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Those shocking extremists...

......who dare to speak out against the Carbon tax.   What would be a suitable punishment, I wonder?

Send them off to the gulag, along with those other extremists  and convoys of no consequence?


"CHARITIES will be forced to cut back essential services for needy families as the carbon tax adds millions of dollars to operating costs.

In the latest challenge to the Gillard government's carbon tax, the Salvation Army estimated it would add $3.5 million to the annual landfill costs for charitable organisations.

It warned the government's greenhouse scheme would force families to dump unwanted furniture and clothing at overcrowded charity bins instead of paying higher prices at local rubbish tips.

In a confidential briefing note, it labelled the carbon tax "unjust and unfair" and said it would lead to "more dumping from a price-sensitive public".

From July 1, the cost of going to the local tip will rise as the carbon tax hits landfill facilities. About 25 per cent of pre-loved furniture and clothing collected by the Salvos, St Vincent de Paul Society and other charity organisations ends up at local rubbish tips."It is of considerable concern to us," National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations executive director Kerryn Caulfield said."



I can't see what is in it for the Australian public to pay a carbon tax they can't afford to meet the socialist goal of transferring wealth from rich countries to poor countries.  If Australia was helping with:

- education; and

- advancing women and reducing population growth through contraception education and support;

I wouldn't mind at all. 

What possible benefit is there is giving away my taxes -none of it is government money- to support islanders who chose to live on islands that are subject to flooding?  Relocating the people would work but giving them large handouts to stay where they are is senseless.  Then there are the millions in other countries who choose to live in low-lying river deltas and breed like rabbits as well.

The Gillard Government is party to a UN agreement which Climate Change Minister Greg Combet entered into in December at a meeting in Cancun, Mexico, under which about 10 per cent of carbon taxes in developed nations will go into a Green Climate Fund.

Even when Ms Gillard was denying there would be a carbon tax last August, her government had committed to spend $599 million on climate change handouts over the current three-year Budget period, mainly in the Pacific and South-East Asia. About $470 million has already been allocated.

The scale of the potential overseas carbon tax payments dwarfs the $500 million in educational foreign aid to Indonesia which provoked recent bickering between the Government and the Opposition.

Former WA ALP secretary Bob McMullan, now Ms Gillard's parliamentary secretary for international development assistance, is a member of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon's high level advisory group on climate change financing.

A report released by the group in November makes clear the role of carbon taxes in transferring wealth from developed countries.

It's a carbon dioxide tax, they have found a way to tax the air we breathe

car·bon  [kahr-buhn] Show IPA


1. Chemistry . a widely distributed element that forms organic compounds in combination with hydrogen, oxygen, etc., and that occurs in a pure state as diamond and graphite, and in an impure state as charcoal. Symbol:  C; atomic weight:  12.011; atomic number:  6; specific gravity:  (of diamond) 3.51 at 20°C; (of graphite) 2.26 at 20°C.

2. carbon dioxide  or other carbon compounds that are emitted into the atmosphere and cause rising temperatures: the carbon produced by burning fossil fuels.

CO2 is the life blood of plants.

Its value as a vehicle fuel is being examined, as I posted elsewhere:

Just as the Gillard/Greens government has declared carbon dioxide poisonous and is collecting taxes to hand over gratis to the UN,

Maybe the Gillard/Green government could give a grant to developing CO2 as a fuel. But then maybe not, their effort seems to have been more aimed at giving money to the UN.


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