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Captain Shannon Hurn took was pictured holding the Premiership Cup with West Coast fan an recently retired Foreign Minister Julie Bishop after she flew back to Perth with the team 

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                        Will always be remembered...


      Enjoy.....Les Visages de l'amour (She) - Charles Aznavour - 1975

Lovely to see you Sophie! I had no idea Charles Aznavour has passed. He was one of our romantic favourite singers and a special song for us is “Dance the old fashioned way’”

We have several of his CDs and I love both of those songs. Rest in Peace.

I have to say I do object to people calling Charles Aznavour, France's Frank Sinatra..they are so different.. must be knee deep in preparations..hope you both have a truly marvellous time :)

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Thanks from both of us Sophie. Just doing some last minute exercises before the long haul. See ya later and please read your mail on a regular basis!


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So cute! Have you any space in your suitcase for me?

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Can't wait for my puppy to arrive!

You lucky people - I need a holiday more than any of you!

Hope you enjoy your new pet Sophie. I notice I was knocked back in favour of you :)

So sorry about that Ray (not) :)

You are most welcome to visit our little bundle of joy anytime you's only a short flight from Sydney!

Love this hat on you Sophie. You look awesome


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It's kind of cute..but I prefer the one you are wearing Olbaid/Adrianus !

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Even got a little doggie for you...

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olbat, you look so regal, LOL

great head dress!

This headscarf looks good on you Olbaid/Adrianus!!

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Sophie, you have certainly captured the true character of the oldbat. hahaha

Why is my name being mentioned? 

Adrianus,    your name is being mentioned because certain people on here think you and OLBAID,  are one of the same,   also that you are PETE,    leave them to their make believe,    at least while they are talking about you they are leaving the rest of us alone,   [for a change]  lol,  l

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                                              Have a great day.....



                Maria Callas - 50 Most Beautiful Opera Arias

   First song ever sung at the Sydney Opera House....

        Paul Robeson sings for the workers at Sydney Opera House

Sophia -  Thanks for showing Paul Robeson singing for the workers. It was great seeing Sydney all those years ago. And Maria Callas, what a beautiful voice, sang like an angel. It's a toss up who was the better singer, Joan or Maria.

Spectcular voices HOLA..I agree!

I have heard Joan Sutherland sing in person and of course only heard Maria Callas on recordings..however..I do have to say I prefer Maria..I don't think anyone can sing Casta Diva the way she opinion only of course!


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So excited and awaiting the arrival of a little four legged addition to our family on Monday...


                               Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Hi Sophie.

What are they all looking at?

Sophie, you've got yourself a supply of endless fun. Labrador pups are the best. I take my labrador retriever fishing - they're not called Fisherman's Friend for nothing! Have a great weekend.


Thank you Banjo..I had no idea there was so much involved in transferring a dog interstate..still.. he is getting the best possible care and should arrive in pretty good shape!

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Managed to get him a window seat..




Hi Ted..the puppies in the truck just attended a Paws Picnic in the park. They had a wonderful time and are obviously reluctant to leave their new-made friends behind.. 

I think that's why they're looking so gloomy..but there is always next year!

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