The Meeting Place

The wifi generation

We recently received this poem from YLC member Marj, who wanted to share it with the community:

"The wifi generation

Everywhere you go these days gen Z are on their phones 
It doesn’t matter if you’re out or sitting round at home. 
You see them at the bus stop or drinking at a bar. 
Worst of all’s the texting whilst driving in their car.

I worry that their social skills will simply not exist.
I think of all the good times these techno kids have missed.
You rarely see them sitting down and chatting face to face.
They seem to text each other whilst in the same small space.

I know they’re not the only ones addicted to this craze.
Gen Y are almost just as bad, it’s not how they were raised.
I have this technology and use it quite a lot.
But when I’m heading out with friends I turn the volume OFF.

Going on a holiday the mobile is a boon.
It texts, it calls, takes photos and Googles to the moon
But when you are away from home it’s great to be tech free
To sit and watch the world go by or sit beside the sea.

The young set sit with mobiles poised in every single cafe
Whist munching on their smashed avo and sipping a chai latte
I don’t begrudge this modern life but it makes me very sad
They need to spend more time away from this obsessive fad.

It’s rude to use your phone in shops whilst waiting to be served
To treat the staff so curtly is not what they deserve
Talking loudly when you’re out is also impolite
If you must engage in calls then keep the convo light.

It’s great to live in these progressive times
But definitely not good if it rules our lives
Socialising face to face is what we really need
I just hope the next gens can follow where we lead"


What a good poet Marj is.  Definitely a winner.

Sums up the situation really well Marj.  Thanks for a great poem!

Great poem. Thanks Marj.

So true.

Wow, what an excellent poem and so true.  Life goes by too quickly to spend it glued to a phone.

That's a great poem Marj and how true? I only keep my mobile for emergencies and rarely hear it when I'm out, much to the annoyance of my family. 

What a wonderful poem Marj, and and absolutely fitting for the present time. - Werner

This bit of doggerel has the ring of truth about it, and explains why the youth of today are called "Moanennials".