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Sophie, for a while this morning, I thought I was back in the UK. The fog was quite dense in our area. Thank goodness it has lifted, but what a gloomy day!

Fog over the Perth CBD.

Picture: Perth Now

Same here Bijou..I couldn't see the end of my street and it's not a long street as you know. I thought I was back in Devon visiting my Aunt!

Haven't been in here in a while, but this pic had me in stitches -

‘Tribute to Marilyn’ by Tihomir Trichkov / National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest.

In case you've forgotten the famous Marilyn Monroe photo, here it is:

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So funny Micha..thank you!

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Recognizing its universal appeal.. on 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga. The International Day of Yoga aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga.

The beginnings of Yoga has been developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India and although no single founder can be can be dated back to the 5th and 6th century BCE.

Yoga consists of a broad group of physical, mental and spiritual practices. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness.

The theme for the 2018 celebration, organized by the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations, is 'Yoga for Peace.'



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Two things to celebrate Sophie. Yoga Day and the Winter Solstice which falls at 8.00 pm today in Australia.

Have a lovely time!

I wondered when Natalie Joyce would say something, if at all, about the interview given by Barnaby and Vikki. I just read this:

“Ms Joyce gave an unpaid interview to the Australian Women’s Weekly, which was set up before news broke about Mr Joyce and Ms Campion’s $150,000 TV deal. Ms Joyce said the TV interview, which Ms Campion set up to provide a fund for her new son Sebastian, was “an absolute disgrace”.

“I wasn’t surprised she sold their ‘exclusive’ story, and certainly not surprised the $150,000 went to her child,” Ms Joyce told the magazine. “But it begs the question, if Barney agreed to be a part of it, how could he allow his four girls to be overlooked?

“In saying that, I wouldn’t want a cent of that money. It was all we could do to watch it without throwing a brick at the TV.”

Here’s a link for the rest:

PS to the above Sophie

Natalie said she and Barnaby had discussed baby names for boys over the years in case they had one and they chose “Sebastian”. She feels he stole it. I feel for this lady and glad she has her girls to support her.

Image result for natalie joyce and the girlsWe've moved on Dad!

Picture source: Daily Mail.

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