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Source: The Washington Post


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To those that celebrate Christmas, KIAH and I wish you a


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A Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah to all who enjoy these celebrations.

L’chaim – Drink deeply from the cup of life




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Have a good one!

Aviator5 hrs ago


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Enjoy yourselves and keep safe.



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More than 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust due to ethnic cleansing ordered by Nazi Germany. The country has since attempted to make slight reparations for the immense damage inflicted on the Jewish culture both within their borders and without, though most agree it is impossible to fully repair.

In honour of the Jewish community in Germany, a large menorah is lit during Hanukkah in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate to replace the memories of anti-Semitic rallies that occurred in the same spot before and during the Second World War.


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Source: The Daily Mail


TO : All my Jewish friends who celebrate Hanukkah from 22nd December to 30th December..

                                   “Chag urim sameach



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Have as best a Christmas as you can, I have my doubts about your New Year as I can't see it getting any better.

See you later, we're escaping the heat and off on a cruise, I've already forgotten the trolls exist. 



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No doubt the trolls will continue to mess up the thread with their droppings, but I've got news for you Sophie had planned to discontinue it anyway. With two blogs to handle, time is limited.

Knock yourselves out, me hearties, LOL

Who cares what they mess up bro!  Have a great holiday. Did you know one in every five bottles of wine sold in the UK is Aussie? I'm not going anywhere, they're all coming here,, a couple arriving tonight, so got my hands full. Nice though.

Happy new year old man !

Have a great trip ABE. Despite the weather in the UK, the mood I am told is very uplifted by Boris’ win. At long last we may be able to see a good Brexit outcome.

Hi Aviator, he’s arrived and already complaining about the weather, but enjoying Boris J's win, went to same Uni I believe. Having a great reunion by the sound of it. I passed on your good wishes and he said he will be contacting you soon.


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