The Meeting Place

The Royal Wedding.

Well I sat through some of the wedding. I do love to see a man in uniform and the two brothers William and Harry looked so handsome. I couldn't bare to watch the guests arriving, then switched to see the arrival of the bride. She did look very elegant in a simple dress. The veil in my opinion was too long and as as it dragged across the concrete steps of the chapel, I had visions of it with a million snags. One of the reporters said the veil was hand embroidered with all the flowers representing the commonwealth. I'm sure the Wattle looked lovely, if we could have seen it. Loved the American minister, I was half expecting him to start dancing, like the minister in the Blues Brothers. The Queen and Philip didn't seem too impressed. Channel 9's coverage was disgraceful, ads every couple of minutes. 

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Wow you really are going back a few hundred years and I don't think a wedding topic is the correct area to voice your issues regarding aboriginal treatment is it? 

Private Message from Bulla: (There is no mix up and what other governments do is not the discussion here.By the way other governments around the world ,particularly those which were occupied by these very people,robbed them of everything,their language,culture,wealth and everything throwing them back to ages.I sometimes feel that Nazis under Hitler and Japan if had survived for some more time British would have been completely graged to the ground and even Australia,Newzeland and canada would have been liberated like most south asian countries,though it is hard to say what those regimes would have done but it would not have been worst than what these bastards did.)

It's comments of hatred like these that is the reason why the aboriginal situation will never improve, no matter what is done it will never be enough to satisfy the more radical of people, I don't believe the majority of aboriginals hold this view, but the more outspoken minority will push their agenda of hatred. You cannot continue to blame the Brits for all of the troubles of the current indigenous people Australia has been governed by Australians since 1901, the plight of many indigenous people is no better now than it was a 100 years ago, so where does the fault lie now, is it the fault of the governments over that time, is it the fault of the people that have sold them the grog over that time, is it the fault of the well meaning organisations over many years, is it the fault of the indigenous leaders that have taken advantage of the situation for their own advantage, I don't know the answer to any of these questions, but I do know that hatred is not the answer, but it his quite often promoted, instead we should be looking for inclusive solutions, but I sincerely believe that there are elements on both sides of the argument that don't want a solution. I suppose I will now be labelled racist.

My friend,first it is relevant what all they did and at anytime and still doing and second they were and still the beasts who insulted humanity by taking birth and progressing their breed while others were treated inhumany by this breed.Weddings are good occasions and liked by all,but not for such breed who are cause of destruction of one all,including their own people.Not a day goes by when Hitler based movies,documentaries are not shown on TV projecting Hitler and Nazis in the most attrocious ways.What had Churchil done so that he is hailed as hero?They all were black spot on humanity and all were instruement of killing fellow humans though methods were different.The so called allied forces did not do all what they did for the benefit of society or humanity but to safeguard their own interest/safety as they were exposed to sever risk of getting eroded from the earth and people living in so called colonies would all had been freed from their clutches.The quest for colonising was started by European countries led by Brits who also fought with one another in that quest far away from their home with no purpose other than greed and beastlyness.

As far Jim's comments are concerned those all are baseless excuses/justifications and there is no substance in his arguement.Let those who call it hatred voluntary undergo similar troubles for some time at least in their life and then write about hatred.God(if there is any) sometimes give a long life to some people to let them see their own destruction in this life only.I am sure these things will not make any dent in your philosphy as you are on the beneficiary side as compared to those who have undergone those misries through their hands and are out labeling all these as hatred.Why they don't have guts to denounce themseleves while condeming Hitler?And see what Israel is doing today?There would be enough who will stand up with excuses for Israel forgetting their own plight in Europe which has not taught them anything least to value life.

