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.........................................Something comes into your mind? share it, as everyone is different so all topics have followers :) Happy thoughts, sad thoughts or just reflective thoughts - let's enjoy chatting without agro or nastiness. Who knows what we might learn from each other..........................................:) 

(A combination of Lets Chat and Today in memory of Gerry, Geomac and Seth.) 

Please keep it general so all can be included not about subjects that can aggravate like Politics or Religion. 

Today's Date Sunday 7th May 2017   

Many thanks to RnR and Toot for making this into such an interesting topic on past events for us all to learn so much. 

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Image result for High fives animations High fives Viv. and Brocky. 

You both did well. 

Thanks RnR. such great reading, and much I have not heard, and some completely forgotten.

Toot's thread and a place to be ourselves, is worth logging into.

I have a few P.M.'s asking about the Morphine Patches. When I come home from going to the chemist, I will put in about the Morphine Patches, also here,but may be missed.

My Doctor now believes after more educating on her part "best to not go on Morphine" but er I have been on the tablets...ho hum.

Trying something different for my head when I go and get it in a few minutes. 

Phyl, how can you be so chirpy when you have so much to be depressed about, I take my hat off to you and others fighting a serious illness. 

Oh Phyl ... so hope you get some relief.

I found this "When pain persists" from the ABC intriguing. It's related to lower back pain but wonder how well the techniques would assist with other chronic pain.

Personally, I can 'turn off' acute pain episodes using a hypnosis-type strategy taught to me years ago by a doctor/hypnotherapist. Not so successful with chronic pain.

BUT ... find most painkillers useless in my case and just try to use my brain to isolate it when I can (i.e. lose the distress factor, know it's there but it doesn't hurt ... if that makes sense).

Love the picture of the Beatles arriving at Sydney Airport, those were the days the Air Crew walked through the plane spraying the inside and everyone in it before they opened the door, such a relief to get out into the clean fresh air and step onto Australian soil.

:) I like this 'good news' story from the ABC today.

Widower Ray Johnstone posted an ad on Gumtree on January 19 explaining that his previous fishing mate had died and he was looking for company on his trips. The ad went viral and saw Mr Johnstone being inundated with offers to cast a line from all over the country.

One respondent, Mati Batsinilas, 22, from West End saw the post being shared on Facebook so he got in touch with Mr Johnstone and offered to take him fishing at Stradbroke Island.

"He's here now and it's unreal ... I can't explain it in words," Mr Batsinilas said, "It's so good to see him smile”.

8 February

On this day:

1587 – Mary, Queen of Scots, is executed on suspicion of having been involved in the Babington Plot to murder her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.
1828 – Jules Verne, French author, poet, and playwright is born.
1879 – The England cricket team led by Lord Harris is attacked during the Sydney Riot at a match in Moore Park (SCG) between the English XI and NSW. Edmund Barton, who later became the first Australian Prime Minister, umpired the game and helped to defuse the riot.
1904 – The Russo-Japanese War began with Japan attacking Russian forces in Manchuria.
1905 – A cyclone hit Tahiti & adjacent islands, killing some 10,000 people.
1942 – World War II: Japan invades Singapore.
1968 – Movie “Planet of the Apes" premieres in New York City.
1971 – The world's first electronic stock market index the NASDAQ began trading.
1983 – The Melbourne dust storm hit during the afternoon. A 320 metres deep dust cloud enveloped the city, turning day to night.

The scene of the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots created by an unknown Dutch artist in 1613.

Singapore, 15 February 1942. British troops surrender to the Japanese in the city area, after the unconditional surrender of all british forces following the successful invasion of Malaya and Singapore Island (February 8) by the Japanese 25th Army.

After Armageddon ... Planet of the Apes

The great Melbourne dust storm … an estimated 50,000 tonnes of topsoil were stripped from the Mallee which would take would take up to 10 years and tens of millions of dollars to repair.

Fabulous info, poor Mary and that dust storm in Melbourne, wow.

