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'STICK IT IN THE BIN' !! (what "IRKS" you?)

lol - have to laugh - on Fox 101.9 the Dan n Maz "Drive Home" Show pm Thurs./Fri.  have a crazy segment called "Stick it in the Bin"! K  They get listeners to call in with whatever they "hate/drives 'em crazy"  etc. etc  and then they "Stick it in the Bin" - i.e. -  Rubbish - Gone Forever - Zilch! lol 

Let's just get away from all the angst in the world and have some fun with 'STICK IT IN THE BIN" !!!   :-)

P.S.  For the few on here who "love to hate me" lol  - I have already put myself in the bin for you! lol lol lol can remain "anonymous"!!!!!   :-)

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........ long overdue (once again) .....  sticking Woolies back into the bin!!!

This past week:    Fish (tasteless/disgusting) - Lettuce (like limp plastic)  - Tomatoes (frosty and hollow inside) - small washed potatoes - 100 years old! (or close to......) .....chicken breasts the size of a small Emu - and banana's that tasted like they been for a swim in chlorine?  

Good one Woolies!!!  

OH DEAR FOXY,    it is dissapointing when your order goes wrong,   i ordered fron safeway,  but only a small order,  bits and pieces,    i went to the shop and picked my meat out,  only reason i didnt do coles again,  was i had enough points to get $30 of my order,  so thought i may as well get it,   but next week ill do coles again,    only because of the meat situation,    its funny,   because the PORT MLBOURNE  coles always have legs of lamb for $16/18,    but i only go to PORT when i have to see doc,   and it is out of my way,       im sick of the price of potatoes,    hopefully with the rain they say we are getting,    things might get better,   but would think they would give you the best they have,   

lol - thanks!  There are far more important things in life (by the mile...far more) however I just had a gutful of their consistently poor quality produce - it costs enough!!  

I agree that the Vegs and fruit we are getting is atrocious --no taste no juice and is NOTHING like it should taste and did taste decades ago -- AND it lasts far longer than it should like the apples I got and they lasted for over 2 months without going bad  and even when cut and left did not go brown --          ( I kept these a few time to test them)

lol - you keeping the apples - reminded me of the guy in the U.S. who kept a McDonalds hamburger for years and it still looked the same!  You seriously have to wonder what is in some of our food these days .......and what we are unaware of.


Yep, Foxy I did it last year as well so it isn't just a one-off Woolies and Coles act dumb when you question them about it.

Next time I will be taking a knife and be cutting oranges in half to see if they are as dry as the ones I have been buying are -- and also talking something to wipe an apple and have a taste too -- of course if they are OK I will be paying for the ones I have opened and buy more -- but if they are not I will be having a word to the manager there and then

the mandarines i got from SAFEWAY last week  were like marbles,   they were so small,     MANGOS are back,   yummy,    


... hmmm - there are only really three fruits that I really don't like or ever buy...Mango - Kiwi Fruit and Passionfruit .......oh and a couple of Chinese fruits I tried (very sweet n sickly) can't remember their name?

Wonder whatever happened to redcurrants and blackcurrants and gooseberries?  Not "trendy" anymore I guess?

My mandarins were tiny also but very nice,

hi foxy,   my veg werent to bad this week,   lettuce was fine,   as the pumpkin,  but POTATOES,    $10 for a bag,   3KG,    bloody outrageous,      and very little meat coming up to order,    $34 for 2 t bone steaks,   i dont know whether to eat them or frame them,lol,   

lol - frame 'em Cats!  Be nice to look at in a years time to remember what they were actually like!   :-)

 Charlton Hestons "Soylent Green" coming up!!!  Whoever wrote that book/movie in the early 1970's musta' had a crystal ball!!!

I LOVE Passionfruit Mangoes are OK like oranges for juice, but of late they have been dry and hard and small --Apples and pears but haven't had a decent one in years -- there were some great big Manderines a few years back but never seen them again they were great -- also the Queen Garnet Plums -- they were super but once again never seen them for a few years either --   I only buy in season and never buy imported stuff


 .... sticking Little Johnny Howard "Hasbeen" into the bin!!!