Yes you are full of your own interpretations of the past, there are many histories that differ from your own, the Brits did not start the conquests of the world nor indeed the conquests of Europe in fact Britain was probably the most invaded country in all of Europe, but you seem to have a particular hatred for the Brits, I don't know your background but it seems that whatever has happened to you or perhaps your decendents resonates your hatred for anything British, you may have good reasons for that, but in your original comments you suggest that you may not have been worse off if Hitler had won the war, this is one area that if you look at what Hitler did and more so what his intentions were, aboriginals would more than likely not have survived at all there are 6 million Jews that would certainly disagree with your analogy that you may have been better off if Hitler had been successful, and I am equally sure that the Japenese would not have been a better prospect. By your later comment you also seem to have a dislike of the Jewish people. People of a bygone era certainly didn't have the same concern for humanity that we have today, and that also is the case from many aboriginals who wiped out other tribes in their conquest for a variety of reasons, in the Illawarra it's recorded that a tribe led by King Billy wiped out another tribe that resided in the same area, I don't know if that is true or not, and I can't recall where I read it, people of the past did terrible things to each other, hopefully we have all moved on and we need to look at the future for all of our benifit, continuing on with hatred for one another will get us nowhere, maybe we need to address those issues that continue to cause hatred, as I said in my previous comment whatever we do needs to be inclusive, we can't eliminate the past but we can create a better future and everyone needs to get on board and travel in the same direction, otherwise we will still be discussing the same problems in another 100 years.


Celia -  I know that beautiful wedding veil had been kept under wraps until the big day, and all praise to the designer, but lets not forget the beautiful work done by the embroiderers, the needle work was exquisite. I wish they would publish the ladies names so they can enjoy some of the limelight. As my Dad used to say, "Every man is worth his salt".

Meghan Markle's wedding dress was designed by Givenchy's Clare Waight Keller

God save the Queen. The marriage has brought nothing good to the RF and will only end in conflict. Mark my words. 

Why invoke God Save the .....?Do they ever say so to the people they claim to be their socalled  commonwealth empire where they indulged in all kinds of loot,massacre, attrocities.They are simply an unwanted burden on this earth and only place they deserve is Hell(if there is any though Christians preach/beleive that they have purchased/reservations in heaven for all their followers and rest automatically go to HELL.

Bulla. You know little about history and it seems you follow the modern day belief that the "Émpire" was responsible for all the ills of today in our society. There were no massacres or atrocities in Australia. Today these things are occuring in this Country and the Government (s) do nothing to combat them. God Save The Queen. 

The wedding party

Thanks Toot for showing the family wedding portrait. It's lovely. 


Hi Hola, love her wedding dress, plain and simple yet very stylish, it says a lot about her IMO, hope she measures up to all expectations and is a credit to the family.

Just noticed how much taller the boys are compared to their father.

The body language expert also commented that William 'is towering above everyone else and is very dominant' and that Meghan and her mother make a strong double act, torso turned in to each other

Looking closely of the smaller photo of this larger group, it shows Kate with a fake smile I feel, it's almost if she has a bad smell under her nose.    Charlotte doesn't look comfortable either.

Everyone else looks happy though.

Like this photo of the happy couple.


These are the extraordinary official wedding photographs released by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle show the couple in love and entwined on Windsor Castle's East Terrace shortly after they married


Vulcan and Candy, the Queen's two 'Dorgis" could be the cause of the bad smell

...after all the festive eating .... farts can be bad Related imageRelated image

If anyone is interested (measurements in feet and inches)

Prince Harry is 6'1"

Prince William 6'3"

Prince Charles  5' 10"

Megan is 5'7"

Catherine is 5'9"

Camilla is 5'8"

Duke of Edinburgh is 6'

Queen is 5'4"


Thanks Radish, yes Will wins at 6ft 3in, thought both boys looked lovely in their uniforms walking into the church

does anyone know why harry donned white gloves during the drive in the horse carriage?

Part of the uniform I think Kika. He and William also wore them on the walk to the church.

Prince Harry is wearing military regalia: a blue doeskin frockcoat, white gloves, a white buckskin belt with sword slings, and black trousers with a red stripe down the side. This is the military uniform of the Blues and Royals, a regiment of the cavalry formed in 1969. The Queen is the colonel-in-chief of this regiment - and granted Prince Harry permission to wear this particular uniform for his big day.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reacting to each other at their wedding.

Bride and groom in stitches during the American bishop's spiel !

Not appropraite for a Royal Wedding. 

Believe the word you're looking for is appropriate.

Even Related imagethinks it's funny. Picture supplied by suze.

I am sure you are always letting off . Hubby wont have a thing to do with you anymore. Now go and  FY .God Save the Queen.

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