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Tesla cars self-driving mode has been released

After years of testing, Tesla has started to roll "Full Self-Driving" mode to a number of Tesla vehicles today.

The initial release of the feature has been provided to a small number of people who are expert and careful drivers.

Tesla will use the data and experiences from this select group of drivers to then further release the feature to more users across the Tesla network before a full-release is pushed.

Are you excited by the thought of self-driving vehicles?


If he keeps upping the price each year, few will be able to afford it, must say though being able to summon the car from a garage or parking spot appeals to me in my old age!

There are so many advantages to self-driving cars ... and even more issues that need to be resolved before they become a reality. One of the biggest problems is the allocation of responsibility; who will be at fault if there is a crash involving an autonomous vehicle? Another matter yet to be resolved is how self-driving cars and human-controlled cars will share the roads. You may not know it, but a driverless car make actually make a decision that you're expendable ( Then there's the problem of technology advancing faster than legislation can keep up -- some cars can be reversed out of a parking space remotely, but the law is that you have to be in control, and in the driver's seat, which is why many cars have a warning if your hands are off the wheel for more than ten seconds ( And driverless cars will bring about major changes to our cities and roads ( It's a fascinating field, with much to consider.


Whoever invents an App that warns where self driving cars are at any instant will make a fortune.  That will enable other road users to avoid them and take a different route.

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