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Social Services Minister Anne Ruston on the aged pension

If there was ever any doubt in relation to the Morrison government's attitude to the aged pension, it was laid bare in a radio interview earlier this week when Social Services Minister Anne Ruston told Neil Mitchell "the aged pension is put in place to help people who find themselves in older years not having saved the income to be self-funded". She described it as welfare and "a generous amount of money that the Australian taxpayers make available to our older Australians ... unable to look after themselves".

The Treasurer's commissioning a review of the retirement income system cannot come soon enough.


She may have been thinking of her own upcoming pension ???

 "a generous amount of money that the Australian taxpayers make available to Politicians"

I heard her comment and think she has been back-pedalling ever since as just another out of touch pollie that is wasting oxygen

As a Conservative, each time I hear Morrison waffle he sounds effective as a man offering a BandAid for a shark bite

She got the appointment to appease the voters to get the female quota up should an appointment BEST FOR THE JOB

can you imagine the PM admitting she is not the best person for the job.

Clearly she has no idea of what she is talking about, and needs to spend some time going over the system that was set up by Paul Keating. Which still remains today , albeit erroded by Govt in the last decade or so.

In a response I made on another thread, the copy below is how the system was meant to work. It was a 3 tier plan.


In terms of the pension system, the problem is that the last decade or so of Govts, have slowly eroded the system that Paul Keating had put in place.

The idea was that in the early 90's super was introduced, and the idea was a 3 strep process for funding the retiree.

A. One would apply for the Pension and if under the income  asset limit qualify

B. Then one would be topped up with the super they would receive to give a better lifestyle in retriement

C. Savings. 


So that was the plan pension offset with some super and topped off with your savings.


Since then we have gotten away from this system, reduced super benefits, made pension age higher and more difficult to receive and then, of course, the Govt expects you to dwindle your savings before being eligible. 


If you find all this difficult , and say the current system is not fair, we get the good old reteric of the

 AGE OF ENTITLEMENT  is over. Really.


Of course, the polies all got the entitlement of impressive super pensions and cushy jobs in embassies all around the world when they retire from politics.


We the true tax payers get told that we are entitled, yet they are the ones that walk away with all the spoils when they leave parliament

Baby Boomers are not trying to sponge of the Govt as the entitled, they are just wanting what was promised to them under the system we worked under as was given and outlined by the Keating system of super."

good comment. You're right to observe we have moved a long way from when it was expected that all would apply for the Pension and if under the income  asset limit qualify.  It would obviously ease many community concerns if the points you raise were inculcated in the preamble to any reforms following the Frydenburg's retirement income review.

Typical LNP muppet.