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'STICK IT IN THE BIN' !! (what "IRKS" you?)

lol - have to laugh - on Fox 101.9 the Dan n Maz "Drive Home" Show pm Thurs./Fri.  have a crazy segment called "Stick it in the Bin"! K  They get listeners to call in with whatever they "hate/drives 'em crazy"  etc. etc  and then they "Stick it in the Bin" - i.e. -  Rubbish - Gone Forever - Zilch! lol 

Let's just get away from all the angst in the world and have some fun with 'STICK IT IN THE BIN" !!!   :-)

P.S.  For the few on here who "love to hate me" lol  - I have already put myself in the bin for you! lol lol lol can remain "anonymous"!!!!!   :-)

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..... am taking "Woolies" outta' the bin (temporarily) .... not getting tooooo carried away - yet ......

Last 6 x tomatoes were simply amazing!  Tasted like tomatoes used to taste!  Not all frozen and tasteless like they normally are......

..also - my $35 Happy Xmas/New Year "gift" from them (off next online shop) - sorry Cats - did you eventually get yours??

...and the ham slices I received were also faultless!  (not like the normal slimy plastic tasting ones...)....makes me wonder why I shop there? lol            and..........

..if anyone told me years ago that I'd be "banging on" about such stupid stuff as "tomatoes and ham" ....... I would have told them they were crazy!!   :-) 

Good on you Foxy -- getting the  "gift" I order from them every wek and never got any gift either

Well this is quite strange that this $35 (to be used prior to 29/1) was not "across the board" with all their online shoppers?

A good friend of mine who only lives 15 mins. from me (in the next suburb) didn't get one either?  I was thinking this:  Maybe it is not perhaps "how much you pay per week/fortnight" -  but possibly when a person first joind/got their "first" online shop delivered???

I can't recall exactly - but I think I started approx. in 2011 or maybe late 2010?  I know it wasn't long after it all came into service.

I only started the online shopping last year Foxy

NO FOXY,   i got nothing,   nadda,   nix,   you must be a favourite of theres,   i wouldnt mind if i only gave them piddling little orders,   but i never order under $200,    it is normaly nearer $300,   but i get nothing,   i dont even get the emails that you say you get,     


Hey Cats ...... no idea why?  Are you a member of their "Everyday Rewards" ?  The "orange" card that gives you $$$'s off your shop etc. - after you accumulate "x" number of points??

I get at least one email from them per day (have done for years) with all their "special offers"?  

Maybe it's your "store" where your groceries are "picked" from?  Not sure?? ......  maybe I can find out "why" .....?

YES FOXY,   have the orange card,   have been a member since it started,    but NEVER get an email from them,    even coles,  where i only shop occasionaly,   send me emails,        BUT,   INTO THE BIN with SAFEWAY today,    not often i do a mid week order,   but a couple of things i needed,  ordered the TV week,    THEY SENT ME LAST WEEKS,     have it,    so on the phone again,    FOXY,    do you ever order meat from the deli,  ?   you mentioned ham,    how do you get , say,   300gm of something  in the order,    it always comes up ikg,   and dont need a kg of ham,  [or any cold meat]      i dont want it often,    but handy if someone coming for sandwiches,   



OK .... where it comes up showing 1 KG.  you "click" on it then clear it with ya' back space key.....  and type in what you want.......

 I usually go for say 4 or 5 (wiith ham)  ....  i.e. 1/2 kg.  (5)  .....that gives you a reasonable amount - without needing to freeze it!  You can freeze portions to suit yourself anyway if you do opt to purchase the whole 1kg.     :-) 

I note the Bosses at LC have not yet fixed the PM problem as yet

NO Plan b,    i checked before i came on,   i dont know why,    i know it is the I,T, dept that does that,   but they should be back,   i was told it would be done by last monday,  PUTTING workmen in the bin,    BIG TIME,    ordered a new air con,    last november,  [i couldnt stand anothr year like last]    i was promised it would be instaled by christmas,   still waiting,    they say they ran out of units?     what the?   

Yes Cats --- when I had my A/C  installed  in my bedroom I ordered it in the Sept/Oct as I knew they would be out of them by the time the hot weather got here-- they are soon sold out

Good luck with getting it before the end of Summer

HI PLAN B,   i had a call from air con people,  they have promised it will be installed by the 17TH,    so waiting with high hopes,   couldnt handle another year like last,    

Ah SO please for you Cats -- they are so good in this awful heat



..... how utterly appalling!!!!!   Words fail me ............ (for once!!!) 

no wonder she is smiling,    leaches,   all of them,  

LOL - good one Cats .... 

