Skirts for men?

the latest fashions from new york feature skirts for men.  this is not new - i'm thinking of the scots' kilt and the greek national dress for men.

Are skirts the next men’s fashion trend?Are skirts the next men’s fashion trend?Are skirts the next men’s fashion trend?

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It is probably not the skirt per se but it's design and the occassion which would make it acceptable. A bath robe is commonly acceptable as are various national dresses. My daughter wears trim little skorts sometimes which would probably look OK on a bloke. The flouncy skirts and dresses; the intensly decorative ones and the whirly ones would probably only interest an extremely narrow sector. 


August 2017...Richard Wilkins and his son!

Work it! Christian Wilkins made a bold statement alongside his Today Show star ather Richard at the David Jones show on Wednesday, proudly sporting a ruffled skirt and sheer top

What next, trousers for women, it is against the laws of nature, and it is also an old story that I would say is not realy an issue.  Who, in this day and age cares?

The first skirt for men, the lap lap, was the smallest, coolest and sexiest. Now men are spoilt for choice if they are creative. If not the poor guys are stuck with only shorts or jeans/trousers which must get boring at times. A lot of my male friends like sarongs and look good in them.

I really don't know why more men don't wear skirt type clothing especially in hot and humid areas.

Let’s face it Melskirt, they are just not as smart as you. Sure would be better for their tackle to keep it cool and aired. 

It's much healthier also

looks idiotic,    want to keep your manly ness,  keep your pants on,  although from what i hear,  a LOT of men would like skirts,      and do,  

You have your opinion but thousends of men around the world would very much disagree with you. You only wear pants because your wife says you must. You have no say in what you wear it is determined by woman.

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