I am about to change from the invalid pension to the old age pension. I have been given the oppotunity to stay on the invalid pension, but not sure where I would be better off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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You can not always believe what is on the centre link website as a lot of the time it is out of date. Look at peoples personal experiences on todays life choices about trips over seas.


You're on some sort of substance for sure, there is nothing in the comments about not being able to live overseas. I see you didn't bother to read the answer to the person's question. Go away

Don't know  how someone can be so wrong.. read the comments about pension being changed depending how long you are out of Australia and the person that had their consession card being stopped and starting when re entering Australia . 

your handle should be grumpy old man that won't listen. Oh well I've tried.  Try living outside with the oap and i you will find you are wrong. Go back to your wacky tobacy.

There are literally thousands of oap living permanently outside Australia,  you fail to comprehend te articles on here. 

Thanks confirmed 26 weeks max.

Still not reading the articles are you, Pension may change after 26 weeks, but if you have 35 years working residence in Australia, you can continue to be paid the OAP indefinitely. 

But its nit the full pension and doesn't include pharmaceutical benefits or any other benefits you would get in Australia. Rules have changed and i know that whats on the website us wrong. The government don't want to pay to people living outside Australia . Good luck to anyone teying it today. 

You shouldn't get the supplements if you are living outside of Australia. It is to cover our high cost of living.

Ozrog you stated the OAP would cancel after 6 weeks, obviously it doesn't and not even after 26 weeks, it will depend on how long an indivdual has lived in Australia. Do you have any proof that the Gov doesn't want to pay people living outside Australia, or are you guessing as you have done with most of your replies.

I'm going on issues that are mentioned on life choices and continue to be a issue for people wanting to live OS on the OAP. its not as straight forward as you think people on this forum have had issues for a long time as with OAP and centrelinks terms and conditions. 

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