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Hi Hola/Sophie, Not managed to catch up with " The Handmaids Tale" yet but it sounds a bit over the top, imaginative and a bit kinky so I might just like it!!  We have foxtel and an IQ3 box and we record lots of movies from mostly commercial channels, but sadly we might get 1 or 2 good ones out of 10. The amount of mediocre stuff not to mention bizarre is incredible. So it is nice to enjoy a good series. The stiff as a board " Doc" is always good value cranky, and Kiah I too like the railway journeys showcasing Britain and its history.( as an ex politician Michael has a great job !)

Hi Sageman - My son tries to talk me into getting Netflix but I think it would be a waste of time because whenever I settle down to watch a show, I invariably dose off and miss the whole show. Another thing that annoys me when watching the screen, those horrible ads that suddenly appear in the corner, telling us of the show coming soon, e.g. Master chef. Who cares.

Hola why don't you get your son to connect Netflix to your computer?  You fall asleep and then you can use your mouse when you wake up to put the video back to where you fell asleep first!    

Love British TV shows ... have watched most of those mentioned.

:) Just so good IMO.

As a bit of a mystery fan ... enjoy Lewis, Poirot, Vera, Midsomer ... wonderful nonsense, Miss Marple, Bletchley, Line of Duty ... or not as the case may be in that show, and so many others.

As for comedy, can't be beaten IMO ... from Faulty to Michael McIntyre ... so funny.

A room with a view - Fawlty Towers

Michael McIntyre … the buffet.

watch THE HANDMAIDENS tale,   but if you havent watched from the start,  you need to go look at the first episodes,   as it wont make any sense to you,   it is set into the future,     ELIZABETH  MOSS,    who was in MAD MED,  [my favourite show]   is the main lead in it,      LIKED the blechly circle,    and the bridge,      my all time fav is AS TIME GOES BY,    judi dench,    i have the complete set,  but find i still watch when its on tv,   love a good english comedy,   

Have to agree RnR there is something for everybody in British comedy sitcoms and over the years we have had a good laugh. Way way back there was Norman Wisdom and Tony Hancock and later on Michael Crawford, remember " Some Mothers Do 'ave ' em ? The Two Ronnies were great! More recently shows like " My Family" and " Keeping up Appearances" come to mind, the list goes on and on thankfully. Hope there is much more to come.

Cats. I saw recently a re-run of " A Tribute to Barbra Streisand in 2011 and enjoyed some great perfomers singing her music, and she also sang a couple herself including "Windmills of your mind" I recorded it to play again. Helps me remember the way we were !!

SAGEMAN,    i have the dvd of that BARBRA STRIESAND show,    i got it at jb, hi fi,    i got it a few years ago,  you could probably pick it up on ebay for $5,    it is a good show,    discovered a great singer,  by accident last week,  MICHAEL FINKELSTIEN,    a great voice,      sort of a cross between frank sinatra,   and perry como,    worth checking out,   

Songs have such memories for us baby boomers, every time I hear a song from the past it conjours up a picture in my mind as to what I was doing at the time.

Naturally I cant put up every one of them as I would be banned from the site...but I do remembers a few that come to mind...

"Leader of the pack." .Riding on my BSA Goldflash through the woods dressed in tight black leather and blond hair streaming down my back....

"Welcome to my world " on the night I met my hubby of 52 years.

"Babyface"  I sang that to my first born son and watched his chubby face light up with a smile.

" The last farewell"...My brothers song for me on departing England and 

"Save the last dance for me" at our wedding....

So many songs..So many memories...all tucked away in my heart. 

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All you lovely people bringing back memories. I do love the old comedies and I'm stuck in the past with so many songs. Isn't  it wonderful when we hear a special song, we can remember where we were and what we were doing. As you say Cranky, they are tucked away in our hearts.

I love old songs..they bring back some glorious memories..

I can't pick a favourite because there are so many that stir my soul and put a smile  on my face!


Girlfriend and I were singing this in the rain with our umbrellas up!

Suddenly a gust of wind came along and up the umbralla went!

We had fits of laughter!     Such as youth laughing in the rain.

I loved singing to my grandchildren when I was putting them to sleep. I used to sing "Beautiful Boy", an old John Lennon song, I just listened to in on YouTube and it made me smile remembering. My little granddaughter loved "I Love You, A Bushel and a Peck", she loved it, and always said "more". Oh, the memories come flooding back. 

just an interesting by note,  for those interested,  8,O,CLOCK TONIGHT,    ON ABC,    an interview with julia zamiro ,  with LOUIE THEROUX,     should be interesting,  

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