Techno Help

Hi all,

I have lost the "paint" program from my computer somehow (read granddaughter here) and cannot find how to put it back on. I know it must be somewhere as I can go to my pictures and ask that a photo be opened by "paint" Does anyone know how I can put it back in the program bit of my computer. I have Windows XP 2003. I have looked on add/delete programs in case is was whisked away to that place but no luck.

Thanks Morgan.


Hi Morgan,

I do not know exactly how to add it back to your shortlist which is what i am guessing you are wanting.

I can tell you how to find it though.

Hit the start button and press the search function

When it asks you what to search for hit: All files and folders

Under All or part of the file name enter: mspaint

Under look up in select: Local disk (C:)

Hit search.

When i did a search it showed up in C:WindowsSystem32

If yours does also, go to this file, you may have to click a button that says Show the contents of this folder to view it.

Scroll all the way down until you find the mspaint.exe , right click it and hit Create shortcut.

This will make a shortcut that will appear i believe at the bottom of the folder. Cut this file (right click cut) and close all the folders you have open. Now simply paste this shortcut on the desktop (right click paste) and you can use it over and over.

Hope this work around helps.