Koala Whisperer

By cignet ·  · From Pic of the Week

My daughter had organised a children's birthday party in a small park across from her house, the evening before the grandsons phoned me and very excitedly told me that there was a koala in a tree across the road .  It was still sleeping in a tree fork high up when the party started.  Even with the noise of the party it did not move.

That suddenly changed as soon as the violin was played, there was movement in the tree and to our amazement the koala came right down, it looked like he was intently listening to the sounds of the violin and at the same time looking the musician in the eyes.  It was an absolutely magic moment and I am sure it will never be forgotten by anyone who attended the party. Next day the koala was gone!

Published 33 seconds ago.  Woodcroft SA 5162

how lovely to see the koala listening,     there is a doco about elephants listening to music,    can get it if you get sbs on demand,    the show was called MUSIC FOR ELEPHANTS,     it was lovely,    worth a look,   many years ago my brother went out with a girl who bought her dog with her when she came to our place,    my father played the piano,  [he was a teacher]    when he started playing,   LADDIE ,  the dog would go and sit next to dad,    listening to him,      we have a lot to learn about animals,    so much we dont know, 

One for Shaggy

Take it easy

By photosbyemilydee ·  · From Pic of the Week


Published 18 hours ago.  Glengarry West VIC 3854 

Australia Day weekend fishing on the Mitchell River

By Annette Hobbs ·  · From Pic of the Week

Published 30 Jan 2017.  Buchan VIC 3885

Morialta Falls

By Rhiannon Jones ·  · From Pic of the Week

After last night's rain, Morialta Falls was flowing.

Published 18 hours ago.  Woodforde SA 5072 

Lake Daylesford

By golddustdays ·  · From Pic of the Week

Hello Lake Daylesford... um... could you be any more gorgeous?

Published 19 hours ago.  Daylesford VIC 3460


By golddustdays ·  · From Pic of the Week


Published 19 hours ago.  Daylesford VIC 3460 

How original is this?

No wonder I couldn't find them, they are in the wrong section, oh well, doesn't mattter.

:) Certainly doesn't matter Toot. Great pics again today. Thank you.

Amazing story about the koala and the violin.

Reckon that kangaroo in Canberra could do a better job of running the country than some in the building at the back. At least it looks alert and focussed outwards. A wonderful photo.

Morning all,

Certainly a good way to start the day, bit of a read and some good pictures to look at. 

40mils of rain overnight here and more to come. Wind out of the south and a bit cool with it.

Rain on an iron roof is normally sleep inducing but it was a bit on the noisy side last night.

Take it easy.


Shaggy you don't know how lucky you are.  18C predicted for you and it's already

40C here and it's only 1.00 PM.  Will be high temps for the next week.

Sorry Phyl look out, here it all comes.  It's Shaggy's fault, he wanted it cooler so he sent all his heat our way and I think Vivity and Deanna added their share too.


Dead right Sandi, I am not moaning a little cool break is just what we needed - even have a track ie suit on including the jacket ....such bliss. Hopefully the cooler weather will travel your way too. :)

Wonderful Pics.

Thank you Toot and RnR. I have a Pyramid and do meditate and it does help some :) Sorry to hear your 'pain' is relentless also RnR. It is a bummer hey.

Well thank ya kindly S.D. We needed the rain, but not the heavy wind.

Good to see you Sandi.

Lovely day here in the Valley.

We did a bit of shopping and enjoyed the pleasant day, but Peters Emphysema decided we needed to get home rather fast.



Ha ha, we humans are a funny lot, I'm complaining because we're missing out on summer, and we are, summer is almost over and I think we've put on the air con about 4 times, (I've put on my elelctric blanket more times than  that over the same period), a cold week coming up and enough water to fill a dozen rain water tanks is predicted, at least ours will be full again...I'm wondering if we are going to get all the rain they say we are though, it may just slip North of us...  BUT I want my bit of summer, Phyl and Sandi, you could share you know..... (sorry Vivity, I really am...)

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