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'Out of our control': WA Premier calls for federal support as 25 New Zealand travellers arrive in Perth 

Premier Mark McGowan has called for better management of the trans-Tasman travel bubble after 25 travellers from New Zealand arrived unannounced at Perth Airport without exemptions, just two days after the arrangement that excludes WA was put in place.

The 24 adults have been placed in hotel quarantine in Perth while one child is with a family member "somewhere in Perth" which Mr McGowan said was a "quarantine arrangement" often made for young children rather than placing them in a hotel room for two weeks.

It is unclear at this stage if the travellers are New Zealand citizens, dual citizens or Australian expats.

The one-way travel bubble agreement from New Zealand to New South Wales and the Northern Territory began on Friday.

Mr McGowan said the arrivals were unexpected and called for better management from federal government with taking in overseas travellers.

"Managing people coming from overseas is difficult, we would like further assistance from the Commonwealth," he said.

"We picked these people up on our app, our G2G app."

Mr McGowan said it wasn't an ideal situation, especially as the latest arrivals meant West Australians in "more vulnerable" locations would be displaced because of it.

"These people will come off our international arrival cap, so that means we'll have 25 people less coming from more vulnerable locations as a consequence of this," he said.

"This is not an ideal situation, we would prefer better management of these arrangements but this is something that has happened that is outside our control."






Who'd wanna go to Perth?  Trolls still live there don't they?  .... 

Not meant to go into quarantine anyway coming from N.Z.  Looks like your State Premier is as inept as Victoria's just jealous you never got 55?  haha   Both airports should have had Border Control personnel there in the first place - simple!

ScoMo is doing a great job - would do even better if the Feds. had control of Australia and not these "power freaks" of State Premiers! 





Don't worry me no think they'd welcome any omnivores in WA, they want to keep it pest free - two hardworking premiers

COAG meeting: Leaders yet to agree to migration cut number



Sco Mo cant protect our national borders.  Thank god we have flexability in a crises to have real people who care about the health and welbeing of the people rather than the economy.

Sco Mo is a do nothing PM.  Like Nero who fiddled when Rome burned he sunbaked on a tropical island while Australia burned. He is entitled to a holiday but why not let anybody know he was going on leave and that big mac was inc harge? When asked by the ABC reporter big mac could not answer or did not know he was in charge? Some government!

Now he has committed the worst act oct of bastardry on the states since federation by allowing these NZ travelers to visit anywhere in Australia while locals cant enjoy the same freedom. What a guy!

Morrison is all talk -- and a typical salesperson -- BS all the way,  as are all of the libs and have gotten away with downright crooked dealings right though, and now this Badgerys Creek rip off as well as all the other crooked deals he is hiding.

This deal was managed federally, trust Scotty from Marketing to announce the deal before he even thought about how it would work.

He's all about politics not results.

Sorry, the deal was announced at the National Conference and all premiers, or their representatives, were advised of the upcoming NZ entry where travellers from NZ could arrive in Australia but could ony enter NSW and the NT. There is a problem at Sydney Airport Domestic, which is controlled by NSW, as nobody is screening passengers flying interstate. It seems when Premiers have any problems they shift the blame to the federal government.

Spot on Horace Cope

Yeah, State matter, we went to Cairns, just after Qld premier closed to border but because we were already in Qld we flew to Cairns Airport, Qld State Police interviewed us, checked our interstate IDs, had to show receipts for accommodation in Qld talling with the dates given and we were on our way. Everyone was checked on arrival by State officials. Nothing to do with the Feds.

I find it hard to understand how this was not controlled better, or at least known! Airlines know who flies with them don't they? And they can follow a person from one flight to another can't they? Why is the fact that they turned up in WA - or wherever - such a surprise?

We are waiting on WA opening (without hotel quarantine) for hubby to visit his very elderly mother. We have no covid here, and the only covid there is on visitng ships, so why can't we do it?

So what would happen when a Kiwi flies into Sydney International, clears customs/immigration and exits the terminal.  The next day they hire a car and drive to Victoria.  Would Andrews still claim its a federal problem?  As has comprehensively been demonstrated by the premiers of VIC, WA and QLD, the federal government have no control over internal state borders.  Its the premiers' problem and they should fix it by removing all restrictions.    VIC now has fewer infections than NSW on a daily basis, and the NSW government manages the infections with an effectice test/trace/isolate process, while the state's economy is getting on with generating jobs.

