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Sunrise host calls for Woman’s Day boycott

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has taken to social media to hit out at Woman’s Day and online tabloid The Daily Mail.

Armytage said the publications produce rubbish journalism and should be illegal.

“The silliness around my private life in the tabloids right now has reached peak stupidity,” Armytage said in an Instagram post.

“I ask you all to ignore (& not buy!!) Woman’s Day & the Daily Mail.

“The ‘sources’ quoted are made up. It’s rubbish ‘journalism’ & should be illegal.”

What do you think? Do you read Woman’s Day or the Daily Mail? Do you think they sometimes go too far?

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Everyone's gotta make a living, you don't have to buy or read the mags. I read them all, how else am I going to exercise my brain???

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