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'STICK IT IN THE BIN' !! (what "IRKS" you?)

lol - have to laugh - on Fox 101.9 the Dan n Maz "Drive Home" Show pm Thurs./Fri.  have a crazy segment called "Stick it in the Bin"! K  They get listeners to call in with whatever they "hate/drives 'em crazy"  etc. etc  and then they "Stick it in the Bin" - i.e. -  Rubbish - Gone Forever - Zilch! lol 

Let's just get away from all the angst in the world and have some fun with 'STICK IT IN THE BIN" !!!   :-)

P.S.  For the few on here who "love to hate me" lol  - I have already put myself in the bin for you! lol lol lol can remain "anonymous"!!!!!   :-)

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.. sticking into the bin ......

Daniel Andrews (Vic. Premier) and 'wannabe' Matthew Guy!   Both equally soooooo pathetic that the mind boggles!   Not much choice for the upcoming election!

Sent you a PM Foxy. Check your profile page.

THROW COLES lamb into the bin,    cooked a leg on sunday,   it was the toughest meat i have had in yonks,   hubby said his was ok,   maybe my teeth need sharpening,  lol   but it was tough,     with the price it is,    would expect better,   [back to safeway?

......  geez Cats - you win lotto or something?? Legs of lamb??? hahhaaaa - just teasing ya ..... isn't it supposed to be "tender Spring lamb" ....yeah right!

I am sick of supermarket meat but the butchers prices are thru' the roof - sky high in fact!

I passed a Gormet butcher's shop the other day - one customer in there ...staff all standing around .....maybe was just a "one off" - dunno?

I didn't try Coles given your experience with them.......what's the old saying' "better the devil you know than the devil you don 't?      lol ....... 

Back to Woolie Cats ......   :-) 

Legs of lamb in Woolies this week $32 each.

I thought we had a glut of lamb in this country?

Two chump chops or lamb steaks around $4 each.

Hate the new tray packs, they are so hard to open, I think I will go back to the smaller butcher for meat.

I've gone off red meat completely. I bought some extra lean beef sausages on Saturday and decided to cook them in my new griddle fry pan. Well they took ages to cook and I always slice them in half to make sure the centres are cooked. I was looking forward to having a couple but when I tried to bite into them the casing was so tough I couldn't chew them, I turfed them into the garbage. What a waste of money. This was Woolies. 

FOXY,   only reason i had a leg was that i went to PORT MELBOURNE store,    the one in south NEVER have cheap meat,   but for some reason , the PORT shop has them for $16 upwards,     my doctor is in port,  so whenever i see him,  i go for a wander to their coles,   usually COLES meat is better than SAFEWAY,   but this was a shocker,    but , the dog had lamb for a few days,  lol  YES,    it should be spring lamb, what annoys me is,   the poor farmers have been selling there stock at rock bottom prices,   but the supermarkets are charging top dollar,   someone is making a packet,  and its not the farmer,      we dont have a butcher left, in port or south,   so we have to use the supermarkets,     chickeen is cheap,   but i get sick of chicken,   we are not big meat eaters,   but i like to enjoy what i have,  


Yes Hola I am not a big fan of meat these days, the last two meals have been an egg salad, then last night I had a small lamb steak. The new packaging seems to have been made due to the rise in the price of meat I think.   Instead of a big tray pack of anything, they have made smaller vacuum packs where we shop.  I see the legs of lamb were not popular.  I guess they marinate them and then sell them off.

Have you tried Woolies honey/beef sausages Hola?

What we do is get  a larger tray pack and then divide the meat into smaller packages and put into the freezer.  I like to do this with the chicken tenderloins, I can then get a packet out with two tenderloins in and cook them and put them with a salad for lunch.



OK - I'm sticking this load of "doggy doo doo's" into the bin ..... !!!!

People in Melb. and Sydney are paying for VIP tickets costing $15,000 go into an auditorium to hear Charlie Sheen speak!!!!!  Hellloooooooooo ............. are these people nuts??

If you gave me a FREE ticket I wouldn't even go!!!   Media has it that he has lost most of his "wealth" when he dropped his bundle a few years ago ... and is trying desperately to recouperate his finances.... ....  what a ratbag!!     

Interesting how the majority of "has beens" come to Oz when down on their luck!  Never come near when they doing ok ..... lol 

Yes Foxy, have noticed the 'has beens' venturing out to Oz when nobody else will have them for some years.

It is even worse for West Australia!   

That piece of scum low life is Sheen!  -- some people must have more money than sense -- it would look better of them if they did some GOOD with a few quid instead.


Hmmm not quite sure what you mean - sorry?  These are Magistrates...mind you they are a weird bunch also!  :-)  

Charlie Sheen had a pack of "bimbo's" (all in their mid-twenties) move in with him (after his wife left him)......he also failed to tell 'em he was HIV positive!  (Wonder if his wife knew?)

