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'STICK IT IN THE BIN' !! (what "IRKS" you?)

lol - have to laugh - on Fox 101.9 the Dan n Maz "Drive Home" Show pm Thurs./Fri.  have a crazy segment called "Stick it in the Bin"! K  They get listeners to call in with whatever they "hate/drives 'em crazy"  etc. etc  and then they "Stick it in the Bin" - i.e. -  Rubbish - Gone Forever - Zilch! lol 

Let's just get away from all the angst in the world and have some fun with 'STICK IT IN THE BIN" !!!   :-)

P.S.  For the few on here who "love to hate me" lol  - I have already put myself in the bin for you! lol lol lol can remain "anonymous"!!!!!   :-)

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Finally - after 2 weeks of "spammers" - I have found  "Stick it in the Bin" ...........   so much to "stick into the bin" ...

!.   The appalling "agro" Scott Morrison with his so called "budget predictions" - what a nasty "mealy mouth" he can be ........ gets angry so very quickly - ugly person very frightening if he ever became Prime Minister (as predicted down the track ........?)

2.  Salada Biscuits -  have not had them in ages (maybe a couple of years or more?)  - decided I needed a "fix"!  What a joke these things are - like eating bloody thin cardboard - no taste - disgusting!

3. How the budget is "supposedly"  pouring "millions" into Sporting Facilities/new Arena's  etc. - across Australia!  Let the specific "sports" pay for their own reno's!  AFL do NOT pay tax!!!  Why???

4. The Doco last night "Is Australia Racist" (repeat) - yesssssssssssssssssss it is!!!  Muslim's copped it the worst!

5.  How 45% of elderly people in Nursing Homes - never get ONE visitor in a YEAR! Poor sods!

6.  ........ done enough for today ..............

Yes it is difficult to find a topic when the forum is filled with spam


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lol - cute!  You always find the most amazing and appropriate pics.  Nice!  :-)

With you with all that Foxy --

Especially Scott Morrison -- what a nasty/creep/slimeball -- religious nut -- (how Christian is he ?!)    he is a nasty/egotistical/arrogant mongrel of a thing -- can't even call him a man-- he lies when it suits him and what he is saying now is pure lies to put them in a better light for the next election-- he is nothing better than a fascist.

Anything that these barstards are telling us is pure BS

hi foxy,  i agree,  i can never find anything when i come on here,  one reason im never on site,     i cant be bothered wading through all the spam,   i can NEVER find the smile page,      all i can think of is,  the mod, and the site must be makng heaps of money from these spammers,   otherwise,  why would they let them take over,  as they do,   they are ruddy pests,        i have tried coming on during the day,    which i dont really have time for,   but its the same,  no matter why time,   WHAT IS EVERONE DOING FOR MOTHERS DAY,        in case i dont get on again,     HAPPY MOTHERS DAY,    to all our mums out there,   have a wonderful day,   

What I want to know is how come no one even answers emails?   Is there anyone home at all????     

Or have they they handed it over to the Government to look at???

I haven't watched the doco "Is Australia Racist" but have to agree with Foxy that Australia is racist, and at the moment it is certainly the Muslims who are copping most of the flak.

I think it's always been that way.  We have always needed some group to blame for the 'problems' of our world.  My parents had a problem with Italians.  The Vietnamese copped it back in the 70's, and the local abomination (Pauline Hanson) made life difficult for Asians in the 90's. 

Whenever each trend moved on we turned our attention to the poor old Aboriginal people, who have no doubt been copping it the longest.

I'm not even sure it's about 'race' as such, more about an identifiable group we can lay the blame on.  An awful lot of young people these days who consider themselves tolerant of all races blame the baby boomers for their problems, unaffordable housing etc.  Some of their comments on various social media platforms is eye opening on how they really feel about us, things I'm sure they would hesitate to say to our faces.

Yessssssss!  We are a racist mob Leonie - trust me!  The Doco. had some "acted" scenario's where they put Indians/Muslims/Asias -  into various situations to see how the general public would react if people picked on them/vilified them for their race - most of the people did "not wanna' be involved"!!

It was a really interesting Doco. as to how people reacted ....... wished you had seen it!  :-) 

 ... this is basically for you Cats  :-)   - (and anyone else who shops "online Woolies" .......)

Email received  today!  Woolies are now doing what Coles has been doing for the past few years regarding the "Meat online" ordering .........

i.e.  if  leg of lamb at Coles online is say $12 ........ they come to your door and it can be $15 - $17 plus!!!  Even tho' they have taken your money for total order - online - this is still extra when they arrive with their lil Eftpos machine!  This is why I never did/shopped Coles anymore - after the first experience with the meat !!!

Woolies:  If a leg of lamb online was $12 could receive one for $15 - $17 - as they would honour the order (as you had already paid total value of $12 - online)

They actually stated in their email - that it had come to their attention that shoppers were getting "more meat than they had paid for" - lol - crikey - took 'em long enough to figure that out!    Like 3 years!!!

Makes a person in Melbourne wanna' shop the "new Tasman Meats" online - or "Meys Meats" (wholesale butcher in Geelong)  ...........

How can a person ever try to "budget" when your meat order arrive's and it could be $10 - 15 plus -  more than expected???  Crap!!!   

