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Thanks for your replies Celia,  I didn't know that you could enter Kensington Palace. I'm finding out more about the UK than when I lived there. The picture you posted of the huge Southend Pier was an eye opener. No I can't remember Rossi's ice cream, only Walls variety, not much on offer then, but now I can indulge in Macadamia or Rum and Raisin etc. etc. !

Sageman I was saying after I posted that earlier, Rossis's icecream was the first I had ever known that was soft, they put a Cabury flake in it.  Now thats going back many years.  I see by the photos they don't appear to have the soft ice cream anymore.

Yes you have to pay to go into Kensington Palace like Buck House, but I have not been inside Buck House.  Husband refused to go when we were over there.   Spoilt sport.

I didn't have to pay back in the 60s thought.

Love Macadamian nuts, alas I cannot eat icecream.

Dagastinos ( I think thats how it was spelt)..was below my office in the it was a matter of diving down the stairs during lunch break to devour a cone piled high with the icecream and a ginormous chocolate flake, or two wafers filled with icecream...

When I finished up at that job they had to widen the doors so I could use the

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Todays news...Mother duck. Father duck and their baby ducklings have made their home at the bottom of our garden, 

So cute. all waddling around in the Winter warmth. 

The neighbours have a swimming pool and my hubby dug a hole so the can now commute between the two houses..

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LOL ... what a wonderful family to have for a time.

My friend just asked me what with possums, a blue tongue lizard,Parakeets, Magpies and now ducks and ducklings, What other wildlife could I possibly put in my garden, ?

My reply " All my Grandchildren" then I can start charging admission...lolol..

cranky, you mentioned in a recent post about a cone of ice cream . Well you might remember that in some parts of England they were also referred to as a "cornet". I was with my mother soon after arriving in Oz. We had gone into a shop selling ice cream and she asked for a cornet, to which the owner replied "Sorry lady we don't sell cornets, you'll have to find a music shop!!

was reading today SAGEMAN,  DIONNE WARWICK is coming to melbourne in noverber,      id better start saving the pennies,    have jimmy webb as well,  

That's a good one sageman - When we first arrived in Australia, Mum had to go to the nearest store to buy some needles and thread. She asked the shop assistant where should she go to buy them and the shop assistant said , "You will have to go to Manchester", my Mum walked away wondering why she would need to travel all the way to England. 

HA HA. that reminds me of my mother , when we first came here, were in warrnambool,   and mum went into the butcher,   asked for a leg of lamb,    the butcher asked her 'do you want lamb ot wo tooth;       [in london we never heard of two tooth,    it was lamb or mutton]      mum answered,  i dont care how many teeth it has,   i just want a leg,         we found out later that mutton here was called two tooth,    being it was 2 years old,   not spring lamb,   

Yeah funny! my old mum would have said exactly that too. Never heard that two tooth expression while in NSW though. You're lucky that Dionne and Jimmy are playing in Melb. Not sure if coming to W.A. as a lot of stars give us a miss, probably don't like the extra travel involved, although the facilities here have improved immensely in recent times, allowing for bigger crowds to attend events. So I'm hoping we will get some of the big names from now on.

'Nanny, How old are you...?"

"How old do you think I am?"

Note to self..." Dont ever answer a question with a question."

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Off for a few weeks as we are going cruising again...

Just love this retirement.

Be good and take care. x

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Bon voyage Cranky. Have a wonderful time.

RnR, You have excelled yourself, That is totally Awesome ,

I love it..How clever you are... :) 

Thats a : 

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Thanks ... LOL ... I'll put the trophy on display.

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