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Total "Lockdown" - How will you pass the time?

Long term and well respected member "Twyla" ....has suggested/requested this Topic -  which is a great idea!

What will you do?

Do people have any special Hobbies?  Reading? Music? Movies? Gardening? etc. etc.

Cleaning out "stuff" that has been put off for years? Tidying drawers/cupboards/garages/spare rooms (if you have any?)

Whatever you do - stay safe and best wishes to all ....


Very quiet here.

Currently trying to internet identify a new visitor to my backyard ... a largish dark grey and white dove or pigeon wandering around the undergrowth.


Could be the White Headed Pigeon 

Scientific Name: Columba leucomela 

Photos of White-headed Pigeon (Columba leucomela) | the Internet ...

 I have a pair that frequent my place too

.... seem to be quite at home along the Eastern Coast  


What a lovely looking dove, I have not seen that one. I had a new visitor tonight a Common Ringtail Possum and he/she took a bit of apple out of my hand, we usually only have brushtails so was very surprised. 

I wish I knew how to upload a photo from my phone to show you.

Noticed signs on the beach changed today they finally got it right, you can walk, swim, run and surf but no gathering on beach, mind you only at one entrance. Quite a few out walking and everyone is saying hello, amazing how friendly everyone has become. 

Went to IGA and was very quiet I don't think people realized they were open on Good Friday so was easy to avoid anyone except of course a couple who just charged passed while I was waiting for service, some people do not take any notice of the distance required. Mind you it was hard to remember going up and down the aisles following the arrows on the floor, so not used to it.

Of course you can always find the number zero

... that will help pass the time

... almost guaranteed to take more than one minute :)

Some might spend most of their Lockdown time trying  LOL

Image may contain: text

It is left side bottom corner between the 1, 9 and 8 near the big 5.

Yep. I found it too in less than a minute. We need harder tests than that Suze :)

You guys are obviously not vision impaired and should make good Sudoku players

I play all the games everyday ...keeps the brain alert :)

Yes love Sudoku but prefer the paper form, there is just something relaxing about writing all those numbers in.



LOL - found it in seconds!  Try harder Suze!  :))  

RH corner looking at screen Incog.   :)


Whoops don't know why I wrote Left lol, I did find it straight away though.

Incognito -  You messed  us up saying it was on the left hand side. I thought I was going mad. I did eventually find it on the right hand side, thanks Foxy.

Lol .... all good!  Yeah right Incog.  Typo??  (just kidding ya')  :)) 

Spotted it quite quickly. Thanks Suze.

Can you find the panda hidden among the elephants ? LOL

Yes got it RnR :)

Tricky one but I found it!

:) Good on you Suze and Incognito.


lol - got it - easy peasy - (it's ears give it away immediately....)      :)



You forgot to give others the postion to confuse them LOL

yep,  found them both,   HI PEEPS,   hope all are well,  and keeping safe,  


50 Free Things You Can Do During Lockdown. (with links)


If we are to be locked down for three months or more, what about learning a language at

Thanks Twyla 

... will definitely have a look.

Had significant trouble finding it even with Incignito's right wrong directions

What do you think about all these drive by birthday celebrations, how are they getting away with it? not like it is classed as an essential trip.





Who cares  -  its mainly for kids ..... I'm over it!  All the different rules/regulations and fines!

"Victoria - the Police State"!

Geez the rate it's going we'll soon all be booking flights to escape to North Korea - or at worst - China!









I am over it too, but was just wondering because they booked that teenager for doing her driving lesson, maybe they have come to their senses.

I think China wants to be like north Korea and no you would not want to go their anyway, not allowed to be the slightest bit different there.

Hang in their Foxy, hopefully we will see some restrictions lifted soon or there may be a world wide revolution.


Foxy looks like Dan is enjoying his new power, has extended state of emergency, interesting he said $60 million for health care, I think people will be needing it!:

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced the state of emergency in Victoria will be extended for another four weeks as the number of new coronavirus cases continues to decline.