I could not believe how rude he was to that young female reporter who asked him if he thought that maybe someone in the Lib. party had anything to do with the email stating Karen Phelps had HIV ......

How did the Libs. get hold of so many "voters private emails"?  That's what I'd like to know .......

Boy am I with you Foxy re Howard what scum bag he is -- and a war criminal too how many have lost their lives due to him and Bush -- nasty horrid scum of a thing he is -- yes I saw that nasty remark -- sounded like a guilty deinal to me

In the bin and shut it tight!!!!!!!!!!!!


... lol - yeah and tip all of Woolies rotten fruit/vegetables on top!!

Be interesting when whoever was responsible for that nasty email is exposed!  Can't wait for that one .....

I hear also in the media that "Barnaby Beetroot" is on the "come-back" trail?  Another "scumbucket" that should have been left in the bin!!!

Barnaby Beetroot!  LOL funny one Foxy.

I guess if Phelps the Independant wins we could have a 'short cut' to a new election!

never like JOHN HOWARD,     lol,  i did read today that BARNABY might be back,   good lord,    WHO WILL MIND THE BABY, ?     this whole goverment is going /gone to pot,   i dont think any of them would know the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the bum,    pathetic lot,       i dont normaly get involved   with politics,    but nothing positive is coming from any of them,   all they want to do is make it seem like they are thgrowing money [that they dont have]   around , on things that are of  no consequence to the average voter,  

Karen Phelps indeed has won!   Parliament will be interesting, I wonder how long before there is a sweep out of the cobwebs.  [election]


... Yay!  I did not see/hear Morriscums speech but internet has this:-

Quote:  "Morrisons speech was without humility, intelligence or any understanding of the enormity of his governments multiple failures..........."

FOXY,   solyent green was a good movie,    makes you wonder,    if the population keeps growing at the rate it is,   it may be closer than we think,  

Good luck Dave, you've got one of the best backing you!

Image result for picture of dave sharma, john howard and scott morrison together


Yeah, he was so great that even his own electorate got rid of him. John Howard was despised by so many Aussies in the end because of all of his ‘divide and conquer’ tactics. He did a lot of damage to our country.... and the Liberal Party, in carrying on with his dirty style is now destroying itself from the inside out. You have to admit, the Lib/Nats are WOEFUL and I hope the electorate of Wentworth does us all a big favour today by putting Karen Phelps in power and the Coalition on notice.

Stick the “royal tour” in the bin

sickening to see the public fawning and Meghan following Harry around like a puppy dog as he fulfills his oh so demanding (puke) obligations of his multimillion dollar job for contributing sweet f.a. 

Awwwwwww ........  bit "savage" ........ poor ole' Harry and Megs!  

Personally I like them both.  Pity the Royals were not like this 50 odd years ago.   But I do agree that the monarchy needs to change, more like the Danish royals.           Don't agree that public upon meeting the royals should curtsy or bow.      That belongs in the dark ages, you can put the bowing and cowtowing in the bin for sure. 

Reminds me of the movie King and I.

The alternative is Australia's problem, what will we replace them with?

Did anyone watch 4 Corners on Monday night ABC 29th Oct  all about the Royals  -- very interesting and IS my opinion of them -- although Harry And Meghan sure did come over VERY well while they were out here

Woolies!  Again!     


......"peeled and packed in Thailand"  .................    Boooooooooooooooo ....  !!!

Wow, Foxy,  I saw where Tassie was sending their fish etc over to Asia to have it cleaned sent back here -- HOW THE HELL CAN THEY BE FRESH OR EVEN HYGENIC!?

My point exactly!  Glad I read the smaller print!!

not surprised FOX,   what DOESNT come from china?      a lot of the fish in safeway looks a bit suss,   i wouldnt buy it,    lucky i have the market,   

... yes you are so lucky to have that market so close to you ......the fruit n veges when I went earlier this year were fantastic!

 I went into one of the stalls on the Main St. side of the market (is it Clarendon? Moray?) you'd know ...spent $20 and we could hardly carry it - got so much.... was lovely too  :-) 

... this is a real "binner" !!!!