The old Guy with the walking stick? What was his occupation?

Why would it matter Adrianus?  he sure would not have been a politician.

Pensioners don't even get $698 a WEEK!


I would think it would matter a lot if we knew, because it seems to matter what Bronny is getting? We know nothing of the old man on the left, other than he apparently has an OAP. Yet we know Bronny has had a lifetime of service to the Australian people, similarly Bob Brown who I suspect is on the same level of benefit? Maybe he was a convicted bank robber who spent 40 years in gaol? Then when he went to the shoe box buried under the tree, discovered the worms had eaten all his money?  This may account for his lack of savings and welfare dependency? I dont know? Its as good a bs story as Labor's. Oh gee, the worms ate my home work? Now who said that?

You stated that

' Bronny has had a lifetime of service to the Australian people,'

She was in Parliment for not quite 30 years -- she used her time in there like ALL politicians and robbed us blind

-- the OLD bloke would have maybe worked 45 years AT least and paid his taxes -- do not surmise about the pic of the OLD bloke he is representing   'Aged Pensioners'

The only other place I can find that image is on a Twitter post by Jaqui Lambie from 23 Oct 2017 entitled:

"A former serving member of the ADF vs a former politician"

Thank you for clearing that up PlanB. Only 30 years in Parlaiment? eh? That makes all the difference LOL



Well I was correct in sticking that Craig McLaughlin into the bin a few months ago!!!

Vic. Police have charged him today on several "sexual counts" and he is due in the Magistrates Court here in Melbourne in February!!

He is still spruiking his "innocence" ...but like Harvey "Whiner" U.S.)   ... he is just another celebrity who thought he was "big" enough in the public eye to get away with it!!

 News reported tonight that 8 women have now come forward ..... and it is expected that possibly more will (now that he has been charged) ..... as they know they will be "listened to"!  

Big YAYYYY for the cops!!  

P.S. Just got an email from the Herald Sun (tomorrow's paper tonight.....haha )   big headline on front page ............

                            "LACHY HORROR SHOW"

Clever!  :-) 

I heard the charges against Harvey Whiener were dismissed by the judge?

he may well be guilty,  but WHY do all these women have to come out after the event, [which in this case,  was a few years ago]      doesnt any one of them have the balls to say when it happened,   ?     i am all for womens lib,  and equality,   but if this happened to me,  [and it did when i was younger,  many times]    but i did something at the time,      one complaint and they come out of the woodwork,     im no fan of MC LAUCHLIN,  ,   but i just cannot understand why?     one maybe,   who was to timid to come forward,     but they are coming out in droves,  

Guess you have to be in that awful position to really know what you may or may not do Cats?

I'm thinking it may be hard to report these men at the time it happened - due to the fact you are in the middle of a production - do you want to lose your job - do you want to maybe NOT be believed and do you maybe "ruin your own career in theatre/movies" etc. by blowing the whistle?

These jobs are not easy to come by as there are so many auditioning for them .....

Plus you would be in "shock" - kinda' like - "whoooaaa did this really just happen?" ..............

catsahoy, you may find your answer by investigating the true meaning of equality. I dont blame these women for wanting revenge. The victims may have unfinished business as they attempt to rationalise and reconcile the effects of being in a situation they could not control. A young person's risk/reward analysis is not blessed with the benefit of hindsight, or an implied verbal contract can always leave both parties short changed. Either way, you make a good point.  

What about the women who from the outset refused to entertain any advance and missed out on work and likely had to forgo a budding career?  Wouldn't they be angry at both the Harveys and the (adult) women who went along with the game, including by flirting?

Moral/ethical problems are not confined to women as sex objects.  Ask any CFO about CEOs who think that the organisation exists for their benefit, their private fiefdom and the challenges for staff, finance staff especially, that arise.  What about the excesses of politicians, male and female?

Yes possibly the main reason not to come forward at the time. Having a couple of harvey wallbangers and operating heavy machinery is now frowned upon.