Key points:Another three people in Victoria have tested positive to coronavirus, bringing the state's total to 1,268The Government has also announced a mental health services package worth $60 millionAbout 1,200 Australians are being repatriated from overseas this weekend, including about 100 who arrived this morning after being stuck on the Antarctic cruise ship Greg Mortimer


During a press conference this morning, Mr Andrews said there had been another three cases of coronavirus confirmed overnight, bringing Victoria's total to 1,268.

It is the fewest number of new cases in the state since early March.

The death toll remains at 14 with 28 people in hospital and 16 of those in intensive care.

The Premier also unveiled a $60 million package to support mental health services.



News I heard was this:  State of Emergency is being lifted on

                             MONDAY MAY 11 TH.

People saying what a TOTAL "Dick" this Daniel Andrews is ("Dan Dick" - fitting!)  as MOTHERS DAY is:  

                            SUNDAY MAY 10 TH. !!!!

Like seriously?????  WHY would this total jerk not lift it 24 hours earlier for the sake of Mother's Day and ALL the wonderful celebrations that families have and NEED more than ever right now???

What a total JERK!!!  (and that's putting it nicely!)   :) 

Majority interviewed are appalled!  







Geez that guy is really pushing it! But remember Foxy "State of Emergency" does not mean restrictions will still be in place, they may just go back a stage by then. SOE means that powers are extended to them to make the rules as they see fit without going to the federal government.

state of emergency is a situation in which a government is empowered to perform actions or impose policies that it would normally not be permitted to undertake. A government can declare such a state during a natural disastercivil unrestarmed conflict, medical pandemic or epidemic or other biosecurity risk. Such declarations alert citizens to change their normal behavior and orders government agencies to implement emergency plans.

He did pledge $60 million for mental health care knowing that people are not coping already!! Calls to Lifeline, Beyond Blue, Suicide prevention, Domestic abuse lines all up at least 25%.


So SOE is different to Stage 3 Restrictions?  Duh - sorry lol - now I'm "confused"? lol  I was under the impression they were similiar?

This whole situation is starting to "get to people" in different ways!  Always good to hear clarification on what is really happening......or try to?


Yes I know lots of confusion everywhere, but it just gives them the 'POWER' !!!!!!! Dan is taking it to the max that's all. 

Did you watch 60 minutes? Virologist said we need to ease up on restrictions soon otherwise we could have too many deaths later on.



I'm up to the "Food Bowl" part and how "they" selling our water to the highest bidder!  I already knew that!  My God it is mind boggling what is going on within Australia!  

What is being sold ...also you can see what will happen when the financial crisis really starts taking its toll - big companies will "throw their hat into the ring" to the highest bidder - China!  Writing is on the wall!

It is sickening to the core!

I was watching CNN also before - my god how dire is the U.S. getting?  Not so much the deaths (although they bad enough) but the people who have not paid their April rent/mortgage?  Millions!  They too are now fighting over basics and loo paper!

"Experts" were saying that the number of homeless will be catastrophic as a lot of the welfare payments still have weeks to go before they "hit" the people who need them the most! 

Still think we are very lucky to be so far "removed" from the rest of the World right now .......








Yes I knew about the water selling off, it is shocking that we are not looking after our food production and we need to stop selling farms off too. Why does everything have to be about the money?? and who is making the money from all these sales??? how can they sleep at night?? knowing they are putting us all at risks. Yes we have bigger problems than the virus, and so do those americans that are on the brink of losing their rights to have shelter. See how it works, it is a part of the "plan-demic" it's like what happened in the USA during the all the other economic crisis is that the rich buy up all the foreclosures at very low prices and then make a nice tidy profit later on. Has been happening for years. Greed  has to be the worst virus ever. 

and yes we are very lucky, and it has got to do with not having the amount of population that other countries have too, this is why I do not believe in bigger population growths, one of the biggest issues that the Sustainable Australia party talk about.


Actually  think early morning walks are quite blissful at this time of year made even more so by the reduced traffic noise due to Covid19 restraints.

