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Luncheon of the Boating Party or in French “Le déjeuner des canotiers” (1881) ..  is one of Pierre-Auguste Renoir's most famous works.

It's also one of the most well-known depictions of an alfresco lunch outing in art history. Set in a Paris cafe overlooking the Seine, the painting captures a joyous moment among friends. One of my favourites!








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Image result for children fashion parade at melbourne cupWell it's over for another year. What a lovely day as usual. Despite the rain, fashions, good, bad and ugly did not disappoint. The atmosphere was electric, the race nail biting and I am looking forward to next year..hopefully we'll see a female rider!

Congratulations to Craig Williams for winning the Melbourne Cup 2019 on Vow and Declare. You deserve it! An Australian horse with an Australian rider..who could ask for more!

Thanks to all my mates over there in Melbourne town who made this visit so special, love you! 


It's mutual! Lots more to do and see, just saying :))

Don't worry KIAH..I'll be back :) It was a real thrill visiting the Falcon Cafe with you folks and getting the buzz about the birds.

Now..I just read on Facebook that only one baby is still nesting. Apparently one has already taken its first flight? has been confirmed that one flew off this morning before 6 am.

Bonne chance little one and safe journey!


It's true Sophie. We all missed it, hopefully there will be replays. Looks like the second one is having a good feed before her turn comes!


No photo description available.

Poor darling looks so sad since big sister left the nest this morning.

Hope they are reunited soon somewhere..


"Looks like the second one is having a good feed before her turn comes!" (KIAH) 

It appears you are right KIAH. Apparently the second baby flew off around 4.15 pm your time.

I feel both excited and sad.


Hope someone confirms that.

I haven't been following their progress for a while, but your enthusiasm ladies is so infectious, I just had to check out the public facebook page. So many people have joined the group. Some of the comments are hilarious and I nearly joined myself, a bit too late in the day though.


I read your article on the previous page about the falcons in flight. Did you know they have to have passports? Here's a video for your enjoyment!

Thanks Bijou, no I didn't know about the passports. They take their falcons very seriously in the Middle East, even having a hospital specially for them:)

Image result for world's largest falcon medical centre"

An image from NASA Worldview showing numerous NSW and QLD blazes visible from space.

An image from NASA Worldview showing numerous NSW and QLD blazes visible from space.

Source: Nasa






                                          God bless you all..

All pictures sourced from 10 Daily

Very sad pictures Sophie. Conservationists estimate 350 koalas are feared killed in their habitat in NSW when the bushfires swept through last week. Heartbreaking.

NSW Fires Near Me
Queensland RFS

Scroll down for News & Bushfire Warnings on lower left and link to Fire Map.
SA Country Fire Service

Warnings and incidents
Emergency WA
Emergency VIC
TAS Fire Service

Current Bushfires Alert List

Thanks for the links RnR..for those living in NSW..some published road closures:


Tingha to Guyra: Guyra Road is closed

Comboyne to Cedar Party: Comboyne Road is closed between Sunrise Lane and Colling Road

Walcha to Bago: The Oxley Highway is closed between Brackendale Road and Comboyne Road

Elands to Marlee: Bulga Road is closed between Middlebrook Road and Colling Road

Burrell Creek to Purfleet: The Bucketts Way is closed between Gloucester Road and Manning River Drive

East of Nimbin: Tuntable Falls Road and Tuntable Creek Road are closed

Rainbow Flat: The Lakes Way is closed between Pacific Highway and Failford Road

Wallabi Point: Saltwater Road is closed between Old Bar Road and Wallabi Point

Lower Creek: Kempsey Road is closed between Raspberry Road and Deep Creek

Harrington to Crowdy Head: Crowdy Head Road is closed

Coutts Crossing to Clouds Creek: Armidale Road is closed

Buccarumbi to Bald Nob: Old Glen Innes Road and Old Grafton Road are closed between Buccarumbi Bridge and Gwydir Highway

Upper Fine Flower: Clarence Way closed between Carnham Road and Baryulgil

Telegraph Point: Red Hill Road is closed from Rollands Plains Road


So much sadness these's good to see a bit of joy happening @ 367 Collins Street..have to admit I did join the Facebook Group and's not too late!

Getting ready for take off.. no need for breakfast..Mom will fetch it...

Image may contain: outdoor

A mother's love..taking breakfast for the new young ladies of the sky!

Have had a Facebook account for a while practically unused. However, the past few days have been a joy sharing comments and news and funny stories with a bunch of strangers who all love birds.

I am not only going to miss the birds but also these lovely people..with a bit of luck, we’ll meet again next year!

Image result for poppies falling over the white cliffs of dover"

Able Seaman Braidon Newman, a Wiradjuri man and Ngunnawal descendent, began the 2019 Remembrance Day service by playing the didgeridoo.

A man in uniform crouches down playing the didgeridoo at the Australian War Memorial.

The Queen at the Remembrance Day Service.

Image result for queen cries at remembrance day 2019"

Picture Source: NZ Herald

Poppies flutter over the white cliffs of Dover as WWII planes drop 750,000 bio-degradable flowers in fly-past tribute while millions fall silent across Britain for Remembrance Sunday 10th November 2019..

Click on the links below to see how it all happened...

