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The person with the Username 'SUZE" has decided to help herself to my previous username "FLEUR" and a version of the Fleur de lis emblem which I used as my avatar...

In order to prevent any confusion regarding comments made on the forum...please note my Username is THEA and I now have a different version of the Fleur de lis emblem as below...

Dated 12th August 2017

I have no idea why this was done and for the life of me cannot understand the thinking behind it...




Please note if you see any comments with this avatar..


and the username of FLEUR...

it is not THEA...but actually the user who used to be "SUZE"



Stolen ?

is this a site for primary school girls. 

Is there another Suze pretending to be me?


I see Suze's little game is over. She has decided to revert to her own avatar and username.

Now I know what  you are prepared to do to cause confusion on the forum SUZE..I shall be taking note...

Yes it seems her game is over for now Thea, but we shall be keeping an eye on you SUZE!!!


                                    Have a peaceful Sunday everyone...

Thea 13.8.17


Image result for past actions are like ghosts they come back to haunt quotes


See my post on Robi's thread "Crucial labor meeting on gay...."

Have a great Sunday.


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