Have decided on a basic embroidery project  entitled 'Global Pandemic 2020' with an 'embroider as you go theme' for my little grandsons which will be ordinary - even ordinary in the extreme - which hopefully will be handed down through family generations, with the hope in 200 years that this home grown embroidery project will find its way to an 'Antiques Roadshow' program where hopefully some expert can tell viewers once again how the world sort of turned upside down in early 2020 over the course of about 6 weeks due to this virus.

Geez I wish I could draw, paint, embroider or anything really in that line well - but am using the theory ' practice might get me somewhere near almost perfect' ...but finding craft of sorts strangely calming though - might have something to do with using hands and concentration - but don't really know.


Your project sounds a lovely idea. Any imperfections will make it more personal and I am sure your little grandsons will appreciate it so much more.

Yes, crafts are very soothing.  There are many online teching sites to explore.



Pearls of the Planet

Live-cams are situated around the world in realtime, capturing nature (all critters) and environments as and when it occurs.  Being realitime, it is constantly changing.   BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Looking at these, the coronavirus fades into insignificance.

I'd love to know what others think.




You refer to a "plan-demic" ... Could you kindly explain this?

Sure just read this article, this is not my opinion or whether I agree with it, just food for thought:

But the one thing I do agree with there are big corporations going to get richer because of this, no denying that small business will close more than big ones who can easily ride the storm. 

So Scomo says another 4 weeks!! Crazy, the people might start protesting just like USA, what do you think?

What worries me is that it will be two weeks away from winter and then they will use winter as another excuse to keep restrictions in place. Also I have my suspicians that they are waiting for Apple and Google to put in place the app to track coronavirus first and whatever else they are waiting for to put in place to take our freedom away longer.

4 weeks!!  Seriously??

People are pretty much "out n about" down here on the coast?  Schools about to go back - are they?  Aren't they" haha - no one seems to really know?

Saw "Murphy the Furphy" spruiking his so called "expertism"  again today - arghhhh how I can't stand that man!! 

What's with this new thing "Furphy" calling ScoMO all of a sudden?  - "Yes PM - No PM"  "3 x bags full PM" .......   yeah "bags" of BS - hahaha ...wanker!


Foxy your last post has disappeared along with my reply to you.

Went to Woolies yesterday (40 minute round trip) tons of toilet paper, but still many other items missing. Was not allowed to go through self-serve with my trolley so instead had to have my shopping handled with bare hands from the cashier and was difficult to reach over to grab the goods to pack in my bag, so how is that making it any better? And the thing was it was not even busy because I was there after 6 pm and the self-serve was operating and only saw one person use it.

Local IGA today still has no toilet paper and prices have gone up. Celery was over $6 and normally between 3-5 for a whole one.

Hmmm must be different in different Woolies?  Not allowed self-serve at moment where I shop ....  also not allowed at the "mega" Woolies where my son shops on his side of town (he always goes thru' self serve lol) - I don't!  

Woolies have cauliflowers "dipped in gold" lol  -  priced @ $7.50 each and tiny! 

Farmers saying there are heaps of stocks/produce across the board -  so guessing s'markets "cashing in" on us?  Nice (not) at a time like this!

I just had a look at my docket from IGA and got charged 4.99 for an avocado!! I thought they were 4.99 kg. Going to have to ask about that tomorrow, can't take it back because my son already cut it in half :(

I really do think they are price gouging afterall they have to pay for all that perspex, giant 'stand here' dots and other stuff. I bet the farmers are not getting extra either.

Cauliflowers are not quite in season, so need to stick with the cheaper in season produce. Always hard this time of year, end of summer and winter crops not in yet.

FOXY,  i have just finished doing my safeway order,  CAULIFLOWER,   half,   $2,30,    Ionly buy half as russ doesnt eat it,   and im not fond of it,  only eat it as it supposed to be good for me,    they had most things,   but only 1/2 of most things,  but thats fair,     i will do coles tomorrow,  for my meat,  but dont need much,      my son is bringing me some wontons over,  he has found a lady ,  in altona,  who makes her own,   and sells them,   50 for $25,   said they are beautiful,   so,  chinese soup on iots way,  

I prefer broccoli or broccolini, have you tried broccolini,more nutritious too, I hope those wontons are made in a licenced kitchen.

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