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LOL - good one Suze!   :-)

Like Woolies mess around with prices on a weekly basis - so there is no need to feel sorry for the mega profit they make p.a.   Sucks!

Last week whole Kent pumpkins were $3 each . - ..... this week they were $7 - BS   

i never recieved an email FOXY,     if thats the case i wont order,   but has anyone challenged them?      it something is adv for say,  $10,    and you pay $10,    then how can they say you owe more, ?    it is unethical,   and i think if they were challeged,   would find its illegal,   if they try to do that,  i think a lot of people will stop ordering,    what do they do if they rock up,  say you owe another $10,  or whatever,  and you dont have it,      do they take the meat back?      if they do,   then the man 'with the machine'   should be able to refund you then and there,      not as it is now,   if THEY owe you,  have to wait up to 5 days for a refund,    will be interesting,    i will be putting an order through tomorrow,   so ill let you know,     so far i have heard nothing,        i dont want a leg for $25,      but if that is what they send,   what are you supposed to do,   ?  imquiet happy to get just what i ordered and paid for,  

FOXY,   the trouble with ordering from TASMAN MEATS,   or any other online butcher like that , is you have to order a certain amout,  say,  $70,   $100 to get it delivered,    i DONT want a $100 worth of meat at once,     first,  its storage problems,    i have a seperate freezer,   but its not massive,    by the time i get ice cream,   frozen veg,    a pack of frozen pastry,    there isnt room for all that meat,     and it would last a month,  6 weeks or more,   by the time you reached the end of the meat it would be pretty tasteless spending that long frozen,    i like to get enough for the fortnight,    then replenish,        so faar have heard nothing from safeway,   and put an order through last night for friday,    so will be interesting,  



Well Cats I have an order "sitting" here now ready to hit the "send" button and there is a new "Red Flag" type  Bar across the top of the page of the Meat section - explaining it all etc.   -   so I'm not sure how you have not heard/seen it yet?  :-) 

I always use the PRIVATE butchers for any meat I might buy which I might add is not a lot -- the BIG 2 have already done away with our Delis/fruit shops/bread shops and cake shops --

We have ' Delis/fruit shops/bread shops and cake shops' in our area

We used to have some beauties here but the Coles and Woolies saw them get shut down

Sad PlanB ... still heaps here and more opening.

PLAN B,   we have no private butcher anymore,   the last one closed its doors about 2 years ago,   which was a shame,  as lovely meat,   but with the high rents they pay,  they cant compete with the big 2 stores,   even fruit and veg stores have closed,   i am lucky i have the market,   so can get fresh veg and fruit,   even eggs,  

catsahoy -  Our local Butcher, Bush's Meats, which sold lovely fresh meats, closed down about 6 months ago, in the Stockland Mall . A new butcher shop has opened in it's place and sells only Halal  meats. We have no alternative but to shop in Coles or Woolworths.

.... there are some amazing Butchers in the South Melb. Market - do you ever buy from them Cats???

Cats, just a thought concerning your problem of not being able to find a thread in a hurry. I get over that by using  the " bookmark"' function in my computer 's browser which in my case is Firefox. I just save the thread I like and it goes into a " Library" I can then recall it any time I want and saves me time in having to search for it again and again. Or you might be able to store it somewhere else perhaps in a" favourites" section Is a simple process and saves a lot of frustration! If you are not familiar with this maybe get a relly to  help you.

I bookmark certain YLC topics too Sageman.

What bliss the spam has disappeared at the moment ... makes visiting the Meeting Place forum much more pleasant.

thank you SAGEMAN,   for that info,   ill try it and see if its any better,     im not very smart with computers,   and not sure i know how to 'bookmark '    something,   but ill try,   


Oh what a bloody joke ............ Westpac emails me today  - we are changing your Login details - we are REMOVING`your/our keypad (for online banking)  where u used to type in your privacy code!!  Yeah right?

So? ................................ now I have to wait for you to tell me what the new "rules" for logging into my banking are?  FFS!!!  I am done with this crap!!!   

Sticks Westpac into the BIN!!!   

Yes ring the BAnk -- make sure the info is fair dinkum -- so many cons out there today


Yes a lot of scammers out there .... on email, ordinary mail, phone and internet.

Image result for beware of scammers

Appears to be genuine ... here's their webpage about the change.

Thanks for all the advice  - but it is as RnR says -  a genuine Westpac notification re the  "change" .....    :-)  

LOL Foxy ... good advice though, I get at least 5-6 similar emails a month notifying me of changes to my accounts or access in banks I don't even have accounts with.

I have an account with Westpac and have not received an email to that effect ???

be careful foxy,    on the news last week how people are being tricked into giving nfo ,re their banking details,    through your phone,  i know you are smart,    and know what goes on,  but people are being conned and losing money  they dont realise is gone until they get a statement,     all this technology is great, in one respect,   but it is causing a lot of other problems as not everyone is tech savvy,   and these scammers are so clever,        i for one am NOT very smart when it comes to all this new techo stuff,    but i dont do any banking with my mobile,    and not enough there for anyone to worry about,     but it pays to be careful,  

 ......   thanks Cats!  It's "genuine"    :-) 

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