's "look at me" histrionics.

She is extremely nasty  ... her default setting.   We all know her.

Everyone here, except these trolls, Sophie and her toady Lucca believe you.  They can't believe anyone would do voluntary work.

There is much written about internet trolls.  They are Narcisstic, Sadistic Psychopaths ... losers.






LOL Hi Twyla yes I am aware of this but thank you for putting it into writing.  

Yes I used to do hospital volitary work and also went to look after two ladies in their 70s back then,  here I am that age myself!  LOL used to take them shopping and sit and chat with them.

Helped out with the P & C and did some work for the Scouts and Cubs.  Always kept busy.  What is that saying about asking a busy person to do an extra job?

I have some friends on this site and we speak privately to eachother, our opinion is that they seem to like to create a fight to attract more people to the site so the advertiser come onto the site.  It doesn't make any other sense.

What worries me is these people that like to be nasty could upset a person which could take their own life like the teenagers have been known to do.  I think there is a limit to their behaviour.

I have not taken notice of them for that reason, however, I am going through a stessful time at the moment, I have two girl friends that are very seriously ill in hospital one for nearly a month, plus my husband is battling at home with Leukemia.  I don't need any more stress from idiots on this site I am sure others don' either.

It would be wonderful to have a site where we can all voice an opinon and that opinion is respected even if the others don't agree with it, that is why I either ignore their antics or agree to disagree to them.

You know it comes across as these people are very bitter with their life don't you think?

Now I am out the door to do some work on the garden, just picked up a few backs of manure cow and sheep for the Magnolia, Gardenia and Azalias.  No doubt it will be a bit high on the noses of the people next door for a few days!  LOL 

The hip hurts but will take something to try and combate that.  Life goes on.




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LOLOLOL Sophie can’t hear you, she’s on a beach in Broome having a whale of a time and even if she could me no think she’d pay any attention to the jealous as hell rants of two ole turkeys spluttering and gobbling. As per moi, water off a handsome lad’s back, now back to the topic.

Research into chop chop have found contaminants are common and include twigs and pulp from raw cotton, hay, cabbage leaves, grass clippings and chloride products, mould and fungi are also found in chop-chop. Fungal contamination also found in samples of chop-chop - these fungi can cause toxic responses in the lungs, liver, kidneys and skin, with illness ranging from allergic reactions, chronic bronchitis and asthma to lung cancer or legionnaire's disease.

If you are old enough to know better and still buy illegal chop chop that is your problem, no sympathy from me, but I am concerned for the kid seeking out this poison and getting hooked on it from the criminals who make and sell it.

Some of these criminals have been caught handing out free chop chop to kids at schools so they get hooked, Disgusting, but ABF is on to it.


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