6pm News (TV) last night!  Creep who used the dating App. "Tinder" - and raped 3 women and sexually assaulted another (4 in total) ...and whom Police stated in court "was a danger to ALL women if given  bail" ......

...was immediately RELEASED ON BAIL ......walked from court court date for "supposed sentencing"???    MARCH 2019 !!!  This scumbucket now has 6 months of "freedom" to go back on "Tinder" etc. etc.  - before a "possible" jail term!  Pathetic!!

No wonder the cops just about giving up ............... these bloody magistrates are a joke!!!!  Wonder if the creep would get bail if was one of magistrate's family/friends?? 


Whats wrong with these Magistrates -- or do they get up to the same sort of thing themselves -- I have heard that they have some very strange sexual habits

No wonder we have so many getting away with SO much!

... just out of interest - there were letters from readers in today's "Herald-Sun" paper stating exactly what we both thought!   :-)

Wow Foxy any chance of you posting it here?

Nah -  sorry - not as smart as you!  lol .......  working on it for 2019 tho' - my NY Resolution    :-) 

Stick this fashion trend of darn Florals in the bin -- oh boy how I hate floral in dress materials, so dowdy -- they have gone back to the 40s &  50s  YUCK!


PlanB - I noticed in Westfield yesterday a Baby Clothes Shop which had dresses for new borns which had the dowdiest colours I have ever seen. Olive Green with Pink flowers, they looked  like they were cut out of old curtains my Mother used to have in the Kitchen, way back in the 50's, with head-bands to match. And they were not cheap as well. I'm with you in that respect of fashion.



... take a look at    when you have a minute ...... "florals with a difference"  some of them are lovely  (well I think so - ) however....DO NOT PURCHASE!!!

This website is a Chinese SCAM site ........  how do I know?  Well I was going to purchase a top from them ....had the order form made out etc. etc. and when I saw "Delivery Charges" of $18.95 MINIMUM .....  I searched to find out where the hell these clothes were actually coming from as their postal charges were so exhorbitant!

The website does not mention the country of origin.

So.... I  "googled" the name etc. and up came the "Scam" website.....well - I spent the next hour just reading the awful things that had happened to people who had sent heaps of money blah blah to them - receiving "nothing" - or "disgusting clothes" (nothing like the pics!!)

Scam website people stated:  Pics. were from Vogue Magazine - other trendy fashion  mags. and also other people's clothing websites!!  

Chinese then tried to copy ... but -  bad sizing - inferior material - florals on clothing nothing like shown online - even garments totally "different" when received (that's if people ever received anything for their money!) .....

Cannot be "shut down" as of course is the "Internet"!   What a joke! .....

Those Chinese seem to have no conscience, they will do anything to make money. Only in Coles this morning a Chinese woman was stopped from taking two of those red carrying baskets filled with Baby powdered formula from the self serve checkout. Did she put on a scene?

thanks for the tip on that site FOXY,    another one,  not worth buying from,  is GROUPON,    i DO buy from them, but not clother,  [they have the flea drops,  for cats and dogs at MUCH lower prices ]   but one time they ad,  what looked like,    nice jackets,   i ordere two,   when they arrived they were so small,   would have fitted a child,   i contacted them,  and was told that was the biggest size,   [god help the small size]    must admit,  had no trouble with the refund,  but wouldnt order from overseas again,   i do order from MILLARS,  and SPORTSGIRL,    no trouble with sizing,   and a good range,   


.... into the BIN  BIN  BIN !!

That revolting new advertisement for NAB .........the houseful of "yuppies" all dressed in white (mostly male) all running around inside with babies/kids/dog  ... where the guy picks up the baby - smells it's "nappy" pulls a face and whisks the baby outta' the room!  Errrkkkk  ...... 

The whole 60 sec. ad. is "crap" !  

Haven’t seen it but yep, sounds crap.

lol - shall await your comment after you see it me - it is!

Baby nappy stink can really undo a man dressed in white. Can also undo a man dressed in grey, blue, black or any colour suit. Ha ha, I love baby nappy stink!

..... reaches for a "barf bag"!  GROSS !!

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