Once in Australia, rules are as they are for Australians.  Vic never has stopped anyone coming in, SA has opened borders, Tas, WA, 2 weeks, etc.



What about the airlines that transported the Kiwis once they had arrived in NSW or NT? Especially for states like WA or TAS who have not opened their border to anyone. Why are the airlines accepting passengers arriving from NZ and flying them to WA without some sort of check that the passenger is entitled to fly?

And QLD are not accepting people from NSW either presumably if someone arrives in Sydney, they cannot then fly to Brisbane? Or drive for that matter.


And all this is a state issue you cannot blame the Federal Government not Mr Morrison given he has no authority to over turn the jurisdictions. He can authorise foreigners to cross the nationa borders but can do nothing about state borders once they are here.



If you live north of Balina you can go to Qld with a permit you download on the net (border bubble permit) renewable every 7 days. Just got mine again.

State borders are a state matter.

Think WA has more to worry about than Kiwi travellers with the latest outbreak on the Al Messilah docked in Fremantle.

WA Premier has conceded he has known since the weekend that two Australians disembarked a livestock ship that later proved to be linked to COVID-19 cases, a vet from Sydney and a stock manager from Busselton, in WA's South West, had been on the Al Messilah carrier for up to eight months when it docked at Fremantle last week.

The pair was allowed to go home before at least 25 COVID-19 cases were discovered on board.

The male vet boarded a flight at Perth Airport bound for Sydney while the stockwoman, from Busselton, has now entered hotel quarantine. The woman originally drove alone to her Busselton rural property to self-isolate.

Premier Mark McGowan said both crew members had tested negative for coronavirus and had followed protocols, which required returning Australians disembarking from international ships to self-isolate at home. In response to the incident, new rules were introduced today which will require all Australian crew disembarking an international ship in WA to complete 14 days hotel quarantine.

And to think McGowan has the hide to complain about New Zealander bubble travellers where they are not registering any Covid.

"WA Premier has conceded he has known since the weekend that two Australians disembarked a livestock ship that later proved to be linked to COVID-19 cases, a vet from Sydney and a stock manager from Busselton, in WA's South West, had been on the Al Messilah carrier for up to eight months when it docked at Fremantle last week."

McGowan Is a disgrace to Australia hanging onto that information

... what was he trying to prove ????


There was not enough, if any, communication between the Feds and the State premiers. 

Returning Australians and travelling Kiwis cause travel headache for Morrison governmentPaul OsbornePerthNowOctober 21, 2020 6:19AMTOPICSCoronavirus (COVID-19)WA NewsNews

The Morrison government is struggling to deal with a surge of stranded Australians seeking to return home before Christmas.

The increase in numbers to 32,300, from 18,800 in late August, comes as the one-way New Zealand coronavirus travel bubble causes havoc among the states.

South Australia has overturned its initial plan to force NZ visitors to quarantine for 14 days, while Queensland is insisting any Kiwis seeking to visit must take the fortnight-long step.


A Senate estimates committee was told on Tuesday there were 32,300 Australians who have put their names forward to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to return, as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

The committee heard DFAT had advised the number would rise as that was the usual scenario in any crisis situation.

Passengers wearing protective masks collecting baggage after arriving on a flight from Melbourne at Sydney Airport.Passengers wearing protective masks collecting baggage after arriving on a flight from Melbourne at Sydney Airport. Credit: JAMES GOURLEY/AAPIMAGE

Labor senator Penny Wong asked why the number was rising while the government continued to state it was doing all it could to get Australians home.

"The goal as stated by the prime minister was to get people home by Christmas," Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet deputy secretary Alison Frame said.

She said a multi-agency task force including the acting chief medical officer Paul Kelly had been working on the issue with the states and territories and airlines.

Modelling had been done to get all 4000 of the Australians listed as "vulnerable" home by Christmas, as well as gradually reduce the number of other Australians seeking to return, the committee heard.

A facilitated flight is due to deliver Australians to the Howard Springs facility outside Darwin on October 23.

The trans-Tasman travel bubble originally only supposed to include New Zealand, NSW and the Northern Territory.

But Kiwis have hopped on domestic flights to all corners of the country after touching down in Sydney.

Queensland again recorded no new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, with health officials completing 4080 coronavirus tests in the past 24 hours.

NSW reported two new locally transmitted cases and three more infections among returned travellers in hotel quarantine.

On Wednesday, Victoria recorded just three new cases and no deaths.

Melbourne's rolling 14-day average of cases and the number of infections with unknown sources continues to decline.