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The lefts long march through our education system ..

shaggers to show the success of the left in its march through our education system here is a list of subjects that my daughter was asked to choose from to write an Essay..

1Are the American or French Revolutions precursors to contemporary human
rights? If so, why is the Haitian Revolution not included?
2 How do you explain the “cascading” of rights during the French revolution .
3 What were the human rights implications of the Atlantic slave trade and its
eventual abolition?
4 Explain what Karl Marx meant when he distinguished between ‘political’ and
‘human’ emancipation
5 What are the socialist contributions to human rights? How did industrialization
limit or expand the scope of human rights?
6what ways did the World Wars and the demise of colonialism mark a new
phase in the evolution of human rights?
7 Explain the capacity of Human Rights NGOs in pushing governments towards
greater respect for human rights.
8Human rights has gone global by going local, imbedding itself in the soil of
cultures and worldviews independent of the West, in order to sustain ordinary
people’s struggles against unjust states and oppressive social practices.” In
what ways does Roland Burke’s book Decolonization and the Evolution of
International Human Rights support or cast doubt on this claim? With respect
to human rights, is globalization just a euphemism for Westernization?
10 What was the relationship between human rights ideas and decolonisation?
11The LGBT movement has been criticised as a ‘single-issue’ movement (.i.e
gay focused). Critique this statement in relation to the challenges the LGBT
rights movement has faced since the 1970s.
12Does US policy after 9/11 show the weakness of the human rights regime in
constraining powerful states?


To get good marks you have to please the socialists .. I will help her lie..I am working on 5

In spite of the Socalists being the worst offenders against human rights . Both National Socialists and international..

I would have thought the education system was not only to instruct you but to encourage you to  discover  the thirst, to search out knowledge for yourself.

wooden it be best iffen dorter did her own subject work ? Like whos gettin educated ?

Sarah must have delved hard to find this old thread and only a member since the 19th June. Whats the date today ?

Think Sarah is trying to sell something Geo.  There's a few coming up on posts these days.  Just a different way to spam.

Yes ladies you are correct. A UK mob. Got the avatar and all the rest down pat to post here just to spam. Lets face it the thread would never generate interest from a new member lol. Had to be suss.

Bit like the other one who was trying to sell a first home to we pensioners - it really doesn't say much for their intelligence if they don't check what group they are targeting.


I have to say when I was doing some post grad study in more recent times I was surprised at some of the topics being discussed and with a very obvious feminist bias.

In one subject there was not a male tute to be seen and in most the male tutes were greatly outnumbered.

Probably has little to do with your march of the left but the ed system does appear to be a wee bit unbalanced in some areas.


Why are you writing your daughters essays for her Pete? Isn't that cheating?

Not only cheating Robi but also preventing her from developing her own research skills and her own opinions. The Lecturers/Tutors will pick up on it and it will go against her IMO.

I think financial security, good health and happiness are all intertwined.