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Timelapse - Earth from Space

Check out the amazing sunrises, lightning strikes and the world we live on from space through day and night cycles.

"In just under 15 minutes, this clip takes you from Tunisia across Beijing and through Australia in two trips around the world. You can follow the Station’s location using the map at the top right-hand-side of the screen alongside annotations on the photos themselves. This timelapse comprises approximately 21,375 images of Earth all captured by Alexander from the International Space Station and shown 12.5 times faster than actual speed. "



Amazing pics. You realise that if I were a member of the flat earth society I would call that whole thing a fake. Its a conspiracy to enslave the world they will claim. All space pics are fake and all governments around the world are in on it!

They certainly are wonderful pictures.   It's so much taken for granted now, that there are people up there in space, and satellites and space stations  wandering around. 

Probably like one or two others who visit this forum, I can remember vividly the first landing on the moon.   How exciting that was, and we were riveted to our tv sets watching the very grainy pictures of Neil Armstrong stepping on to the Moon.

Amazing progress.

LOL Darcy agree, I remember that first landing day on the moon as well ... so exciting ...  glued to the radio/TV broadcasts with my class when I was teaching in western Sydney at the time.

So much so ... I've kept my copy of the newspaper from the day, similar to headlines below.

Was so impressed at the time with the huge contribution of Australians to the momentous event. The role of the Parkes radio telescope, next door to my home town, was a pivotal support, as per article below:

Remembering Australia's role in man landing on the moon

What marvellous mementos!


What a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ISS. If you can stream it to your TV, you're in for a treat.

 Here’s another one to enjoy from last year.


Great vids, both of them.

After seeing the landing on Mars earlier I'm securing funds for a ticket.