He was also spending a reported $2,000+ per day on drugs and approx.  $20,000 per night on "high class" call-girls!  

                                             *      *      *

Well now how about this:-  I just "Googled" him and he was reportedly paid $1.8 million per episode for Two and a Half Men....and Forbes has his estimated wealth as at 2018 - $20 million!!

Sooooooo - wonder why the press in the past few days would suggest he was here to "boost" his "supposed" paltry bank balance??

I know you are supposed to only believe half of what you read?   lol lol 

Maybe $20 mill. to him is paltry?  

Just shows that that Sheen scum cares nothing about anything except himself -- and we let him in but refuse others that want to put a point forward -- even though their point may not be agreed with -- like the woman that was against vaccinations!?  Seems a bit strange to me --

no way i would pay to see CHARLIE SHEEN,   but,   STEPHEN FRY is doing a talk and tell next week,   i would go to see him,     a very interesting man,    i remember years ago, going to a talk by PETER USTINOV,       a very interesting evening,    also,   a very funny man,  

Yes Fry is a very interesting man


....... this guy - into the BIN!!

..... radio station Fox-FM had a "listener call-in" late afternoon on Halloween (31/10) ..... the DJ's asked people to call in who "hated" Halloween and if they did anything (pranks etc.) to the kids that came to their door......

 ....this guy called in and said:   He loves Halloween because every year he goes to the supermarket and buys punnets of baby Brussel Sprouts - which he then "chocolate coats" and sticks a icy-pole stick into them and hands them to kids!  He said the kids think it's a "lovely round chocolate on a stick".....yuk!!!

Which made me wonder afterwards ..... what a huge risk it is to let kids collect "goodies" from total strangers in the first place?  Some "sicko" could put anything in lollies/chocs. etc. surely?

Yes I agree it is a big risk with not knowing what stranger might put in the treats --- however must admit I had a chuckle about the Brussels Sprouts

.... lol - I did too at the time .... but did make me wonder afterwards!

My friends "grandie" went out for the first time with her Mother at the age of 4 (dressed as a Fairy Princess).....she said everyone was so lovely and gave the kiddies amazing "treats" - also many houses went to great lengths with fake cobwebs etc. - and some people opened the door with ghoulish masks on  -  apparently turned out a fun experience!

..... here's a huge "stick in the bin" .........      

I was browsing the site Yellow Octopus (a site of crazy mad and fun gifts) for people who have "everything" ......

Came across this ....... a large furry huntsman or tarantula spider - that is remote controlled!! Almost died when I saw it online!  This is the ONE thing in life that terrifies me the most as having lots of huge native tree's around my house get dozens of hunstmen in the summer months INSIDE!!

They normally are a "no show" until end Dec. early Jan. but this year I had a couple already in October!!  

I went online a couple years ago to see how to remove them easily (as I can't bring myself to vacuum them or kill them) ......and a stiff broom is the answer!!!  You get 'em on an upturned broom (bristles must be stiff - not soft) and once they cling to broom head - they become immobilised!! can then carry them thru' house and tip them into garden!  

Works every time!!  Yay for the internet!  :-)

You must live in a similar place to me Foxy

... yes - sounds like it!  I get the parrots passing thru' once a year - wild ducks - possums and a gorgeous magpie family that have lived here for years! Property is planted to be 100% "native" ........... less watering plus I loathe gardening anyway .....

Not to mention huge hunstsman spiders!  Shudder ........

hi FOXY,   i saw ad for the big spider,  [wasnt  yellow octopus,   never heard of that one,   ill go look,]   and thought at the time,   what a yuk present,   i know i shouldnt,  but i did have a laugh about the sprouts,   but poor kids,    i dont like halloween,   and my kids were never into it,   so didnt have to worry,  but you are right about kids going out alone,   never know who is behind those doors,  

.... another Melbourne Cup - another magnicent horse euthanised!!!  How very very sad ..........

In all the 'hype" of the winner/fashions/drunks/day in general - barely a mention was made on various "news" channels of the death of this poor horse!  Of course not!!  Why would anyone want to know? Might "spoil" their "fun day!

I have no idea how this can/did happen but - can anyone tell me please how a horse can break/fracture it's shoulder runnng in a race?

Also the TWO jockeys that have been banned now for a number of races -  were fined heavily for "excessive use of the whip"!!  Due to complaints the Racing Industry "slowed down"  the footage and in a 3 MIN. race - showed one jockey whipping the horse 35 TIMES!!   Disgusting!

This "rich people's" sport is so insidious it makes me sick!  ...........  INTO THE BIN !!!!

