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The cost of an MRI

My wife has just been told by an imaging company that she will have to pay to have an MRI, because she is over 50. Under 50 she would be bulk billed. Also because her GP did the referral its different from a Specialist or Hospital referral and bulk bill would not apply. Aparently this is a new thing, we live in South Australia . This all seems very discriminate and getting at the older generation once again. 

Kaye would you be able to look into this please.

Regards, Manne

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My friend who is on the aged pension had a double knee replacement-- had to have an MRI sent by his Surgeon --(who was a great surgeon AND also a great bloke)  too but my friend had to pay $500 for the MRI AND he was also in private health cover too -- it was to have a measurement taken to order the knee replacements from overseas thought it strange that he had to pay


Just had to pay $300 for an MRI on my foot. There's two thirds of a weeks pension. Now that Morrison and his cohorts of tossers has been voted in it can ony get worse.

Yes I am afraid you are right Snowflake , the health system is going done the tubes and scomo and co will milk the retirees for all tney can

God help all us pensioners-- now that this dictator -- salesman/ liar is in  --   Heil 

I can not believe that people voted for this dictator and also the rest of his mob like Joyce/Dutton etc etc etc etc -- God help us!

Maybe this could help the discussion, MRI Medicare services factsheet

We may be comparing apples with oranges here, but that can be expected where privacy is relevant.

Thanks LJ, page also has links to lists of facilities by state that attract full or partial rebates.

My brother was getting one last month. It costs a fortune. Thank God I'm getting my money at this place , so I don't have to worry about things like health insurance and whatnot.

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