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Special flight for royal wedding

British Airways is adding some extra sparkle to customers’ journeys ahead of Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle.

To celebrate the royal wedding, the BA93 on 19 May to Toronto - the city where their relationship took off - will be operated by an all-star crew of only Meghan and Harrys.

The 10-strong cabin crew, made up of two Harrys, seven Megans and one Meghan, will operate the flight that departs Heathrow at 1.10pm, an hour after the couple say ‘I Do’ at Windsor Castle. Senior First Officer, Harry Blake, will be behind the controls of the flight deck, alongside the captain.

To celebrate the royal couple, any customer departing from terminal five on the big day, who is called Harry, Meghan or Megan and their travel companions, will be invited to use the airline’s exclusive lounge.

 The celebrations won’t stop there as individual lemon and elderflower Victoria sponges; the same flavour as Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake, will be given out to customers departing from Heathrow on 19 May.

Extra champagne has also been loaded on to the Toronto celebration flight and the ‘Royal Crew’ will give every customer on board a personal bottle of Castelnau Blanc du Blanc to enjoy alongside their individual celebratory wedding cake.

Are you excited about the royal wedding? What are you planning for the big day?


Well I am not planning anything, can't say I am  'excited'  -- I will see most of it on the news I guess but I wish them well and hope it all goes really well for them, what a nightmare to marry into such a family -- and I feel for her family  -- and can only imagine what a pain it would be to go to that wedding, IF they go  -- or anything to do with the Royal family

I'm very excited about the wedding. Having a day out with the boys while the wife has some sort of shindig with her friends. They plan to take over the house, so there's no place for me there. It's a good thing a few of my mates are prepared to rescue me. Having said all that, I wish the couple best of everything. 

all the television channels will be broadcasting the wedding,   so if you dont want to see it,  dont swich on,    some of the hotels here in melb,  are having ;parties'    to celebrate,    i hope the weather stays fine for them,    

This so-called wedding is nothing short of a political excercise. I doubt very much that HM and the rest of the RF approve.  I could be wrong, time will tell.

Will this wedding be on Netflix?


Yes..I am excited about the's such a big day in British history. Hopefully all will go well following all the controversies..

An hour before it's televised my sign goes up!


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British Airways has thought of everything. They have even made these especially for the flight

Very tasteful header under the crown.

I was looking forward to 'The Wedding'. I think because I thought so highly of Dianna and now Harry.

It was lovely to watch so well worth the excitement. :) God bless them both, they look SO happy and natural.



I was such a pleasure to watch The Wedding, Megan is my inspiration! 

SARAH,     MEGHAN has been married and divorced,   had her fair share of boyfriends,    that your idea of ;inspiration'   ?    while she is allright,      i would hardly call her an inspiration,