Were you there??? Why tell untruths???

Jockeys are allowed to whip five times prior to the 100m mark, but Bowman reportedly whipped Marmelo 12 times, not 35 like you so falsely reported.

I think one whipping is too much and like many others are calling for a ban on the whip. But there is no need to lie Foxy!!!!!!!!

I think Foxy made an honest mistake .

Bowman has been suspended for 35 meetings for excessive whipping 

understandable mistake for someone who does not follow the cruel sport 

there was no need for such a rude response 

I am with you 100% Foxy Horse racing is so bloody cruel -- and no one gives a hoot about anything but fashion fame and money --the whole thing disgusts me --  they wouldn't care about the poor Horse that was in agony and had to be put down --why whip at all -- Cruel,cruel cruel!

While you're chomping on your bit of steak, think about this

tail docking - Around 9% of farmers still routinely dock the tails of their dairy cows despite evidence that it's totally unnecessary. The painful procedure is performed without anaesthetic. Shortening the tail prevents the cow from protecting herself against fly bites.

Yes Reagan,  just another horrid human thing we do -- I would LOVE to have the ability to castrate and dock parts off these people that do this

... thank you very much Lothario - yes -  my mistake - it was 35 meetings .... apologies!

However for such a rude angry and uncalled for response by Regan to an honest mistake -  would perhaps suggest he/she has some underlying mental issues that need to be addressed professionally? 

I agree with you about horse racing Foxy. It’s a cruel sport glorifying human greed and narcissistic posing. Very sad about the horse that was injured and destroyed. 

I agree with you about Reagan too. Seems he can’t help himself...any opportunity to bully, attack, harass, he’s into it...sick stuff!

Stop talking to yourself Robiconda. Your secret is out!

Robiconda  is not talking to herself,    i am listening,     YOUR a bully reagan,     

Thanks Cats.

Reagan, your bullying is BORING. Do you really think people are interested in your nasty nonsense? Have some self-respect and give it a break.

  ATE to say this,   but into the bin with CROWN CASINO,   and A STAR IS BORN,      was really looking forward to seeing it,    but found NOTHING in it that appealed to me,    LOVE the B,S,   K,K,  version,   but this left me cold,      FIRST,    CROWN CASINO,    certainly made a profit on the day,   we drove round and round,   and NO car parks were open EXCEPT ONE,     charging a flat rate of $50,     WE HAD to park in there,   and then walked about 3 miles to get to the cinemas,    THEN miles back to get out,   if we had realised,    we could have left the car at my house,   and got a cab,    i am only 5 minuets from CROWN,   BUT the car parking fees were just greed,     i feel like wrighting to the paper about them,    

Cats, that parking fee was extortionate! I would have been mad too. I wasn’t greatly rapt in “A Star Is Born” either but today I saw “Bohemian Rhapsody” and LOVED IT. The guy who played Freddy Mercury deserves an Oscar. Queen has always been one of my favourite bands and Freddy Mercury was one of the most talented singers ever! He was only 45 when he died from SAD...but he left the world the gift of his remarkable talent.

Oh sorry to hear that Cats ..... also I thought we were overcharged at Crown in March - cost $39.00 for about 4 hours (parking).....but were near a door which went onto the restaurant level.......

It's kinda' like pot luck because you never know what level or where you really are in the complex (from the carparking levels) -  least with a cab or an Uber they'd drop you at the front entrance!

You know what to do next time!   :-)  

TROUBLE is,   i think ROBI,    no one else wants to talk to him,   so takes his frustrations out on the posters here,   bully boy that he is,   

TROUBLE is,   i think ROBI,    no one else wants to talk to him,   so takes his frustrations out on the posters here,   bully boy that he is,   

Yeah Cats. Into the bin with him and all bullies!


... yeah and pour a load of wet cement on top!  Horror movies always depict it's hard to bury "evil" though ......they always have a way of popping back up!  ..... hahaha

I have been to crown before,  and usually plenty of parking places,   which lead you into the part you want to go,  but this was the only one open,    i wouldnt have minded so much,   but daughter had paid top dollar to go gold class,   then the parking on top,    i offered to pay it, but of course she wouldnt let me,       then to cap it of,   i didnt like the movie,   [but didnt tell her, of course,  ]  i really fancy the QUEEN one,    and will go next week,  to the city and see it,     watched the specials on ch,9 last week,    i think that will be good,       i had pre ordered STAR at j,b, last week,   as i was sure id like it, but will cancel,    maybe its because i like the B,S,  version so much,  i couldnt see any good in this one,    but whatever,   didnt float my boat,   

Sorry you didn't like the movie Cats. Sometimes when they do a remake it's never the same. I'm looking forward to seeing the Queen film, I've always liked their music.

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