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Socializing while the Pandemic is happening

'Please stop socialising': Plea to Sydney's youth to 'chill for a few weeks' after a COVID-19 positive man in his 20s visited SIX bars, restaurants and a supermarket in 48 hours 

The NSW Premier said 'we're not saying don't socialise or don't go out at all but we are saying please limit your behaviours just in the next few weeks.'

Why do some people not take notice of the distancing laws in Australia while the pandemic is on?

Are they in denial or don't they think it only applies to other people keeping their distance?


Shops and cafes are packed in my local towns (rural nsw) and no-one is social fact it is impossible to distance in the stores, they are so crowded. Business owners told me yesterday that they are more busy than normal. So much for people suffering financially! I did see more people wearing masks though, while out and about on Wed and Thurs. 

Oh Wow!   that is a bit frightening, it is like it in WA but then we have a different level of socializing here. Are you up near Tamworth Ny19?


Why HUNDREDS of elderly women were allowed to cram into a room with no masks or social distancing a DAY after new rules banning house gatherings of more than ten people


Liberal Party members are outraged their own party allowed more than 200 women to gather in a room - a day after South Australia banned home gatherings of more than ten people.


Looks if people are not taking any notice of the social distancing in Oz.

evolution -strong survive, weak perish

Pub BANS drinkers from Sydney and Melbourne as the owner vows to 'put the community before our back pockets'

The Bayview Hotel in Woy Woy, on the NSW Central Coast is barring anyone who lives in Sydney or Melbourne from entering the business.

More than 15,000 travellers from coronavirus-riddled Victoria have ALREADY flooded into Sydney over the last two weeks - amid fears it's too late to stop the outbreak spreading

Coronavirus Australia: Over 15k enter Sydney from Victoria

Mandatory hotel quarantine came into effect on Friday for any Victorians looking to cross the border into New South Wales, with the exception of those living in border towns. Those visiting from the locked-down coronavirus-hit state will have to self isolate at their own $3000 expense for a period of 14 days - the same as international arrivals. Travellers have flooded in to NSW in recent weeks (pictured main and inset, arrivals from Melbourne in Sydney this week


Asymptomatic Victorians awaiting the results of their coronavirus tests claim they were told to go to work if they were not identified as a close contact of a positive case.

One Melbourne worker who eventually tested positive received a letter advising that he could continue working if he had no symptoms.

The man went for a precautionary COVID-19 test on July 13 after one of his acquaintances thought they might have contracted the virus.

However the pair were not deemed close contacts and he was told to go back to work, The Australian reported. 

'If you do not have symptoms you can continue normal activities, unless you are a close contact of a known case,' the letter from Monash Health said.   

Asymptomatic Victorians awaiting the results of their coronavirus tests claim they were told to go to work if they were not identified as a close contact of a positive case. Pictured: A woman walks near the Bourke Street tram stop in Melbourne Asymptomatic Victorians awaiting the results of their coronavirus tests claim they were told to go to work if they were not identified as a close contact of a positive case. Pictured: A woman walks near the Bourke Street tram stop in Melbourne

'If you have symptoms stay at home and isolate — do not attend school, work, go shopping or engage in any other activities.' 

The acquaintance, a parent, returned a negative coronavirus test and the asymptomatic man continued working or a small Melbourne manufacturing firm after his test. 

He gave his employer the letter from Monash Health on Tuesday July 14 while waiting for his test result. He continued to work as he had no symptoms and was not identified as a close contact. 


The man's boss told The Australian they were surprised by the advice but thought they would be in the clear as the acquainted person tested negative.  

'We thought OK, that sounds reasonable. The person he decided to have a test for is negative and it (the letter) says go back (to work) if you're asymptomatic. And two days later, he was declared positive.' 

The man was at work when he was phoned about his positive test result. The factory was closed for deep cleaning and all his co-workers were sent for a COVID-19 test. 

The claims from the asymptomatic worker are vastly different to advice given out by Premier Daniel Andrews.

Pictured: Melburnians shop at Queen Victoria Market amid stage 4 lockdown Pictured: Melburnians shop at Queen Victoria Market amid stage 4 lockdown. 


I think perhaps the Melbourne folks have been drinking their hand sanitizers instead of wiping their hands.


