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The Grub seeks votes

Bill Shorten has reached out to religious leaders and No voters to reassure them that Labor, in ­“opposition or government”, wants to ensure religious liberties remain protected.  

The Opposition Leader made the move within hours of Malcolm Turnbull taking the same-sex marriage legislation to Government House to be written into law. While still celebrating the passage of the same-sex marriage laws, Mr Shorten immediately addressed concerns by Christian and Islamic leaders, specifically in nine Labor-held electorates in western Sydney that voted No, about “their freedom to practise their religion”.


NSW Liberals believe the No vote in the western Sydney electorates, some in areas once held by the Liberal Party under John Howard, gave the Coalition an opportunity to regain ground in western Sydney at the next election by campaigning as a defender of religious rights after Labor’s blanket refusal to vote for any amendments this week.


Mr Shorten’s letter seeks to reassure leaders including Bishop Antoine Taraby, the Maronite Bishop of Australia; Bishop Robert Rabbat, of the Melkite Catholic Church; Sheikh Yahya Safi, imam of the Lakemba mosque; and Sheikh Malek Zeidan, the Australian representative of the mufti of Lebanon.

Bill Shorten has repeatedly shown that he is"loose with the truth" to cater to a specific audience, which in this case is the Christian and Muslim community. As a result, I just never believe anything he says. This latest pledge to those who voted NO is just one more statement from Shorten that I don't believe.

The Labor Party had their chance, under Rudd & Gillard, to legalise same sex marriage and they chose not to.  I wouldn't trust him to do anything and if you read his words, he isn't committing to anything either.

Dirty lying toad 

he makes my skin crawl 

don't you realise that labor and liberal are both the same?  they both support the neo-liberal economic style.

left/right arguments keep us divided and powerless.

I agree kika, the leftist idea of identity politics is dragging us down. We want true democracy. We need the majority of people to believe in themselves, and believe they can make a difference.

Have you had a look at MyVote?

I also agree kika,  Lib and Lab are both the same -- I would not vote for either of them -- you have to get independents in if you want change.


Frank I had not heard of   MY VOTE

Sorry PlanB, I spelt it incorrectly.

thanks for that link, frank.  what an interesting idea.  i'll study the website a bit more.