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The safest level of drinking

A comprehensive worldwide study of alcohol use and its impact on health concludes that the safest level of consumption is zero.

The Global Burden of Disease Study 2016 has calculated levels of alcohol use and its effects on health during 1990–2016 in 195 countries.

The research, which now features in the journal The Lancet, notes that in 2016, alcohol use was responsible for almost three million deaths globally.

Alcohol use was the main cause of death for people aged 15–49 that year, accounting for 12 per cent of deaths in men of that age.

More than 500 researchers, academics, and other collaborators from over 40 countries worked on the study.

Does this study make you think differently about your drinking?



No ... it is a result of people imbibing to excess.

Cannot see anything wrong with a glass with a meal.

I agree Suze. Why is it only that which tastes bad is good for you? Cant we have this one exception??

A good wine makes a meal taste better and lets not forget to pour a drop in a glass while we're cooking.

Responsible for three million deaths?? Please elaborate! Was it alcohol posioning? Did they drown in vats of wine. How can anyone say it was the "cause" of these deaths?

Its like saying oxygen is the leading cause of death cos everyone who breathes it dies! I very much doubt that it will have any real effect on alcohol consumption anywhere.

Nope. this study doesn't do a thing for me. A glass or two a day is great for health. But if you can't control yourself, there's always rehab :(

Latest studies show that any amount of alcohol is bad for you. Even a single glass 

No - I don't drink in the first place :)

SuziJ - I don't either. Never tasted anything I liked. But it is interesting to hear on the news tonight they have brought out a new Beer which is alcohol free. Let's see how popular it will be, the only problem is they will be selling it in Supermarkets and then the kids will start to buy it.

Non alcoholic "beer" has been around for decades 

What did the green grape say to the purple grape

Breathe dammit, BREATHE!

l' chaim !


Man who drinks beer all day has wet dreams all night.

What do Russians get when mixing Vodka with Holy Water.....The Holy Spirit

My body is not a Temple, it's a distillery with legs.

A hangover is the Wrath of Grapes

If just one glass of wine is dangerous, how come we humans have survived since the first man or woman stomped on some grapes ?