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Special Happy New Year to Rejected Parents

Those special times of the year are tough where there is a vacant seat and contact has been lost.

Also to those who suffered any of the major adversities that life bowls up, such as serious medical problems.

Hoping that the New Year is kinder to you.



Yes LJ..that is certainly a very kind and thoughtful wish.

This is the time of year when life becomes a challenge for some.

I’m sorry your kids rejected you Sophie 

Have a great new year anyways old dear 

No need for your nastiness Foxy, it's a new year, time to change your bad habits.

                                      ***  HAPPY NEW YEAR -  2019  ***

I don't want much for 2019. I just want the person reading this message to have a lot of Good Health, Happiness

and Love. 

It's time to bury the hatchet. Let's make this site a happy one. Okay we don't agree with a lot of things people

say, but we are entitled to our opinions, sarcasm only brings out the worst in people. 

                                           HEALTH, LOVE AND WEALTH AND TIME TO ENJOY THEM.


I wish ALL a very Healthy, Happy, new year with love and care to all

My wish for the new year is that I hope Canberra picks up it's act and we get some wise government instead of bickering brainless bastards.

My very best wishes to all on YLC for 2019.

Let's hope 2019 is a lot better for us than 2018 was.

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Happy New Year to you and yours Cranky. It has certainly been a quiet time and missing your humour and antics over the past few months. Hope you're well. 

Hi Hola, Yes we are great thanks ,just very busy, my son started a new business and it has taken off like we never it was all hands on deck, including mine. And I must say its been great fun as well as a challenge . 

Back soon as he is taking on more staff, whilst we all go on a short cruise with him and his family as a token of thanks..

YES,   i to, hope EVERYONE has a great new year,    and any troubles or woes you had in 2018       will be gone,     and lets hope the people on this site who spew forth nothing but venom,    have a good hard think,   and change their ways,     lets make the forum a fun, happy to come to,   

Here's a song you can sing along to. Max out the volume for this one. ;)