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“The Social Dilemma”

"The Social Dilemma" is a MUST SEE documentary on Netflix. Everyone should watch this because it involves all of us and is truly disturbing. 

Question: How do we turn it around and is it too late?


Actually have been hearing a lot about this doco 'The Social Dilemma' but don't have Netflix....

Am hearing it's sparking a lot of reflection and discussion all over the place, would be good if the ABC or someone else televised it free to air...

I agree Shetso, it is a shame it's confined to Netflix. Hopefully it will be relayed by other mediums down the track because a documentary like this won't age.

Thanks for that Suze and will take a look at this link...




It's never too late.  Ever!

The best way to stop something or someone is to use their own tactics, only better [The Art of War by Sun Tzu].

1.  Both Facebook and YouTube use algorithms to direct users attention to items or matters related to what you have been accessing on their platforms.  Algorithms don't have intelligent enough 'filters' to prevent the disemination of the usual garbage found on these platforms.  So they just let it flow and the $$$$$$ roles in.

 2. Many radical, looney, conspiritorial, crazy, dumb, groups flood these social media sites with their 'lunatic' ravings and the algorithms assume that by their volume they must be topical, popular, interesting and/or worth sharing.  Much of these groups ravings are loaded up via 'bots' and sent 100's, 1,000's, 10,000's, etc. of times to the social media sites.  So if you're on facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. and you just happen to search for, say, a definition of conspiracy or read an article or post with the word conspiracy in it, you'll be sent links to the 'lunatic' ravings of some of these idiots.  If you read that, then the 'bots' see you've done so and send you more and more and more, until the only things you find on these platforms are the 'lunitic' ravings.  DON'T let them track you.  Everytime you turn off your computer wipe your 'cookies'.  So when you turn it on next time you'll reduce the flooding of your social media sites - some will continue to get through so you'll need to 'filter' them out and use other means to stop them invading your space.  Just do a search of the internet for advice from well known companies.

So 1 and 2 will help you with your personal world, what about everyone else?

3.  Many, most, if not all, social media platforms do two things which make them vulnerable.

a. Refuse to censor their platforms effectively or sufficiently to weed out the lunatics and

b. Refuse to pay reasonable taxes.

So to achieve a better outcome for 3a. and 3b. governments, here, there and everywhere need to challenge these behemoths and by doing so will threaten their business models.  The European Union has been doing so. The Australian government has been making some attempts, as have groups/governments in NZ, UK, US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, India, etc.  If they unite, we will get the outcomes society requires.  If not, bow down now to Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and the cabal of social media platform plunders.  They are ONLY interested in $$$$$$

An adequately funded ($$$$$$) ABC with a government policy to fight the banal parts of social media platforms would go a long way.  As would media rules to protect us from monopolies like Murdoch ($$$$$$) - I believe the only media owner in Qld is Murdoch.  And he's not even an Australian - he renounced his citzenship to be allowed to set up his media empire in the US.  Would an Australian government permit a foreign national to take over ALL the minerals in Qld?  So why, would they allow it to happen in our media? 

Yep, $$$$$$ 




I agree with every word, said well I cant think of anthing to add. Onya Waiting.


Really great points Waiting to retire at 70.

I would like to add one more. I think documentaries like this are educative and education is power. In particular, teenagers who are forming their views and values are perhaps at greatest risk of being influenced by the fake news/conspiracy etc crap and the politics that often underlie such crap. That fact was well depicted by the teenage boy acting in the doco. Educating children to hone and apply critical thinking skills in relation to the net and the way social media sites are manipulating for the almighty $$$ may help them to avoid such manipulation. I was pleased to hear today that my daughter watched it with my young teenage granddaughter because awareness will be a strength and a guide as she manoeuvres her way through various social media sites throughout her teenage years. Also read somewhere that other children who have watched it felt like throwing their phones away. Of course they didn't but they did disconnect from contact with the influencers they were following. Gets back to "knowledge is power" and moreso for curious and sometimes naive young people.



The answer is simple . ALL posters MUSt provide valid names and addresses before being allowed to post on ANY social media. This must be verified by the media involved.

This will allow identification of anyone who posts material which may not be ouside legality.

Q&A tonight (19/10/20) is on 'The Social Dilemma'. Worth watching on ABC or iview.