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Simplest way to prevent spread of virus

As the nation continues to count hundreds of new COVID infections, a 3D-simulation from the University of NSW offers timely advice – lather up.

A 3D-visualisation of soap destroying the coronavirus is a reminder that simply washing your hands can help stem the pandemic, UNSW academics say.

“With the threat of the second wave upon us, simple hygiene is something everyone can do to prevent the spread of the virus,” says Professor Pall Thordarson, from UNSW Science. “Soap can destroy the virus on your skin.”

The scientifically accurate simulation, a collaboration between UNSW Art & Design and UNSW Science, shows soap acting on contaminated skin covered with tiny coronavirus particles.

The simulation uses a cinematic approach to deliver a powerful message.

“One of the very few pieces of good news about this virus is that it’s actually very fragile. If you wash your hands with soap, the whole virus basically collapses like a house of cards,” Prof. Thordarson says.

“Soap molecules break up the greasy external lipid molecules of the virus and weaken its membrane, making it less and less stable. Soap also rips away some of the virus’s membrane to create new soap bubbles.

“And that’s enough to destroy the virus. So please use soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitiser frequently.”

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                       Medical workers call for hospital parking to be free in Melbourne ...


Hello all, my name is Paige and I am a registered nurse working in a major Melbourne hospital. I am calling on the Premier of Victoria, Mr Dan Andrews, to allow all healthcare workers in the state of Victoria to park for free during COVID-19. I know for a fact that myself and my colleagues are gravely concerned about traveling on public transport whilst community transmission is so high. A lot of paid public car parks are closing due to stage 4 restrictions (such as Melbourne Museum which is used by a lot of healthcare workers) so many off the staff are left wondering where we can park from now on without it costing a fortune. All we want to do is keep our patients and the community safe. Please help us by signing this petition.


We have to look after our health care workers...all it takes is a few seconds to make their lives easier.

Please sign the far 2.806 have done so.

Now stands at 3,300  and moving upwards!

Reached 4,415 and still going...yay!!


Good on you PlanB..they deserve all the help they can get!


I put my signature to this worthwhile cause. They're almost hitting their goal I see



Free parking was approved YESTERDAY (13/8) by the Lord Mayor Sally Capp - City of Melbourne!  


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