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Take this test to check your colour perception

There is an easy way to figure out just how good your eyesight is using a simple test designed to assess how well you perceive different colours.

Researchers from London-based online optician Lenstore tested 2000 people and found women and men aged between 31 to 35 usually performed best.

The test works by asking the user ten different questions like identifying the lightest or darkest shade of a certain colour, or matching identical shades.

Take the test and let us know your score in the comment section below.






no wonder women think I'm 35

so very surprising Lotto, I took you for the mid seventies.


''You scored 9 out of 10Well done! You scored higher than 98% of people who played this game!

Share your results and challenge your friends.''

 Eat your heart out Lothario ;)

Muffed up the reds ..... must watch the traffic lights

you have perfect vision Abby

I will look 30 to you

I cheated a bit ..... the 4 chicks behind me in my avatar helped me LOL!!

7 out of 10

8 out of 10

Wonder what the prize is for being the best looker on this Forum ?

I got 10/10 so that means I'm the best looker.

Haha, yeah right. I got 7 out of 10!

I'm embarrassed by my score, so not going to share it. :) Suffice to say it was low.

I couldn't see anything at all in those dots. There wasn't an option for 'nothing' so I had to guess and even got most of the guesses wrong LOL.  I'm not surprised, to be honest, I had to take a colour blindness test for a job once and had great difficulty with a similar test, especially the red/orange.

I could never see anything in those old 70's artworks with the hidden objects inside either.

I got 10/10 ... but probably because I do a lot of graphics on the same laptop that I did the test on.

Now if it were a test on distance sight, think I would fail miserably these days, sigh.