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Telstra warned over mobile phone base stations

Telstra has been hit with a formal warning by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for failing to comply with rules for deploying mobile phone base stations.

The rules are designed to make sure telcos provide local councils and communities with an opportunity to have their say before setting up mobile phone infrastructure.

“There is public concern about the roll-out of mobile infrastructure, including small cell base stations, in residential areas,” said ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin.

“Telcos must keep affected communities in the loop and consider their feedback when establishing or upgrading mobile phone base stations,” said Ms O’Loughlin.

Following a complaint from a resident, an ACMA investigation revealed Telstra contravened the deployment code rules by:

  • not fully complying with its consultation plan, which required Telstra to contact residents in the immediate vicinity of the base station
  • not sending a letter containing the information to all interested and affected parties; and
  • not acknowledging a written complaint within 10 business days of its receipt.


Telstra has taken steps to avoid such problems occurring in future, including reviewing its contractor complaints handling procedures and implementing regular training.

This is the second action taken by the ACMA in the last six months to ensure mobile carriers comply with mobile phone base station deployment rules. The ACMA’s formal warning puts Telstra on notice to minimise the risk of future breaches and ensure compliance.

Are you concerned by the growing number of mobile phone base stations in your area? Should more be done to minimise the visual impact on residents?



Mmmmmmmm I have wondered what the SMS I have been getting a few times of late saying

'Hi, you are ina 4G Small Cell area. To learn about Small Cells and whether your phone canmake& receive calls in  small cell area visit'

II have just checked it out and here is the site it took me to

So there will be a lot of phones that will not be able to be used in these areas  -- especially the OLDER type phones as they use 3G --  and even some older smartphones.

Well worth reading the site I put up


My Vodafone has been playing up lately and when I wanted to send a call it always comes up, "Emergency Calls Only", I took my phone to Vodafone and they said I had  a 3G phone and it has now been upgraded to a 4G so I had to buy a new ohone, "Not Happy Jan". Oh no, reading further down Ted Wards says "Wait till we go to 5G and see what happens". Will I then have to buy another phone???????


Avoid Vodafone like the plague. Their coverage is terrible, and the company even worse.

I use Vodafone for my mobile internet wifi modem (no NBN) and have had no issues. They had the best deal so switched from Virgin. Only complaint is the charge on the modem runs out sooner than the Virgin one did.

Nope its the price of progress and technology. You want your phones etc,,,,you put up with the infrastructure,,,,wait till we go 5g and see what happens then!


There has been huge public concern over exposure to radio waves from base stations. Now that most people are somewhat satisfied it is relatively safe..the question of aesthetics arises.

Well..we can’t have everything. If we want to fix black spots especially in rural areas..we have to put up with it. Twenty six mobile base stations will be installed across WA over a short period of time.

Very exciting Australia being the third country in the world to switch on 5G ..will I be saving my pennies to get a Samsung S10 to access it? I don’t think so, not at this point anyway! 

Wait a year before purchasing Sophie. You'll have more choice.

I am not excited about 5G, there could be health implications, do your research Sophie. Also the phones for 5G will be very expensive for awhile and 4G will not be phased out anytime soon.

The risks of 5G are a worry and I will not be buying a new phone for it, I think 4G is fast enough.

wat ch "5g Apocalypse..The Extinction Event"

i wont be upgrading either

Where can I watch it? I think 5G is just another money making racket. My 3G basic phone was working fine until they changed the system to 4G then I had to buy another phone. Only had it for less than 2 years, only just getting used to using the smart phone.

Will take a while but eventually 4G will be replaced by 5G. The advantage of 5G is that it uses different kinds of antennas, operates on different radio spectrum frequencies, connects many more devices to the internet, minimizes delays, and delivers ultrafast speeds. 5G will be 1000 times faster than 4G has lower power levels, the advantage of this in industries like healthcare and aviation where speed is a matter of life or death.

Healthwise the first major benefit of 5G is that the broadcast will stop the wasteful 360 degree broadcast and move to beamed registered connections similar to Wifi Router technology but much more advanced.

Even if you refuse to take advantage of the new technology, you won’t be able to escape it. The cell boxes will be right under your nose. Does not need as much space as 4G. Nothig to be afraid of, the worse that canhappen is we get fried.


5G vs 4G cell tower