FOXY,   ADRIANUS,   yes,  i can understand that some may have felt there job was threatened,  if they said anything , at THAT time,   but surely,  after that particular job,  you would find someone to tell,  and take action then,   but some of these complaints go back 10/20 years,   dont tell me they are traumatised all that time and say nothing,?     MOST of these women are proffesionals,  who have been around the traps for some time,    ssurely they know how to handle these situations,   there is always a director,    a producer,   other members of staff,    someone,  anyone,   to tell what happened,    i can understand a VERY young girl  being afraid of speaking out,   but all these women?    NO,   jumping on the bandwagon,  i think,    one of the women was his co star in ROCKY HORROR,     that is NOT a show for wimps,     she knew before she did the show what it was about,      in todays paper,  one said he went into her dressing room naked,       THROW HIM OUT,     you dont have to stand there and look,   open the door,  out you go joe,   simple,    or JUST SCREAM,    someone will come,    


I do feel that a lot of us dealt with such situations ourselves in those days. But in most cases we weren’t having to worry about losing our jobs.

sticking SAFEWAY  back into the bin, AGAIN,     tried to put an order through yesterday,    nearly everything i tried to get was showing UNAVAILABLE,     why advertise if they cant provide ,    morons,   i am well and truly pi/// off,    there is no service anywhere anymore,  send two card,  [in the one envelope,   to grandsons on the 2nd of january,    to port cook,    still not there,     what is wrong with service,  ? 

... thought Auspost did pretty well this Xmas?  My deliveries came on time and their tracking service was great!  Mind you - send something that's a bit outta' their "comfort zone" and then you in trouble took longer than expected tho' ....... recent encounter with dear ole' Woolies....... haha

Went to the next beach suburb Wed. this week to quickly visit a friend ...on way back decided I'd pop into her "local Woolies" to grab a couple items friend always raving how "wonderful" her Woolies is ....  

It's biggggggggggggggggggggg - huge - mega!  So big that even tho' heaps of people in there - still looked almost empty...nice.....until

... I asked at Deli. counter for 6 x Chicken Satay Kebabs ...

Ohhhh says woman - we don't have any today......

Hmmmm ok - well I will have 6 x sweet chilli marinade ones then plse.....?

Ohhhh says woman - don't have those either -  truck carrying kebabs broke down early this morning so we don't have any kebabs at moment BUT if you come back after 2.30pm today - we will have some.......

Errr no thanks - I won't be here then .....

So I think I will then ask for a "definite" substitute....a Roast Chicken!! ..... :-) yeah - can't go wrong with that surely? 

Ohhhh says woman - we don't have any Roast Chickens either - we are waiting for our Rotisseries to be serviced today!  NO chickens 'til early tomorrow morning!!!

Ffs??  Seriously?  Is this "Mad Wed." and no one has told me?  Geeeeez .......

I got whatever else I needed and left thinking:  What is wrong with a company the size of Woolies that they cannot get their Rotisseries serviced after the store closes?? Bring in the maintenance crews etc. from midnight to 6am (to do anything - anything that needs fixing) - not like they don't make enough profit from all of us who shop there?

Also - thought later - there was no "roast chook smell" at Deli - so maybe should have twigged? lol 

...back into the BIN (for now) .....  pathetic!

foxy,    same on the delivery,   first time ever,  [or that i had noticed]    they had BBQ chickens for $10,      thought id make it an easy dinner and get one,    SORRY,   none today,    they had no tomatoes  by the kg,   only way to get them,   buy them by ONE EACH,   for 65c,      nice little earner for them if someone want a dozen or so,    went to coles got a kg of truss,   for $2,50c,     

That election advertisement allegedly by Labor is fake news. It is wedge-driving spin fomenting class war jealousy and hatred.  What a way to create divisions in society :(

Bronwyn Bishop is receiving her parliamentary superannuation and is no different to Labor and Greens senators or ex-MHRs.

There is presently a thread on seniors being susceptible to fake news.  A number of us have (unwisely it seems) defended seniors as competent adults who can think for themselves and generally speaking, sort the wheat from the chaff. However, some replies here prove that where there is existing prejudice people can persuade themselves of anything, no matter how stupid and deficient of evidence (as in obvious fake news!) that fits with that distorted view of the world.

With the rare exception (I cannot name one but some may exist!), politicians are largely the same where their remuneration and benefits are concerned.  Only recently the High Court thankfully rejected a claim from retired politicians for a boost to their already very generous entitlements.  The claim was from retired Labor politicians Barry Cunningham, Tony Lamb and Barry Cohen and Liberal John Moore.

The claim was opposed by the government.  There is no mention of any criticism of the challenge by Bill Shorten, Chris Bowen, Tanya Plibersek, Penny Wong et al.  None from the Greens either. 