LOL ... makes sense to me Celia


This is beat up from weeks back. Andrews comments was general advice aimed at people who were being tested because they were either close contacts of a confirmed case or ill. The mutts were then continuing from testing then going out to shed virus.

These special mutts were neither ill nor the contacts of someone confirmed positive.  There is no doubt that many of the Vic punters lack common sense.


I had a precautionary test back in about early April. At the time my area was designated a hotspot courtesy of backpackers living it up in defiance and there was a pop-up test site. 

I was given a mask to wear as I approached the registration desk. I was told on resigitering for the test that after the test was done, I was to go directly home - no shopping, no banking nothing - and if possible not to travel by public transport - and stay there until I received the test result. When I got to the test taking nurse, before she did anything she told me that after testing I had to go directly home, no stoppong anywhere, no public transport etc. She took the swab, told me to replace my mask then repeated the advice about going home, no stopping, stay at home until the results were given etc etc. After leaving her, I was then directed to another nurse. She handed me a double sided leaflet which has instructions of what to do next, i.e. go directly home, do not pass go do not collect $200 etc etc. She also gave me a pack of 10 masks and again told me not to stop on the way home etc etc etc. And to stay totally isolated until the results came through at which point further instructions would be given.


4 times three different health professionals told me exactly what to do and this was reinforced with written instructions all in about 30minutes visit! How could Victorian Health get it so wrong?

Melbourne police officers are forced into self-isolation after arresting a coronavirus-infected teen 'who was on a wild crime spree' 

Victoria Police confirmed the boy had tested positive for coronavirus prompting an undisclosed number of their officers into quarantine.


Alert after Bunnings staff member tests positive for coronavirus after working THREE shifts in busy Sydney hardware store while infected


The employee worked at the store on August 4 from 11am to 9pm, August 5 from 8am to 4pm and August 6 from 1pm to 3pm.


What Sweden did regarding social distancing.....nothing!

IAN BIRRELL: Why Sweden, pilloried by the whole world for refusing to lock down - with schools staying open and no face mask laws - may be having the last laugh as experts say Stockholm is close to achieving herd immunityWhy Sweden, pilloried by the whole world for refusing to lock down, may be having the last

IAN BIRRELL: Sweden has one of the highest global death rates from coronavirus. Andrea Tegnell's refusal to impose lockdown on his fellow citizens is held up by critics around the world as a warning against adopting a laissez-faire attitude to this deadly disease. Yet when I asked film production worker Carolinne Liden and her photographer partner Tobias Moe (top right) about the state epidemiologist, their reply was instant. 'He's a hero,' said Carolinne, 35. Certainly every citizen I met on the streets seemed to support the strategy. 'If we look back in a couple of years I think we will be seen to have handled the situation well,' said Hans Isoz (bottom right), an investor in digital companies. Benedikt Furrer (left), an IBM executive, said: 'I work with lots of British colleagues. They said they suffered from being locked down and not being able to roam freely like us.'

I agree with Sweden's stance.  It's only the elderly that need to be protected, they are the ones that die from the virus.  We're talking about a flu virus here and the Swedes seem to be the only ones who treat it as such.  There is too much money to be made from vaccines and control over the population gained from lockdowns and government handouts.  That seems to be the agenda behind most of the world's behaviour.  And as the increasing censorship in the West seems to confirm, there are plenty of dissenting voices out there but they are not allowed to gain traction. Wake up!   

If you call Sweden's 82,323 COVID cases and 5,763 deaths with 68,263 currently active cases, a sucess Franky.

Further, there was a study recently that showed that despite the basic path of herd immunity that Sweden started down only about 7% of the population were infected and subsequently, Sweden did change tack.

Franky, what control?  I certainly don't feel controlled by anyone.  I live my life my way.  Never have felt controlled.  I am not that stupid or paranoid.  If you believe control is having to obey a few simple rules for awhile to protect yourself, your family and others, then God help you.

And then there is the rubbish about being imprisoned in our homes  Who dreamed up that tripe?  I have been out of my house here in Melbourne every day bar one since this whole debacle started back in February.  I go for my walk every day, and to do the essential shopping once or on odd occasions twice a week.  That is not imprisonment.  Most people are just too lazy to get off their backsides and go for a walk in the sun and enjoy nature and life outdoors.

