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Testing our DNA

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Researchers in California have revealed that a person who is 60 years old could have a genetic age that's over 100 or as low as 20 

Interesting reading, I've never had a DnA test has anyone?

How is DNA tested? The DNA test is performed by collecting buccal (cheek) cells found on the inside of a person's cheek using a buccal or cheek swab. ... The collector rubs the inside of a person's cheek to collect as many buccal cells as possible, which are then sent to a laboratory for testing.


No I would never hand over my DNA willingly you never know where it may end up and why would I want to know, age is just a number, just keep healthy and fit as much as you can no matter what age.

I am with you musicveg

Although it would be very interesting -- bet we all have many genes we have no idea about

Agree musicveg, you never know when the government might want to get it's dirty hands on this information and then use it against you. is fighting the US FBI to stop them taking all the DNA data Ancestry has used to find out where people come from.  This is NOT just USA citizens but EVERYONE who has ever had a DNA search done.
Makes you wonder:- 
a] what they want the information for?
b] WHY do they need it?
It is a vast invasion of privacy!  Yes, you gave Ancestry your DNA BUT that was for ONE use only.  It was NOT permission for a [in a lot of cases] foreign government to take that information.
Too many governments seem to think it is alright to invade peoples privacy just because they are in government.  Next thing you know they will be tagging us at birth so they know exactly where you are at any given time. 

I, for one, object!

They are not going to clone you or create a younger version by testing DNA, I sure they have much more worthwhile subjects!


The prime reason for grabbing all this DNA information is for bacterial warfare purposes, where strains of DNA which differentiate between races  can be used to test  viruses which can be developed  and  used selectively against different races of people whose DNA make up so identify them.

The thousands of DNA types  made available from this source is a great boon to more rapid development of more malignant stains of virus to target such races, (as well as to possibly develop a vaccine to immunise 'approved' races against them) as the statistics of having such a great diversity of DNA taken from this source  igreatly enhances  trialed results.  For example the US alone employ some  15,000 trained sceintists in that area.  Britain, Canada, Israel and other countries also have vast amounts of money spent on such laboratories and its more than likely we have at least one such lab here in Australia.  Its not known generally that the "Corona"  Virus was being studied and developed into  a higher strain in a Canadian laboratory long before its outbreak in China.   There was a report that vials containing this enhanced virus was stolen from a Canadian lab and taken to China, where the Chinese govt also began building WHO approved labs to counter the biological threat posed by those  Western labs , as the virus could be made to mainly target the Chinese race, which was what these other labs were attempting to do.  The consensus of scientific opinion at the moment is that this virus was accidently pubilicly spread from such a lab, hence its accidental outbreak from a lab in the same area where the virus first publically  appeared. 

The explanation from the Chinese that it came from a study of bats is absolute rubbish.   There still exists the possibilty that this virus was deliberately released in China in an attempt to destroy  the Chinese economy, which in fact it is doing at the moment.

And many responsible scientists in this area have in the past warned thir govt's repeatedly that NO such WHO certified and approved  labs  ANYWHERE  in the world are intrinsically safe.   

An accident waiting to happen...and it has, that is if it was an accident.


Old Engineer can you post this on the Meeting Place under this topic:

I had put up some information about this but no one seems to care that this virus thing was planned. Read my comments at the meeting place and also look up Bill Gates Event 201.

I have done Dna testing for geanology with Family Tree Dna in 2000 and Ancestory 2018. No two headed monsters or super beings have turned up to claim my wife, home or fortune as yet.  I may be wrong but who will decide that the monster or I.


gnome, depending on the outcome of the law case that Ancestry has going with the FBI your DNA information could end up in their hands.
Do you really want the USA government to have your DNA information??

Re cloning - who knows what they might do in the future!  With the way they are at war with everyone I wouldn't be surprised if the clones people to use as soldiers.  After all we can't have the so called 'elite' dirtying their hands going to war and 'shock, horror' getting killed!

You are also so right jaycee1,  never know what they can do with DNA -- what would Hilter have done?!

Maybe thats why they are making it quite available,  so many ARE having it done

i have done DNA testing for genealogical reasons. I found a whole side of my family I previously knew nothing about as my dad had been adopted. But I woukdn't want to know if my genetic age was an issue unless there are ways to reverse unwelcome results! A bit like being tested for Alzheimers! 

If medical funds know of any genetic abnormalities they will charge a HEAP more OR not cover you at all--

I've always been tempted to do a DNA test but have resisted so far, mainly because I have read accounts of people having it done more than once, a couple of years or so apart, and getting different results.  I wonder how accurate they actually are.

I am an adoptee, so it could be interesting.   Maybe I could find a whole 'new' family.  There are times I think that might not be such a bad idea.  LOL

I found one sibling years ago, a half-brother.  I found him the old-fashioned way.  I applied for my original birth certificate, found his name on it and looked him up in the phone directory.  That was an interesting phone call.  :)

And yep, we've stayed in touch.  He calls me Sis.  

So pleased you had a good outcome, Leonie

Nice story Leonie :). Did finding your half brother lead to other family members or first family knowledge? Sometimes family tree sites lead to new family members. 

I'm not drawn to DNA testing - too many ifs and buts....

Not really, it's just him and his immediate family, his wife, kids and grandkids, who have accepted me like they had known me all their lives.  

It's a rather complicated story actually.  I did know a little about my birth mother, she was well known to my adoptive family, particularly one Aunt who was great friends with her.  All other members of the family weren't terribly forthcoming with details and for a long time, I wasn't all that interested in finding out anyway.

Sadly my birth mother died when I was very, very young, I don't remember her at all.  I didn't even know I was adopted till I was fifteen and then the revelation came during a nasty teenage fight with my mother who screamed at me "I'm glad I'm not your mother."   Ouch!!  Not the best way to find out, but to give her her due she did apologise later - much later.

She was going through some pretty bad stuff herself at the time and I was a handful at 15, so I forgave her.  LOL

There is a sister too, probably a full sister, but the identity of our father is still a mystery.  She and I were registered in the name of my birth mother's husband who was 'in the wind' by then.  He is my brother's father, but not mine and probably not hers either. She and I are very close in age.  He is older.

The brother and sister were estranged before I came along but he gave me her last known address because he felt I had a right to know her regardless of his own issues with her.  He's a goodun, that one.

Unfortunately, she has chosen not to know me.  That's a shame but I promised I wouldn't push her when I made contact and I have kept that promise.

I'm sorry your sister made that decision Leonie but really glad you have a brother and his family who have open arms. What a terrible way to find out you were adopted! Can imagine the impact of that on you at 15. Thanks for sharing your story so candidly :)

Leonie, Ouch is right not a nice way to be told --  ((hugs))

I was reading the comments to find out other people's viewpoints and experiences with DNA testing. Reading your story is like a good ending to all these comments. I hope your sister will come around down the road and be open to get to know you but your brother sounds like a good man. Thanks for sharing your story!