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.........................................Something comes into your mind? share it, as everyone is different so all topics have followers :) Happy thoughts, sad thoughts or just reflective thoughts - let's enjoy chatting without agro or nastiness. Who knows what we might learn from each other..........................................:) 

(A combination of Lets Chat and Today in memory of Gerry, Geomac and Seth.) 

Please keep it general so all can be included not about subjects that can aggravate like Politics or Religion. 

Today's Date Sunday 7th May 2017   

Many thanks to RnR and Toot for making this into such an interesting topic on past events for us all to learn so much. 

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Wendy and the mutts have returned to bed, grey and damp outside so they reckon another hour or so of sleep before lunch is a good thing.

I might finish my brew and go join them.

Some one did ask me what I enjoyed most about retirement. I told them to be able to go and have a snooze whenever I feel like it.

Take it easy.


:) Good on you SD, I enjoy the snooze aspect too and the bliss of not having to drive during peak hour/s.

We have had very hot days here too for ages now. Last night my hubby and I were enjoying the breeze on our deck at dusk when our friendly kookaburra came to visit. S/he was about an arms length away staring at us as we greeted her/him. S/he never talks to us like our friendly butcher birds, just watches us and stays for awhile. Last night I said "Are you ever going to talk to us Kookie?" and suddenly s/he did...a long rambling sound very different to the sound kookaburras normally make. We were stunned! Seemed like s/he understood and complied and we felt so honoured :)))

Lucky you Robi ... what a lovely experience.

Love Kooka's, I enjoy listening to the parents teaching their offspring to laugh, takes them most of the day.... lovely...

Thank you RnR. Yes it was a lovely experience.


It is good to have the birds paying a visit. Wish we had Kookas here.

My severe tree pruning has reduced the bird life about the place, hopefully they will return.

Take it easy.


Sheesh SD ... would never have taken you as a Secateur Saboteur, LOL.



We had a magnificent view across the bay but a large Fiddlewood gradually eliminated this view. I put off getting it cut back for ages as it was always full of birds but just before Christmas it had an extreme haircut.

It will come back but the local birds, the trees previous residents, have taken to crapping on my head when I venture outside.

Take it easy.


:) Bugger SD ... nothing worse than targetted crapping.

Hm. birds are clever and just knew you played the heavy handed landlord S.D.


I was just getting some order to the garden and we have had all this rain dumped on us with more to come. I fear it will be a mass of weeds again.

Back into this writing business, surrounded by bloody books I need to refer to as I write. I am good for about half an hour and then I need a short break. Too long and I lose my way.

Back into it.

Take it easy.


S.D. Sounds like here, lot of rain and high wind but today was perfecto. Tomorrow forecast 40 deg.

Peter and I intend to have a lovely day tomorrow, Air cond. on, plenty of nice cold drinks in the fridge, easy peasy meals, and no guilt being completely lazy. :)

Nice to be able to write and refer any time you choose hey, How is Wendy going? still enjoying her day out with friends? I can imagine Maggie and Molly being glad to see her each time she comes home :)

You 'take it easy' also :)

it has been so hot here today,    i felt  quite ill with it,    was going to the market,  but got as far as the corner and turned back,     t much for me,  

Take care Cats ... apparently the rest of this week is just going to get hotter :(

it has been stiffling here RnR,    THE clear heat i can take,   but this has been so humid,   even my feet are hot,     i hope eveyone remembers to take bottles of cold water with them when they go out,         can be a life saver,  

9 February – National Toothache Day (US), National Pizza Day (US), National Read in the Bathtub Day (US)

On this day:

1870 – US president Ulysses S. Grant signs a joint resolution of Congress establishing the U.S. Weather Bureau.
1897 – Charles Kingsford Smith, Australian captain and pilot is born.
1900 – The Davis Cup tennis competition is established.
1964 – The Beatles make their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, performing before a "record-busting" audience of 73 million viewers across the USA.
1971 – The Apollo 14 spacecraft returned to Earth after mankind's third landing on the moon
2014 – Australian National University scientists discover the oldest known star in the Universe, which formed shortly after the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago.

Charles E. Kingsford-Smith

Australia wins The Davis Cup 1973


Love this photo, thanks RnR, I remember all those young men when they looked just like this and it's good to be reminded just how clever our scientists really are.

Fantastic RnR - thank you.

:) Did a double take on the short shorts with blazers when I found the pic above.



Well worth rushing to turn the comp. on, to see all the great pics. and news on this topic, and Toots great site. Also all topics where 'agro' is left at the door, as opposed to 'opinions' which are great. 

Morning all,

Raining here, quite cool, I have a jumper on.

Looks as though the rain might hang about a bit.

I see National Toothache day on RnRs list. Had my share of them as a kid. 

I think I shall finish my brew and go back to bed on this dark, damp  day.


I prefer the cool to the heat . In hot weather I just hibernate. Whereas cool or even cold I feel invigorated .


lol - sooooo SD you like Arnie huh?   "I'll be back" ?      lol lol lol ..........

Funny how you hibernate on a cold day SD and I am doing the same thing on a hot day . 

Maybe we are just lazy baxxxxxx.




Yeah I went and put the cruet down for about half an hour but the old brain was awake so I gave up and arose from my celibate cot once again.

Still raining. A good day for writing I guess.

I shall finish my coffeee, take the waters and then get into a bit of scribbling.

Take it easy.


Sounds great SD.

:) Hope your scribbling ends up as intriguing as this.


I have seen that on various trees.

Still raining. I have a comfortable rocking chair at my PC and am just kicking back for five as I read over some work. The editing never stops.

I used to do some political work, research for those with a political bent and editing of articles for the same breed. I rarely comment on politics, I have my own views and leave the opinion posts to others far wiser on such matters than I.

Turning history into readable stories is what I do and that said I better get back into it.

Take it easy.


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