I am not saying everything that has been done is right, it hasn't, but we have not had a crisis like this in living memory, so of necessity, some actions and decisions have to be made on the run.  Of course we should have been better prepared with a proper disaster plan in place, but we weren't and that is a conversation for another day.

We elect governments to govern, and imperfect as they are, in a time of crisis it is all we have.  We cannot win if we are all fighting each other.

If you are bothered by "control" then thank your lucky stars you don't live in Communist China.  You don't even know the meaning of the word.


It is not just the elderly that get this and die it can happen to the younger -- even babies  -- and there is a worry that if it does not kill you it leaves you with horrid effect to your organs


Not a single confirmed case of a school pupil passing on coronavirus to their teacher exists anywhere in the world, says a leading expert 


All the available evidence points to children being poor spreaders of the virus, said Professor Mark Woolhouse.


From your link Celia and worthy of note IMO.

‘The fact that there aren’t any that we can find, and there still aren’t, doesn’t mean that it’s not possible in principle and doesn’t mean that it won’t happen on occasion. He added: ‘Even if this virus doesn’t spread easily among the children, it certainly will spread among staff if it gets the opportunity.

'The evidence so far is that the most dangerous room in the school is not the classroom, it’s the staff room. So schools need to pay attention to that, and not take their eye off the right ball.’

Certainly is a concern RnR

I've been watching a lot of coronavirus news and information items on TV and I haven't seen any which would catch the attention of many young people. 

Why not some dancing/animated sequences with catchy music. The virus could be equated to invisible fleas with a 1.5m jumping distance ? Well done it could have young people wanting to be constantly aware of the risk to themselves and others. After all, who doesn't want to avoid a flea??

Come on, surely someone smarter than me could put something together quickly?


You mean like this video that has gone viral:

Thanks, that's roughly what I had in mind. I'm 75 and don't use much social media so hadn't seen it before.

But something much shorter that could also be used as a TV ad would be better I think.  And directed at all young people in Australia, not just school children.

If the message is visual enough, it could even help some adults who struggle with other english language ads.

You need to be using social to communicate with kids today. Not TV ads!

Two teenage girls who snuck into Queensland 'from a NSW coronavirus hotspot' are arrested at a shopping centre after a 24hr manhunt and sent for testing amid fears of another outbreakTwo teens who snuck into Queensland  from NSW coronavirus hotspot arrested at Noosa

The teens aged 15 and 16 (pictured left) were arrested at Noosa Civic (pictured top right)  on the Sunshine Coast on Monday before being whisked away to be tested for coronavirus. Police said they had been looking for the teens for the last 24 hours in relation to alleged COVID-breaches after they crossed the border from NSW last week. Multiple shops at Noosa Civic have been closed for deep cleaning as a precaution, sparking community alarm on local neighbourhood Facebook pages. Police alleged the teens had been in Sydney prior to entering Queensland before the borders closed to all NSW residents last Friday to prevent a second wave of coronavirus.

Their parents should be made to pay the fines and quarantine.

They have subsequently tested negative for COVID-19. BUT there is a loophole in the law in that because of thier age, they cannot be confined to hotel quarantine because they have no parent or guardian with them. They have been charged under youth laws.

A ridiculous situation where at 15 and 16 they can galivant round the country no questions asked yet are deemed children and connot be compelled into quarantine!


Yes I agree plus I wold think they are too young to be so far away from home


15 and 16 years old and not one bit of common sense between their ears,should be made to work in corona wards of the hospitals,where the hell are their parents they should be made to pay for all the costs of their juvenile escapade.we need a stupid virus urgently to cull the stupids out of society.

Liquor banand curfews is the only way to put a halt on dickheads not conforming with laws,

Fancy a nurse doing this?



Fears of a massive COVID-19 outbreak in one of Australia's most expensive high rises after Victorian health authorities didn't tell management an infected nurse was living there - and now another resident has tested positive

Residents in Melbourne residential skyscraper face coronavirus infection

A nurse who brought COVID-19 into one of the biggest residential towers in Australia failed to tell building management she was infected.  And neither did Victoria's health department.  As Victoria records another deadly day, with 19 more deaths and 331 new active cases of COVID-19, Daily Mail Australia can reveal dangerous flaws in the way Victoria's Department of Health and Human Services deals with positive cases within high rise buildings.