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'STICK IT IN THE BIN' !! (what "IRKS" you?)

lol - have to laugh - on Fox 101.9 the Dan n Maz "Drive Home" Show pm Thurs./Fri.  have a crazy segment called "Stick it in the Bin"!   They get listeners to call in with whatever they "hate/drives 'em crazy"  etc. etc  and then they "Stick it in the Bin" - i.e. -  Rubbish - Gone Forever - lol 

Let's just get away from all the angst in the world and have some fun with 'STICK IT IN THE BIN" !!!   :-)

P.S.  For the few on here who "love to hate me" lol  - I have already put myself in the bin just for you! lol lol lol .....

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Stick the clouds and rain into the bin only 16C today after the perfect day yesterday


Melbournians should keep their Cold weather down there and not send it up to NSW 

... what do you think the borders are for ???


Dumpster Stock Illustrations – 5,826 Dumpster Stock Illustrations ...






Damn - life must be going alright haha ....have not stuck anything into the bin for yonks  :)) 

...until today ..................

Woolies -yesssss - it's YOU again order delivered this morning ...

.... girl/guy??  in Deli. -  decided I had only ordered 1/2 a kg. of chicken breasts (instead of the 1 kg. ordered and showing on invoice!) duhhhh to that!!! 

My wonderful "personal shopper"  who "picks/selects" decides with great wisom to "substitute" a 3 x pack of Viva paper towel - for a 6 pack of the worst "el'cheapo" dunny paper ever manufactured!  So a mega DUH to that too ......(moron) ... like there are not other brands of paper towel?

Also their "new" Tracking System is still not working correctly - been 3 weeks now ....why they had to change it when it worked perfectly for years is beyond me?  - IT boys need more work? lol  

Just small irritations given the grand scheme of things I know ...but .......







Haha, there are probably idiots out there who won't need to buy any more toilet paper for years.

So maybe Woolies now have an overstock problem and are using it up as substitutes for out of stocks.


OMG - you are amazing!......(not that you probably weren't already! haha)  Thats exactly what my son and my "bestie g/f" said when I told them today!!  

Wonder why I didn't think of that? lol ......yesssssssssssssss ....of course!  Duh to me then..... lol least they could have given me a decent brand!

Was about to put an APB out for ya' - haven't seen ya' for awhile?  - but then I remembered you might have been moving or something?  Anyway ...good that you still 'alive n kickin'   :))



Haha, there are probably idiots out there who won't need to buy any more toilet paper for years.



Presenting: RnR ..... "Gold Star for Honesty!"    ROFLMAO

Clever pic. you posted!  Cute as ....   Not bad for an "old bird"  haha .... :)) 


 LOL Foxy.



Hey - if they'd given me Quilton I wouldn't have minded (I do normally buy Kleenex) however - they gave me some "crap" paper ('scuse the  pun haha) ... called

iClean - with a Black Koala on the front!??  Never even heard of it? 

Strange to have a black koala on the front given how so many were burnt in the bushfires?  Bizarre .....that's the first thing I thought of when I saw it .....(black humour maybe....get's me in trouble sometimes ..) anyway the slogan on the front was in big letters:


... now that's even more bizarre IMO ...........



Seems odd but a recycling initiative apparently.




You could ask YLC if you could sell some of the Quilton at the Meeting Place   LOL

 Ah!! I see you found iCare before me but mine is better its double length

100% Recycled.

icare products are made from 100% recycled paper, and are a soft, strong and cushy 3-ply. Sorting and utilising a multitude of paper products, using a sophisticated process developed over 30 years, we separate, extract and reform it. The result is a dense yet soft toilet paper you either will, or already have come to love. icare is good for the environment and good for you.

Australia made,
Australia owned.     

Made onsite and in Melbourne, icare is produced by a family-owned Australian company that have been in the business of perfecting paper products for over 3 generations.


So stop your moaning and groaning .. it is only to wipe some crap with it

You could go down and give them a hand rolling it.

Glad you are doing as you are told and buying local :)







.....but I didn't order Toilet Paper!!!!!  Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

BTW - Got name wrong ooops  - just glanced in horror at it and threw in bathroom haha .....mine has a different wrapping?

All black and white with a largish black Koala standing on RH Side of pack ....yellow swirl at bottom says "Double Length" (no leaves/green swirl on it?) ......... anyway they gave me iCare and right now I don't care!  Meh




Foxy buy Quillton they are Aussie -- Kleenex is not  it is USA owned

Foxy when you order online with Woolies you can untick replace with substitute or add a note to specify what they can substitute with, I do it all the time, if you are not happy you can go online and use the chat bot who will refund your money or call them.

Thanks PlanB was not aware that Kleenex (Kimberley Clarke) was sold to USA in 2002

Beside Kleenex®,  Kimberley Clark also produce Huggies®, U by Kotex®, Poise® and Depend® ranges, and VIVA® paper towel.

... good tip Incognito

Thanks Incog.  I use the "substitute" box on a regular basis however did not think I'd have to bother with paper towel as there was tonnes "in-store" last time I was there!  In future will do tho' .....

I didn't bother calling them and "whining" haha - too much of a hassell over $3 (the toilet rolls they gave me were $6.50) lol ....

Can we just go back to 2019 and start again?  The reasons I have been AWOL.

As some of you know we put our house on the market just before the whole Covid-19 story broke.  In spite of the lock-downs and everything else it still went under contract.  Then the search was on for another house, with travel restrictions in place and all sort of other problems to overcome we actually were able to find another and put in an offer - all good.   Until the sale of this one fell over, and the whole process begins again. 

And to add insult to injury I also received a diagnosis of breast cancer, right in the middle of the worst pandemic we have seen in our lifetime.  Going through treatment for cancer is never fun but in this environment, it is a nightmare.   It never rains but it pours. 

Sticking 2020 into the bin.

So, so sorry to hear of your big troubles Leonie in an already difficult time.

 Take care.

Thanks RnR

So sorry to hear that Leonie

Hope the second half of 2020 treats you better

Leonie, big hugs for you and best wishes for the future  -- my thoughts will be with you.


Hi Leonie!

Wishing you all the best for a speedie recovery, we are going through something similar.



Geez Leonie - glad I asked after ya' !  Life always seems to hit people with "double/triple" whammy's ...all or nothing!  Sucks!

Hang on in there and BIG hugs from me too .....(we can do "cyber" ones) and keep our "social distancing"!  :))  


So sorry to hear all that Leonie. Big hug from me too.

Take it easy Leonie and look after yourself.  Yep been a lousy year but if and when you feel up to it, treat yourself to either a winter sunrise or a winter sunset - Covid can't take those from us.  All the best.

Thanks so much everyone, your well-wishes are really appreciated. 

I havent been on site for awhile,  so didnt know about your move LEONIE,    but so sorry o hear of your woes,   hang in there,  and best wishes,    know we are thinking of you,     think positive,     

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