Specialist fees

I have just been to see a specialist today about painful hands.
I now have a painful pocket.
$130 for a 5 minute examination.


I knew a specialist surgeon who worked for 6 months a year every year and spend the rest of the time on his private island.

I have had the same experience--waited 9 months to get to see him--2 hours more in the waiting room $209 fee and ended up with NO answer

It costs me $00.00 to see a specialist.

Been a couple of times during the past few months. Today's visit was $50 - got $34.55 back from Medicare. I don't really mind having to pay the extra. I've paid out a couple of hundred of dollars - Medicare has met the bills that were over $1000 for the rest. Really not too bad.

I can sympathise with those who are out of pocket ... I have been in the same situation myself. However, our health is probably the most important item in our lives - without health we grind slowly to a halt.

So I ask you: Would you be prepared to go out and buy a beer or two or a new TV if you needed it? Would you take a holiday and spend sometimes $$$$ thousands on that or buy a new or updated second hand car?

Why then do we all expect 'the Government' (that's us) to subsidise our health care ... user pay seems a fair system and there is a 'safety net' in place at Medicare so that you are not left high and dry and without medical help.

Let's accept responsibility for ourselves, our own health and wellbeing.

Bella, the Government spends money on useless things like new sport stadiums--when they already have an adequate ones and other such things when they should be putting it into health and Hospitals, all very well if you have the odd health problem but if you have cancer or such and have to travel and wait for treatment not good at all and they need all the help they can get.

My wife had a cancer removed from her temple which required a

visit to the G.P referral to surgeon,

Charges. Visit to surgeon $184. Surgery fee. $1532. Anaesthesist $400..

Charges I have no complaint with..

Hospital charges day surgery.

bed fee $400. {2 HOURS}

Theatre fee. $1315.plus $365. operation time.

charges which I think are over the top.