While the Royal family , politicians and dignitaries gathered at the Cenotaph in Westminster for the central remembrance service, thousands of local services took place in towns and villages across the country (pictured, the Dakota flypast in Dover)

A bit of nostalgia, my Mother's favourite wartime song...perhaps instead of "bluebirds"..we should change it to "poppies" just for today!

Have a great day everyone!

Such a beautiful tribute Sophie. Thank you :)


Lest we forget

Image result for pigeon builds nest of [poppies at australian war memorial

Source: SMH (we all know the story!)

Hey Sophie, spent some time with Aunt this morning. She loved your coverage today especially the old songs and the pictures of the white cliffs of Dover - said she felt a bit homesick, said to give these to you :)

Image result for cute mouse giving flowers animated gif"

Thank you from me too Sophie. I really enjoy reading these contributions, Good on you :)

Hello Aviator, thanks for the article about the falcon hospital. How spoilt are they! 

Sophie, I hear you. I joined the group today. Just received approval, so now I'm ready for next year. Hope they show up!

Image may contain: bird

Taken from the Public Facebook Group page. So beautiful!

Fabulous picture Bijou! Thank you from me too Sophie and others on the thread who have made all this so enjoyable. Happy to say and thanks to my dear hubby, I did not miss today's lift off!

I miss them, but I understand they have not actually left the building and won't for a while yet. It's like having the kids go off on the first day of school. Anyone needs a tissue?

Image result for tissues anyone animated gif

Thank you all..remember though that nothing much can be done without the help of good friends:) I'm sorry I didn't reply before but with the fire threats moving towards Sydney and with so many friends, including Ray and Banjo in NSW, I was making sure everyone was safe.

My daughter lives a stone's throw from the Opera House and I have been checking on her almost every hour because of the smoke haze. She's decided to work from home and has sent staff home..everyone's OK and I'm happy knowing that.

Reagan thank you for the video of the second baby falcon lift are so sweet :). See you later.

Image result for fairy blowing kisses animated gif"

You are very welcome Sophie. Reagan’s video shows a lot more than just the take off as you can see.

He’s a little sad I think, hasn’t been to the Falcon café for his usual for a couple of days! He’ll get over it. The Facebook falcon watchers are organising a drinks get together. If it eventuates and since it will be in Melbourne, a few of us may toddle along. There’s every chance Dr Victor Hurley who started the whole thing might drop in. Would love to meet him.

PS: I meant to post this lovely article from The Age Sophie.

Picture of daughter no2 a few minutes before take off!  

Image may contain: skyscraper, sky and outdoor

Thank you for my copy of the video too KIAH and Reagan :))

KIAH did you read about the rare “Dalmatian” magpie spotted in Victoria?

A black and white spotted magpie with worms in its beak.

Supplied by Sandy Goddard

Lovely article KIAH, thank you. I saw the name of the journalist on the Facebook page and glimpsed the article, meant to go back and have a read. You saved me the trouble!

Stopped work for a spot of lunch and a musical interlude. Check this out:

Grazie Sophie, pleasure reading your stuff. All the great information from you guys on the falcon project. I extend an invitation for you to join Birds Australia, you would be a great asset. KIAH, if that shindig eventuates in Melbourne with the falcon watchers, would be nice if you and Reagan did go. I can arrange for you to meet the big guy.

Guys thanks for your kind concern re the fires in NSW, as I have emailed you, both Banjo's family and mine are fine. Banjo's  in Tassie at the moment, lucky him!

Glad you're ok Raymondo

Image result for funniest kiss animated gif

Banjo is the sensible one escaping to Tassie!

LOL idiota!

Folks, remember Gaia and Pluto from Orange Campus/Charles StuartnUniversity? Showoff Pluto has fledged, watch it here. check out Gaia's reaction after he flys.

and KIAH. you may like this interview with Victor Hurley

Buona notte!

A great interview Ray, thank you so much. So that's what he sounds like!

Loved the video of Pluto taking off and my goodness Gaia's reaction is priceless. How she must miss her sibling. Won't be long before she catches up!


Bijou, thank you for telling me about that beautiful "Dalmatian" magpie. What a lovely creature. First I heard of it, nature sure is wonderful :)

I pop in here from time to time, not often, but I'm glad I did today.  That magpie picture was well worth the visit.  I have never seen one like that before.  Beautiful.  The article was interesting too.

I might have to put this topic on my 'must see' list.  :)  Thanks for that Bijou.

Interesting article Bijou and an impressive looking bird. Another striking maggie was sighted in South Australia last year, here's a link'


Three magpies in Adelaide's park lands.


(ABC News: Simon Royal)



How gorgeous RAY, thanks again. In the past I've viewed magpies only as a nuisance, but they are looking more and more endearing after seeing these recent pictures.

You must know this, but, I will still give it a mention. The black-throated finch has been voted Australian bird of the year for 2019

The endangered black-throated finch

Photograph: Eric Vanderduys



Thanks Bijou I did know about the finch – a good sign that people care. Let’s hope its numbers increase.

Folks, you’ve watched Pluto from the Orange Campus/CSU take off, now see Gaia, stumble, hesitate, ponders and then makes a bolt for it LOL

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