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'STICK IT IN THE BIN' !! (what "IRKS" you?)

lol - have to laugh - on Fox 101.9 the Dan n Maz "Drive Home" Show pm Thurs./Fri.  have a crazy segment called "Stick it in the Bin"! K  They get listeners to call in with whatever they "hate/drives 'em crazy"  etc. etc  and then they "Stick it in the Bin" - i.e. -  Rubbish - Gone Forever - Zilch! lol 

Let's just get away from all the angst in the world and have some fun with 'STICK IT IN THE BIN" !!!   :-)

P.S.  For the few on here who "love to hate me" lol  - I have already put myself in the bin for you! lol lol lol can remain "anonymous"!!!!!   :-)

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...... well what a freakin' joke!!!!

Lil' Johnny Howard and his mate Tony Abbott gave handwritten Character references to try to help Pell AFTER his convictions were handed down!! 

Also Andrew Bolt can go into the bin after his Full Page editorial this week in the Herald-Sun virtually stating "what a wonderful and caring man Pell is...."       Ugh!

Pathetic how these two former PM "hasbeens" always come outta' the woodwork when it suits them!

INTO THE BIN .......(expected Tony "Rabbit" to do that - religious nutter) but Howard?  Hmmm....... wish they'd all go away but guess they love the limelight so much .........................

100% with you Foxy and I hated both of them b4 but despise them now after supporting this scum pedophile says a LOT about where their moral compass is and how lacking in empathy they are.

Agree totally PB!  Had to smile when opening paper this morning of the signs that a person was holding outside of the court yesterday read:-     PELL-O-PHILE  (with a handrawn pic. of Pell underneath) ........ rather clever I thought   :-)   

Very good I hope he gets the rest of his life in jail with rock spider haters and has a rotten life

Shouldn't be too much fun for him -  if we are to believe what the media reports today Solitary confinement 23 hours per day - 1 hour excercise .... for his own safety -haha .........

Also he is only allowed one visit per week!   

Should be able to do a lot of praying/bible reading and delving into his conscious (if he has one?) with 23 hours to fill per day ..........

... I'm still not 100% sure this is the demise of the man??  Have a "gut feeling" there is a lot more to come yet!!!  Too many people of notoriety on his side!  Appalling!

I am sure there would be lots more of absolute horrific acts but if they will ever come out -- maybe not --

I wonder if Tony Abbott and John Howard will be visiting him they seem to be very entranced by him --  anyone that could want anything to do with Pell OR the RC church is beyond me --

If there is a devil then this is his church

Be interesting to see how his appeal goes.

I find him appalling but don't think we've seen the end of this yet.

Noticed the Vatican has opened an investigation that could lead to George Pell being defrocked.

The result of that will be interesting as well, seeing as though he was one of the "inner sanctum", formerly the third most powerful man in the Vatican.


Vatican will do what the Vatican has always done - to put it bluntly -  JS!

 It will be "glossed over" and swept under the carpet - look what happened to the hundreds of priests found guilty in the U.S.A. !     Pathetic!

I would be shocked if he was not defrocked -- good God after what he has done and the hight of which he was in this evil church -- it would be condoning what this mongrel Pell has done --- not that IMO they have already condoned it after all this time and even allowing pedophiles to exist and be hidden in this church

...the fact that Pell was "bosom buddies" with that evil predator Gerald Ridsdale is enough!

 Pell has been "documented" by saying what he did and smirking about it was almost jealousy on the part of Pell - that he knew Ridsdale was getting away with it!  Pell moved Ridsdale around like a bloody chess piece to cover up for him!!  Appalling!

Still leaving him in the bin...... !

So...Christopher "Whine" is leaving the sinking ship!  Getting out at age 51 .... how nice for him!  Pity he wasn't as smart under all the many "hats" he wore as various Ministers over the years!  Did he ever do anything "constructive"??

Hope he enjoys his fat six figure retirement pension - for life!  Not much less than the salary he was on - who wouldn't quit?  

Yes, Foxy who wouldn't -- and he will probably get another HIGH paid job maybe a lobbyist -- as they all do -- and they call people               -- lifters & Learners --Pyne was another that got FREE uni and went straight into politics -- never done a days work in his life --

Makes you wonder why they are all leaving the party ---

.... heard the Chn. 9 Political reporter say this morning -  "they are like rats leaving a sinking ship"! 

I also heard someone say this week:  "Scomo would extend daylight saving if it meant he had another few hours as Prime Minister"!   haha   I thought that was funny ......  


....... upon returning my plastic bags (for the measly sum of $1 - haha) to the Woolies delivery driver....I asked him..........

.."these bags people return - they are often badly creased or sometimes have meat residue in them...what exacty happens to them? "

He tells me - Ohhh once they are returned Woolies just puts them all into one mega dumpster outside the store and a recycling mob pick 'em  up and dispose's of 'em!   Seriously??

I thought the "clean but just creased ones" would get popped over one of those air machines that blow them up like new and they would be used again?  Hmmmm .......   

...into the bin again Woolies ........ haha  

Wow, Foxy seems none of these supermarkets are doing a darn thing about plastic -- they are STILL wrapping bananas and the like in plastic and God knows what they do with ALL the soft plastics I return and take great effort to do so --  the way it is going don't think we have a hope in hell of ridding planet of plastic.

Plus now they have these other stupid plastic and metal things that they give you if you spend $30  -- I do not want them but sometimes they still put them in  MORE rubbish!

...  yeah well ya' coulda' fooled me!  :-) 

 I was amazed that they just get "thrown out" basically! I'm betting the Recycle mob pays Woolies also to pick them up from them?    Driver also said that the old thin grey/greenish ones were much better at breaking down than this new thick white/green type!

So Woolies charges us $1 ......if we give them back - we get $1 refund ........BUT imagine the heaps Woolies don't get back from people who are not home etc. etc. or use them or throw them out.....then Woolies (betting?) would get money from the Recycle mob .....of course Woolies has to come out on top $ wise....right?    lol 

So much silly business re plastics.

Very sick of the ever increasing nonsense ... so much stuff 'packaged' these days.

For crying out loud, who needs fruit and veg in 'portion packs'. Ridiculous IMO. 

I am disgusted with the Coles and Woolies -- they have NO thought or care about the damage they are doing

what I got for nothing I now pay for.  still use the same amount of plastic bags lining my rubbish bin.  the cost has gone to the consumer instead of the retailer.  if serious all plastic bag manufacturers should go out of business.


... was out this morning and decided to treat myself to an eclair at the French Patisserie ..ok ok - "cake shop" but it is called that - haha ...... have the most divine cakes etc........ there right...and I see they have new little "baby" iced petit four type cakes ....3 for $2.00 ....not a bad

I get the eclair....and say "May I please have 3 of those lil iced cakes - 2 chocolate and 1 pink" .......

(they had choc. - strawb. and coffee iced ones....)

Ohh (says the woman) can't have 2 x choc. - you have to have one of each colour 'cause that's how we have decided to sell them!  Seriously?  Duhhhhh.......................... so I say "but they on seperate trays - why not" .....?

"Oh look just buy them how they are meant to be will you?"   (says woman ........)   Arghhhh........

OK  .... so I buy 3 (one of each colour) and leave thinking .....stuff you - how bizarre - wtf - etc. etc ....if they think they not going to sell the "coffee icing" ones - why make them in the first place!

....... INTO THE BIN! woman - along with your new little cakes!!  They weren't that flash anyway ...... lol

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