How about that :(

I agree LJ, the collective view of the world has been distorted somewhat since the invention of identity politics and its ultimate objective of divisiveness. This is the main reason I personally have turned off Labor because I dont have confidence they can govern for all people. 


I was a bit sharp in my criticism, but it was well intended.  However,  the public ought be excused somewhat for switching off after the disgusting fear and fake news campaign waged against them by all of the established political parties.  I would much prefer that we didn't have the personality politics and presidential style of election that give the tabloids and cynical politicians what they want.  

A robust BS detector is needed for all of the political and social commentaries in the media. I want the old Aunty back too.

Yes I agree ALL politicians Lab OR Lib get same pensions -- AND they don't have to wait till they are 67 either -- AND they can also hold another WELL PAID job as well

Image result for #him too movement


The movement to support true equality between men and women and to put an end to false allegations.



Yes, Ray, I am sure it also happened to blokes as well

Yes it does happen to blokes too, but there seems to be one big difference, they are immediately believed while women have to go through it with a large number of people questioning the validity of their claims.  I personally think there are many, many women who choose to say nothing.  I applaud the ones with the courage to face the inevitable disbelief.

Terry Crews, actor and male sexual harrassment victim, joined the me-too movement.  He had this to say when asked about his experience ...

"First of all, I was believed immediately," Crews says.

"You can go through the most high-profile cases, from Harvey Weinstein to Bill Cosby, all the way up to the President of the United States.

"Most of these women have to go on and on, and tell the story over and over and over, to get someone [to believe them]. And then you have to have probably 10 more women to come forward in order for the first person to be believed.

"When I came out, immediately everybody was like 'OK, we believe you Terry', right away. I think it shouldn't be that way."


Link to full article here ...


Ok - don't mind watching a bit of the Aust. Open ...but am sick already with the longgggg lead up to tonight's matches!

If I see another interview with the ball girls/boys ..... argh spare me - pathetic!

Anyway am here to stick  ROGER FEDERER  into the Bin!!

What a whimpy wanky dweeb he has become lately?  Old fashioned hairstyle - rarely wears "cool gear" on court and is always "tearing up/crying" when interviewed?  Also cries when he loses - cries when he wins .....what is wrong with the guy??

Also I saw him interviewed about how he thought he was going to be late arriving but "thanks to the his private plane he just made it in time"!!  Ohhh phuleeeeze ......get over ya'self ..... make the most of it!  All these young players now in the mix -  you will soon be "Roger Hasbeen"!

Good luck this season Fed. but into the bin you go ........!!!!


Hahahaa ... knew I stuck the "Fed" into the bin for a reason one week ago ........

...last night he lost to the "new kid on the block" - 20 year old Stefanos T. (Greece)...what a nail biting match that was......I'm not super big on watching the Tennis but thought that I would last night - just in case Federer got beaten!!  He did!!!!

Federer gave the crowd a weak wave as he left the court and didn't bother to stop to sign any autographs (like he normally does) ....pathetic!  He also got visibly "upset" towards the end of the game 'cause he was losing! HA

Poor "sportsmanship" IMO - just go away and do what you do best "cry"!! 

Soooo glad Stefanos won!!!   :-)


HERE goes ASSIE POST into the bin,    posted two cards to my grandsons,     on 2nd of january,     with xmas mail,   should have reached POINT COOK,    in 3 days max,    according to aussie post,       reached there today,    took 12 days,,      TODAY,    i recieved a parcel from HONG KONG,    posted 2 DAYS AGO,      aussie post need to lift there game,  

Just remembered Cats your A/C will be done tomorrow -- yippee for you!   Going to be 39 here tomorrow and that on the coast --- and I have to go to the dentist -- darn

... least Dentists have air-con .....(helps take away their "garlicky breath" from their dinner the night prior!  Errkkkkkk ...... lol lol     pooooor you..........  I feel for ya'  :(

PLAN B,    good luck with the dentist,  hope its nothing to dramatic,    WELL,    the AIR CON is not here,       and no phone call to say where it is,      better get here quick,   i cant handle another delay,    want your money quick enough,     but service,   i fear is a thing of the past,  

'Thanks for your good wishes for the Dentist --


Cats what a bugga -- about your A/C -- I do hope they get it to you very soon -- have you rung them?

All well at the Dentist had a small filling


Did you get your A/C in yet Cats?

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